Chapter 281: The Unrivalled Poisonous Prince

It was none other than Ye Zhongjue.

Guan Zijue stood up immediately.

Ye Zhongjue walked up to the police and asked, “Why are you guys arresting people without proper evidence? You’d better give me a proper explanation on this!”

The police chief looked at Guan Zijue and Ye Zhongjue. He was caught in the middle.

Ye Zhongjue continued, “I won’t stop you from arresting him if you have evidence, but you don’t have the right to do so without it!”

The police chief paled at this.

Guan Zijue turned to Ye Zhongjue. “I’m the one who arrested him. To be accurate, Gu Yi’an is here to assist with the investigations. He came with us voluntarily. You can ask him about that!”

Ye Zhongjue then walked towards the interrogation room.

He walked in to see Gu Yi’an having his legs crossed, as if he was enjoying tea in the room.

Ye Zhongjue suddenly felt that all his worries were for naught. Gu Yi’an looked like he was enjoying his time there.

Gu Yi’an looked up when Ye Zhongjue coughed to signal his presence. If Jue is here, it means that the shipment has left.

I knew it. Jue would succeed for sure.

Gu Yi’an smiled as he stood up. “Jue, you’re here!”

He sounded like he was welcoming a guest into his home. Ye Zhongjue wondered, How can this guy be so calm! Nothing seemed to be able to shake him at all.

He coughed twice and said, “Yi’an, let’s go if the investigation is over. I’ll get a lawyer to speak to them.”

“Oh...” Gu Yi’an nodded at this. “So you’re here to bail me out!”

Ye Zhongjue wanted to punch the ungrateful Gu Yi’an.

“What do you think I’m here for!”

Gu Yi’an looked around the room. “Actually, this place isn’t all that bad!”

“You...” Ye Zhongjue was speechless.

“Let’s go. Stop wasting time. Suqing and the kids are still in Emperor City. We’ll head back right after this!”

Gu Yi’an nodded at this.

“Okay, let’s go then!”

On their way out of the station, Guan Zijue grabbed Gu Yi’an and asked, “Gu Yi’an, you didn’t lie earlier, did you?”

Gu Yi’an looked at him in a daze. “What are you referring to? I’ve said so many things.”

“About your time in America. I just want to know if it’s the truth.”

“Mm!” Gu Yi’an nodded and answered casually.

Satisfied, Guan Zijue then let go of him and watched them leave.

Once they were in the car, Gu Yi’an asked Ye Zhongjue, “How did you manage to move the goods? Guan Zijue arrived just seconds after the men left!”

Ye Zhongjue then told him how he actually hid the weapons.

After hearing what he did, Gu Yi’an couldn’t help but marvel. He’s really the unrivalled Poisonous Prince. No one can hold a candle to this guy.

What happened was that the goods were already loaded onto the vessel when Guan Zijue’s men arrived at the coast. Guan Zijue then asked the coast guard for assistance only after his men returned to report that they did not find anything on land. Ye Zhongjue made use of this time to quickly unload the goods, and had an empty vessel set sail instead.

Even if the coast guards found the vessel, it would not contain any incriminating evidence. After the coast guards were done with their search, Ye Zhongjue then arranged for another vessel and loaded the goods onto it, greatly lowering the risk of being caught.

Gu Yi’an was impressed with how Ye Zhongjue handled the situation. No one would have expected them to unload the goods when everything had already been loaded.

He looked at Ye Zhongjue, smiling as he said, “Jue, how did you even think of that!”

Ye Zhongjue answered nonchalantly, “All I wanted was to keep the shipment safe. There was no other way!”

Gu Yi’an shrugged. “You say it like it’s nothing. Anyway, I think Guan Zijue suspects us!”

“Of what?”

Gu Yi’an frowned at this. “He probably suspects that we’re involved with this shipment in some way!”

“But he doesn’t have evidence, right?”

Gu Yi’an nodded. That’s true too!

Seeing Gu Yi’an lower his head in silence, Ye Zhongjue asked, “What did Guan Zijue mean earlier? You told him about your time in America? Didn’t you say that he might be plotting something against you? Why are you telling him that when you didn’t even tell me or Hanyu about it? Do you trust him that much?”

“Jue, I didn’t say much. I just told him that I’ve been there. I didn’t give him any details. You might not understand this, but I have a feeling that he wouldn’t hurt me on purpose. Just like how I know that you and Hanyu wouldn’t stab me in the back. Jue, don’t mull over this. Trust my judgement!”


Luo Qiqi looked at Gu Yi’an suspiciously when they arrived back in Emperor City. She grabbed his collar and asked, “Where did you go? Are you avoiding me? Trying to hide yourself in some obscure corner of the world?”

Exasperated, Gu Yi’an looked at her as he asked, “Do I even need to do that?”

“Yes, because I think I’m quite overbearing!” Luo Qiqi answered guiltily.

Gu Yi’an laughed. “So you know that too? Can you be less overbearing then?”

Luo Qiqi watched him, speechless. “Are you going to tell me where you went? Huh? Huh?”

Gu Yi’an shivered as he saw a vicious smile appear on Luo Qiqi’s face. “My gosh, I’m not some little girl, and it’s not like I’ve done anything horrible. I just wanted to drive around and I ended up in C City, that’s all. What else do you want to know?”

Luo Qiqi let go of his collar and smiled. “Seeing how sincere you are in answering my question, I won’t pursue this anymore. I’m going to take a nap!”

She then turned to leave.

Gu Yi’an shook his head in resignation. Her mood is as unpredictable as the weather!

He returned to his room, planning to rest after spending the entire night out.

It was already four in the afternoon when he woke up.

Though he heard some disturbance on the ground floor, he ignored it and went to wash up instead.

After freshening up, the noise got louder and louder. He went downstairs only to see an angered Luo Qiqi.

Guan Zijue was right in front of her.

Gu Yi’an felt a headache coming on just by looking at the situation. Why did Guan Zijue have to appear everywhere? How do I get him to leave me alone?

He walked up and pulled Luo Qiqi away as she naturally leaned closer to him.

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