Chapter 280: What Confidence

Gu Yi’an smirked. “I guess I have no choice but to tell you the truth then!”

“I’m actually here for leisure and I just happened to lose my way in the forest. It was already dark when I arrived, and I saw this tiny little rabbit. It looked so cute I started chasing after it. It ran into the forest and I lost it. I couldn’t find my way out after that. As for these trucks...”

Guan Zijue stared at him, wondering what he’ll cook up next.

“Before you guys arrived, I thought of spending the night in one of these trucks. But you guys arrived shortly after!”

What Gu Yi’an said seemed plausible, but Guan Zijue did not believe a single word he said.

He scoffed. “Impossible. I don’t believe in that nonsense. Who’d actually come here for leisure in the dead of night!”

“Me! I’m here for leisure!” Gu Yi’an continued, “Guan Zijue, you can’t accuse me of a crime just because I refused to sell the painting to you. I didn’t break the law. I’m here in C City for a vacation!”

Gu Yi’an then said, “My white Maserati should still be parked along the road. You can go check it if you don’t believe me. I was really chasing after a rabbit. I’m telling the truth!”

Gu Yi’an spoke so confidently that Guan Zijue almost believed him. But suspicion continued to nag at him because it was too much of a coincidence for Gu Yi’an to appear here at this hour.

He turned to his men and instructed, “Go check if he’s telling the truth!”

“Got it!” His men answered and left quickly.

Both Guan Zijue and Gu Yi’an remained silent as they waited for the men to return.

“Boss, there really is a white Maserati on the road. We’ve also looked at the security footage, and it shows that he really followed a rabbit into the forest!”

Guan Zijue was stunned at this. How could that be true? It sounded like a blatant lie.

He looked back at Gu Yi’an. “Even so, you’re still a suspect. We’ll have to detain you. We’ll decide if you’ll be charged after we find out where the vessel went.”

Gu Yi’an shrugged. “Fine by me. I’m innocent anyway!”

He never stopped complaining when they were on their way back to the city. “How unlucky. Why did this have to happen to me when I’m on vacation. I can’t believe that I’m a suspect now. Guess I’ll really have to be careful next time...”

Guan Zijue heard everything but did not react.

It was already six in the morning when they returned to C City.

Gu Yi’an watched the sun rise from the vehicle he was in. 

Guan Zijue happened to turn and saw Gu Yi’an’s profile as he watched the sunrise.

At that very moment, he felt as if Pingan was right in front of him.

Why would I think that he’s Pingan when they are both so different? He shook his head in an attempt to clear his mind of these thoughts.

Gu Yi’an turned to Guan Zijue suddenly. “Guan Zijue, are you so mesmerized by my beauty that you have to shake your head to clear your mind?”

Guan Zijue’s expression darkened immediately.

Gu Yi’an did look good, but he’s way too narcissistic!

He said, “Don’t overthink it! I’m not interested in how you look!”

Gu Yi’an smiled mischievously. “Really? Then why did I feel you staring at me earlier!”

“Something’s wrong with you. I didn’t!” Guan Zijue lied through his teeth.

Gu Yi’an laughed. He never thought Guan Zijue would react like that.

He decided to rile Guan Zijue up further and closed in on him.

“Know what I like best about you?”

This made Guan Zijue’s heart skip a beat. He pushed Gu Yi’an away instantly. “Get away from me!”

Gu Yi’an laughed harder. “I love how serious you are. Why don’t you tell the truth! That’s not what you’re thinking at all!”

The frustrated Guan Zijue tried to ignore Gu Yi’an.

I thought he was supposed to be a gentle soul, but why is he acting like that!

Gu Yi’an continued laughing. “Don’t get angry so quickly!”

“Didn’t you ask me if I had ever been to the underground wrestling rings in America yesterday? Do you want to know the answer?”

This successfully caught Guan Zijue’s attention.

Gu Yi’an saw a shimmer in Guan Zijue’s eyes, as if he was hoping for something.

He had wanted to trick Guan Zijue initially, but that look made him decide otherwise.

Guan Zijue asked, “Are you going to tell me or not!”

Gu Yi’an lost his smile and said, “I don’t know why you’re asking this, but all I can say is that I have indeed hung around in the underground wrestling circle in the past.”

This surprised Guan Zijue and he contemplated if he should get the vehicle to turn back, but he saw Gu Yi’an shut his eyes to take a rest, not saying another word.

He doesn’t look the least bit afraid. I guess I really have nothing on him.

Guan Zijue’s thoughts were in a mess. What if Gu Yi’an was really Pingan? What should I do then?

He remembered Zixuan telling him that Gu Yi’an had connections with Sin Eliminators, which meant they were on opposing sides of the law. How can I be in contact with criminals!

But what if he was Pingan?

They arrived at the police station shortly after, and Guan Zijue stayed to await news from the coast guard as he wanted to know if Gu Yi’an was really involved in the case.

He couldn’t confirm Gu Yi’an’s identity at this point, and he would have nobody to blame but himself if Gu Yi’an was caught and really turned out to be Pingan.

In Gu Yi’an’s statement, he said that he was an artist who got caught simply because he was chasing after a rabbit in the forest.

After checking on his background, the police found nothing suspicious about him.

This made the local police wonder about Guan Zijue’s motives. Did he just want to make this artist the scapegoat?

One of them glanced at Guan Zijue, thinking to himself, This man is unfathomable.

All of them were now waiting for news from the coast guard. If there were leads, they would be able to continue their investigation, otherwise, they would have to release the suspect.

Time seemed to pass extremely slowly while they waited.

After some time, one of them finally received a call. The coast guard had searched the area for almost five hours but found nothing.

This stunned Guan Zijue. How could an entire shipment of weapons disappear just like that?

Gu Yi’an smirked. The police will never be able to find it since it’s Ye Zhongjue.

The police now had to decide if they wanted to continue investigating Gu Yi’an or if they should release him.

Before Guan Zijue could make his decision, someone else arrived at the police station.

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