Chapter 28: Mo Suqing Got out of a Predicament

Mo Suqing stayed in the car, her expression changing from one to another.

Presently, Ye Zhongjue returned to the car. He handed her the breakfast, saying, “Eat first. We’ll arrive at your company soon.”

Mo Suqing nodded and took the food.

When they arrived at Trend, she was a full half hour earlier.

She got off the car and spotted Zhang Yubin standing near the entrance, watching her.

Mo Suqing paid no heed of his behavior. She watched Ye Zhongjue drive away before turning to enter the office.

When she walked past Zhang Yubin, he spoke, “That your husband?”

His voice was obviously steeped in jealousy.

Mo Suqing frowned, How does it concern him?

“Uh-huh,” she replied noncommittally and was about to keep walking.

However, it seemed Zhang Yubin wasn’t quite finished. He followed behind Mo Suqing and continued, “Suqing, why did you choose someone like that? He’s worse than that Gu Jiannan! At least Gu Jiannan is the successor to the Gu Group. What is this husband of yours? He can’t even buy a decent car! I don’t believe a man who drives around in a Volkswagen is able to take good care of you.”

Zhang Yubin became more and more worked up with each word. It was as if Mo Suqing had done something evil.

Mo Suqing seriously didn’t want to lose her temper. She was just being polite, otherwise she wouldn’t have answered his question.

She knew that Zhang Yubin’s family owned a company and that he had some powerful connections here in A City.

But even so, he didn’t get to have the brass to criticize who she chose!

“I don’t believe it’s any of your business,” said Mo Suqing calmly with a look that betrayed a flicker of annoyance.

Zhang Yubin blushed scarlet at her words. It was difficult to tell if it was because he was angry or embarrassed.

Looking nonplussed, he stood there for a while and, when Mo Suqing almost disappeared into the office, shouted helplessly, “Suqing, one day you will regret choosing him!”

Mo Suqing repeated herself once again without turning her head, “Yeah? It’s still not your business!”

Deflated, Zhang Yubin remained on the spot for a long time.

Some ten minutes after Mo Suqing stepped into the office, Leng Xiyao showed up.

The two girls went to the bathroom. Leng Xiyao fired a question at Mo Suqing right away, “Have you thought of anything yet?”

Mo Suqing did not answer for a short while before replying, “Kind of. Except I don’t know whether it is feasible or not. It’s a little embarrassing…”

“What did you think of? Tell me about it!” Leng Xiyao moved closer to her eagerly.

Mo Suqing pushed her away in disgust. The lass always took pleasure in her misfortune!

“It’s simple. When you called in sick for me yesterday, you mentioned to Abbess Miejue I was unwell, right? It was not the first time I was unwell during my period, I bet she knew what happened. So, here’s my plan…” This time, Mo Suqing leaned across to whisper her whole plan into Leng Xiyao’s ear.

Leng Xiyao trembled uncontrollably, trying hard to suppress her laughter.

However, she failed and started to laugh out loud.

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes. “I knew you would laugh at me! Just tell me what you think of the plan?”

Leng Xiyao gave her the thumbs up. “Using an existing strategy – very good! No, I should acknowledge that you didn’t mean to play the menstruation card yesterday. It was an accident. However, Guan Zixuan revealed his weapon now, and you have your countermeasure in store for him. What a brilliant idea!”

Mo Suqing entered one of the cubicles and came out again shortly afterwards.

When the two of them appeared from the bathroom, most of the journalists had come.

At ten o’clock, An Huilin emerged from her private office and spoke to the journalists of the entertainment department, “For those who have been appointed to interview Guan Zixuan today, go straight to the tenth floor of Tianyu Hotel, where the press conference is going to be held at eleven sharp.”

After finishing what she had got to say, An Huilin went back to her office. Mo Suqing gave Leng Xiyao a meaningful look, then stood up slowly.

Just as expected, there was a big stain on the black leather seat of her chair. She let out a sigh of relief.

Covering her backside with a folder, she thus walked towards the editor-in-chief’s office with a strange gait. People cast her one or two sidelong glances without commenting.

Mo Suqing knocked, waited for An Huilin’s admittance, and pushed open the door.

An Huilin looked up and said in a voice as cold as her face, “What’s up? Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for the conference?”

Mo Suqing looked at her and said timidly, “Boss, can I not go to the conference?”

An Huilin, her face now expressionless, demanded, “Why is that?”

The corner of Mo Suqing’s mouth twitched. She turned around.

An Huilin immediately saw the scarlet stain on her khaki trousers. As a woman, of course she knew what had happened.

She looked a bit uneasy when she admonished Mo Suqing, “What a careless girl!”

Mo Suqing turned back and smiled embarrassingly. “The pad must have gone askew.”

“Whatever,” An Huilin waved her hand impatiently. “Go clean yourself up! You can stay in the company today. I have sent enough people. It’s okay if one of you doesn’t go.”

“Thank you, Boss!” Smiling, Mo Suqing nodded and placed the folder back on her hips before leaving the office.

The second Mo Suqing emerged from the editor-in-chief’s office, she ran back to her desk.

She fished out a thin jacket from her purse and put it on. Then, she turned to Leng Xiyao and gave her a “it worked” look before walking towards the bathroom with a piece of sanitary pad in her hand.

So, the entire plan she had carried out was this: when she entered the cubicle before, she was actually throwing away the old pad on her underwear, so that blood would stain her clothing and she would have a wonderful excuse not to go to the press conference.

It was a cheap trick, but it definitely worked like a charm. An Huilin did not even hesitate a moment!

In order not to go to the conference and confront Guan Zixuan, she was more than willing to sacrifice a pair of trousers.

When Mo Suqing came out of the bathroom, Leng Xiyao and the others had left for Tianyu Hotel.

Mo Suqing breathed a sigh of relief. She walked over to her desk and sat down.

Phew! It was a close call!

At Tianyu Hotel

Guan Zixuan was sitting in the monitor room, watching intently at the screen.

After a while, he knitted his brows. Where is the woman from yesterday? Is she really not a gossip columnist?

He turned to ask his assistant, “Have all of the gossip columnists from Trend Magazine arrived?”

“Yes, they are all here,” confirmed Yuan.

“Tell me which one of them is the first one who published my news yesterday.”

Yuan leaned in to take a closer look at the screen. Finally, he pointed at a woman in white and said, “That is Bai Tingnan. I’ve already done some research on her. She stayed in the office all day long yesterday, not stepping her foot outside at all until it was time to go home.”

Guan Zixuan’s face darkened. Did he make a misjudgment? Was it possible that the woman simply sent the photo to the magazine, that she was not a gossip columnist?

If so, she would be like a needle in a haystack.

Guan Zixuan’s expression became uglier and uglier. He just sat there, not moving at all.

Yuan looked at him worriedly, “Boss, it’s time!”

Guan Zixuan ignored him completely. Yuan was obviously agitated. Come on now! Don’t be such a baby!

It is your conference. You can’t just decide not to show up!

An idea presented itself. He suggested, “We can intercept Bai Tingnan after the conference and ask her where she got hold of the picture. I believe we can definitely locate that woman from yesterday this way, so Boss, please stop fuming. We need to go there now. If you are late, those gossip columnists will only have more material to scandalize you!”

Guan Zixuan slowly turned around and looked at him, rolling his eyes upward as if he was considering Yuan’s proposal.

“I guess you have a point. Well, then you will bring Bai Tingnan to me after this, okay?”

Hearing that he had finally relented, Yuan almost cried.

“Yes sir! I will do as told!”

At his words, Guan Zixuan, like a prince, slowly rose and left the monitor room.

At the conference.

Guan Zixuan stepped into the spotlight in his graceful white suit. When he smiled, every fan was intoxicated by him.

“Journalists, my dear fans, and everyone who is present here today, welcome. About yesterday’s news, I will give you clear and satisfactory answers. Now, you may start asking questions.”

Bai Tingnan took the lead, “Mr. Guan, what is your relationship with the woman in the airport bathroom? Is she your mysterious girlfriend?”

Guan Zixuan was smiling on the outside, but inside his temper was flaring. He imagined cutting Mo Suqing into pieces. I don’t believe that woman from yesterday didn’t divulge what she saw!

Very well. If this is how she’s gonna play the game, I’ll play along.

His voice was very sexy when he answered, “As a matter of fact, we just met yesterday; she’s not my girlfriend. Your imagination is overactive, everyone.”

Bai Tingnan threw another question right away, pointing out, “If you just met each other, how come you two would end up in the same bathroom? It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Guan Zixuan cleared his throat and said, a creepy smile crossing his face, “You are right! There are times when things don’t seem to make any sense yet in fact make perfect sense.”

He smiled and continued, “Yesterday after I entered the bathroom, the door to it was opened again. I turned around and saw a woman charging inside. That woman was who you thought of as my ‘mysterious’ girlfriend, while the fact is I only met her for the first time.”

“So she ran inside, saw me, and found that she had gone into the wrong bathroom. Obviously in panic, she looked at me and froze on the spot for a while, not knowing what to do. In the end, she spoke to me… Does anyone care to know what she said?”

“‘I’m so sorry I went into the wrong bathroom!’” someone shouted a guess.

“‘My god! You are Guan Zixuan! I can’t believe I met you in person! You are so handsome!’” another offered.

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