Chapter 282: Kissed by a Man

Seeing Gu Yi’an’s hand on Luo Qiqi’s shoulder made Guan Zijue feel rather uncomfortable. He kept staring at it, as if he wanted to pry that hand away from her.

Gu Yi’an could feel the anger emanating from Guan Zijue, but he didn’t understand what caused it. Did I do anything to annoy him again?

He looked at Luo Qiqi and asked, “Qiqi, this is?”

Luo Qiqi glared at him. “Have you forgotten where we are? This isn’t a hotel!”

Gu Yi’an then recalled that they were actually staying at Guan Zixuan’s place, so the visitor must be looking for Guan Zixuan!

Gu Yi’an calmed down at this.

“Guan Zijue, you’re here to look for Guan Zixuan, right? He went on a honeymoon with Xia Zi. Have you forgotten?”

“I’m here to look for you!”

Gu Yi’an wondered if he had heard wrong. Why would Guan Zijue be looking for me?

He scratched the back of his ear and asked Luo Qiqi, “Qiqi, were my ears fooling me? Did he just say that he’s here to look for me?”

Luo Qiqi rolled her eyes at him. “You heard right. He’s here to look for you and I’ve been trying to stop him at the door! I almost got into a fight with him while you were taking your time to stroll down the stairs!”

What? He’s really here to look for me?

Is he here to arrest me?

“Qiqi, go upstairs. I’ll get you when it’s time for dinner, okay?”

Luo Qiqi looked at him before glancing at Guan Zijue. “Be quick!”

Gu Yi’an nodded.

Guan Zijue’s hands curled up into fists as he watched them interact, but he had no idea why he was annoyed either.

Gu Yi’an watched Luo Qiqi disappear upstairs before he turned back to Guan Zijue. “You followed me all the way here from C City? Do you even have any evidence to arrest me?”

“I know you must be involved in some way or another when I saw you with those trucks. It doesn’t matter whether you admit it or not, since I’m not here for that anyway!”

Gu Yi’an raised a brow. He knew immediately why Guan Zijue was here. He looked upstairs and said, “Let’s talk outside!”

Guan Zijue followed him out quietly.

When they were in the garden, Gu Yi’an said, “I’ve already told you everything that I can tell you. You won’t be able to get any other information out of me. Why must you be so insistent? I’m getting dinner!”

Guan Zijue grabbed Gu Yi’an when he turned to leave, but this made Gu Yi’an lose his balance and he fell towards Guan Zijue.

Guan Zijue naturally held onto Gu Yi’an as he fell, and as the two of them were of similar height, their lips crashed.

Both of them were stunned at the sudden turn of events.

Guan Zijue stepped back in shock, and the first thing Gu Yi’an saw was Guan Zijue’s handsome features. He couldn’t help but marvel at how long and luscious those eyelashes were.

When Gu Yi’an realized what actually transpired, he cursed inwardly to himself. I kissed a man?! Why did I even enjoy it?!

Gu Yi’an pushed Guan Zijue away hastily and turned back to the villa.

Guan Zijue never expected that his quest to look for answers would end in such a manner. He stayed in the same spot as he contemplated the next steps.

Considering how they were both being so cautious right now, there was no way he was able to get anything out of Gu Yi’an.

He couldn’t let anyone else know about the fact that he had once enrolled in an American military school either. No one else knew about this apart from Guan Mingchang and himself.

But if he wasn’t frank with Gu Yi’an, there was no way Gu Yi’an would tell him the truth either. He would never know what Gu Yi’an did when he was in America and he would never find out if Gu Yi’an was really Pingan.

The greatest obstacle here was their lack of trust in each other.

Guan Zijue sighed and left.

Luo Qiqi came downstairs just as Gu Yi’an entered the villa. She asked, “What did that guy want with you?”

Recalling that accidental kiss, Gu Yi’an answered in a rather awkward manner, “It’s nothing. He’s here to look for Guan Zixuan, but he isn’t around. So he pretended that he meant to look for me, that’s all.”

Gu Yi’an did not realize that Luo Qiqi was eyeing him suspiciously.

Luo Qiqi asked, “Why are you so nervous? I know he wants that painting of yours, and I’ve also seen you guys fight at the hotel. Why are you lying to me!”

Gu Yi’an then realized his mistake.

Why did I have to lie? Luo Qiqi knows everything, so why am I nervous?

He suddenly felt frustrated.

He waved a hand at Luo Qiqi. “I’m just saying that he’s not here about the painting. We didn’t talk much anyway. Let’s go get dinner, I’m famished!”

Luo Qiqi continued eyeing him. “Gu Yi’an, have you been influenced by me? Where’s that quiet and gentle Gu Yi’an from the past? Return him to me!”

This made Gu Yi’an wonder to himself, Have I really changed?

He looked at Luo Qiqi coldly. “Are we getting dinner?”

She ran up to him quickly and smiled. “Yes!”

Guan Zijue spotted Guan Mingchang sitting in a corner when he returned home.

He already knew what his father wanted to say to him. Guan Mingchang probably wanted to lecture him about his mission yesterday, and he’d probably tell him that he failed due to poor planning.

His father looked up at him when he heard footsteps. “Zijue, do you know why I’m waiting for you here?”

“Because of what happened yesterday!”

Instead of broaching the topic directly, Guan Mingchang asked, “Zijue, do you know why I sent you to the military instead of Guan Zixuan? Others might think that I’m biased, but what do you think?”

“Father, you would have your considerations. It’s also my choice to go to the military!”

Guan Mingchang nodded. “It’s good that you think that way, but that’s not the main reason. You might not be able to make your own choices in a family like ours. You’ve always been reliable since young, and I don’t have to worry about you as much. I know what’s best for you, and this is the route which suits you the most. Zijue, you won’t blame your dad for this, right!”

Guan Zijue shook his head. “Father, it’s my choice too. Why would I blame you for it!”

Guan Mingchang nodded again. “That’s good. It’s true that I’m here to talk about what happened yesterday. I know that the responsibility doesn’t fall on you entirely, but you know, someone has to take the blame for something like that...”

Guan Zijue spoke before his father could finish. “Father, I didn’t think things through and it led to the criminals escaping. I’m willing to accept the punishment alone!”

“I appreciate this, but you can’t cover for every mistake!”

Guan Zijue was insistent. “Father, I failed my duty last night. I should be the one to take full responsibility!”

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