Chapter 279: Guan Zijue and Gu Yi’an at Odds With Each Other

Guan Zijue instructed his men to head to the forest to capture those smugglers immediately.

For some reason, he had been feeling uneasy throughout his entire journey. He had been on several missions before but it was the first time he felt this way.

He calmed himself down and as he led his team of elites into the forest.

From above, the forested area looked like a triangle. Knowing this, Guan Zijue instructed his team to break into three separate groups so that they would be able to stop the smugglers in their tracks no matter which direction they went.

Gu Yi’an had arrived in C City much earlier in the afternoon.

Due to the sheer volume of weapons, he had instructed his men to move the weapons in batches. They had successfully moved the last batch into the forest when night fell, but they never expected for the forested area to be so difficult to traverse.

There was a vehicular path that led into the forest, but it disappeared as they went deeper and deeper into the greenery, leaving them with no other choice but to move the weapons manually.

They were left with one last batch when Gu Yi’an heard a disturbance nearby. Someone else was closing in on them.

He instructed his men to leave while he stayed behind to take care of any possible situation that might arise.

His men were unwilling to do so at first, since Gu Yi’an was their boss, and it was unimaginable to leave him there alone. Furthermore, Ye Zhongjue and Ceng Hanyu would never forgive them if anything were to happen to Gu Yi’an.

Seeing the men hesitate, Gu Yi’an took a tougher stance and said, “Defying your orders? Sin Eliminators will have nothing against The Dark Night if this shipment doesn’t go through. I’ll be careful, so leave. Remember to board the vessel immediately. No need to wait for me.”

The men were still hesitating. Gu Yi’an then continued, “You guys don’t trust in my abilities? No one can escape if we’re all captured! I don’t have anything illegal with me right now, so there’s nothing they can do even if I get caught!”

This helped to convince the men a little.

Why are they acting like that? It’s not like I’m about to die here!

It’s relatively easier for him to evade capture as long as he doesn’t have any weapons on him.

Gu Yi’an heard the footsteps getting closer, and judging from the sound of it, he could tell that these men had undergone rigorous training and were likely to be from the SWAT team.

Gu Yi’an then stood in front of his truck and put on his curious face.

Guan Zijue instructed his men to stop moving when he spotted a figure near the truck.

Gu Yi’an’s smirked to himself. They might just have been able to capture us if they had arrived a few minutes earlier.

The team of elite soldiers surrounded Gu Yi’an, raising their weapons as they closed in on him after receiving Guan Zijue’s signal to go forward.

Gu Yi’an simply stood there pretending that he was unaware of everything that was happening around him.

Guan Zijue yelled at him when he was about a hundred meters away. “Who’s there! This vehicle is suspected to have been used for smuggling firearms! Walk out with your hands raised!”

Gu Yi’an was in disbelief when he heard Guan Zijue’s voice. No way. He’s in Emperor City now, so how could it be him?

However, it was none other than Guan Zijue standing right before him when he turned.

Gu Yi’an approached him with steady steps, refusing to raise his hands as instructed.

His composure shocked Guan Zijue.

But what shocked him more was when he realized it was actually Gu Yi’an. I just saw him in the morning, so why is he here now?

Guan Zijue’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.

He kept his eyes on Gu Yi’an as he walked up to him, his gun trained on Gu Yi’an’s forehead. “Search!”

His men searched all the trucks thoroughly but found nothing.

“Boss, there’s nothing here!”

“Nothing here!”

“Nothing here!”


Guan Zijue’s expression darkened at this. Nothing? Did we fail?

With his gun still trained on Gu Yi’an’s forehead, he asked, “What are you doing here? Why are these trucks here?”

Gu Yi’an pretended to be confused and slowly shifted the gun away from him. “Take this away. I’m rather afraid of it!”

Guan Zijue stared at him. Reminded of Gu Yi’an’s skills when they fought earlier, he thought, This guy has something up his sleeve.

“Answer me, or else I’ll arrest you as a smuggler!”

Gu Yi’an wondered why Guan Zijue would ask him such a question.

He should have already known about my identity through Guan Zixuan, so he should be able to deduce which group these weapons belonged to. Why did he still ask me that?

Guan Zijue frowned at Gu Yi’an’s silence and instructed his men to head in the direction of the sea, hoping that they’ll be able to stop the shipment.

Gu Yi’an smirked at this. These soldiers won’t be able to catch up even if they ran with all their might.

The soldiers returned after about an hour only to report that they were unable to capture any suspects.

“Boss, there were signs of a vessel being moored near the beach, so they’ve probably boarded a ship. There’s no way to determine the direction in which they went in!”

Guan Zijue glared at Gu Yi’an. “Contact the coast guard and have them search the area!”

His man obeyed and left immediately.

Guan Zijue then said to Gu Yi’an, “Are you going to tell me the truth now or do I have to send you into the interrogation room?”

Gu Yi’an shrugged. “It’s up to you!”

Anger rose in Guan Zijue. “What are you doing here in the dead of night?”

Gu Yi’an looked at him. “You’re here too, so why can’t I be here? This place is not a prohibited area, is it?”

Guan Zijue stared at him. “Don’t try to be funny. You won’t be able to escape. The coast guard will capture the others.”

“Oh...” Gu Yi’an then said, “Is that so? Then I’ll wait for the charges.”

This was the first time a suspect spoke to Guan Zijue like this. His subordinates were all thinking to themselves, What a daring man!

Guan Zijue spoke coldly, “Are you going to tell me why you’re here? You were in Emperor City in the morning, but you’re here now. That doesn’t make any sense at all!”

Gu Yi’an raised a brow. There’s no way he can locate the shipment. He won’t be able to charge me without any evidence.

“Okay, I’ll tell you since you’re asking. I’m here for a tour. Why can’t I be in Emperor City in the morning and come here at night for a tour? C City isn’t far from there at all. You can’t charge me for that. Do you think you’re above the law, Guan Zijue!”

Guan Zijue was frustrated at this. “Gu Yi’an, you’re absurd! No one is above the law!”

Gu Yi’an laughed. “I’m relieved then. Ask me whatever you want, and I’ll tell you everything I know!”

Guan Zijue was at a loss for words. He could not seem to communicate with Gu Yi’an.

But I’m not backing down that easily!

“Gu Yi’an, you’d better come clean. Why are you here and what’s up with these trucks? I just might be able to spare your life if you tell the truth!”

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