Chapter 278: Time to Change the Form of Address

Gu Yi’an then said, “There are only two possibilities to this. The first is that he might have seen me back in America, and the other is that he has connections with The Dark Night. The Dark Night has had their eyes on Sin Eliminators after Su Jincheng disappeared. They might be trying to make use of that information in some way to take down Sin Eliminators.”

Hearing this, Ye Zhongjue turned serious.

The banquet had just begun when they returned to the dining hall.

Xia Zi and Guan Zixuan were going from table to table as they presented toasts to the guests, and they arrived at Mo Suqing’s table shortly.

Mo Suqing felt happy that Xia Zi could finally be with someone she loved, but she also felt melancholic.

She said, “Zixuan, you’d better treat A’zi well, or else!”

Guan Zixuan nodded. “Don’t worry, Suqing. I’ll take good care of A’zi!”

Mo Suqing raised a brow at this. “Don’t you think you should be changing the form of address?”

Guan Zixuan was slightly taken aback at her question. Form of address?

She’s right. Mo Suqing is Xia Zi’s sister, so it would be rather disrespectful if I address her by name like that.

He looked at Mo Suqing awkwardly as Xia Zi glanced at him.

Knowing that he was caught in a rather awkward situation, she had initially wanted to help him out, but Guan Zixuan spoke before she could say anything.


This stunned both Xia Zi and Mo Suqing.

A smile slowly appeared on Mo Suqing. “A’zi, I wish you a blissful journey ahead!”

Xia Zi nodded. “Mm! Thank you, Sis!”

Gu Yi’an noticed Luo Qiqi’s expression as the newlyweds went about toasting the guests.

It was obvious that she was thinking about Su Jincheng. She was still unable to get over the fact that Su Jincheng was no longer around.

Gu Yi’an also felt Guan Zijue’s eyes on him throughout the entire banquet, and he couldn’t help but feel suspicious of the latter.

Gu Yi’an got a call from Ceng Hanyu before the banquet ended. He showed the caller identification to Ye Zhongjue before standing up to leave.

Guan Zijue wanted to follow, but Ye Zhongjue stopped him in his tracks.

Guan Zijue asked, “Ye Zhongjue, what’s the meaning of this?”

Ye Zhongjue laughed. “I don’t mean anything else, but I’m just wondering why you seem to be so curious about Yi’an?”

This stupefied Guan Zijue.

Was it too obvious? Ye Zhongjue’s right. I have been extremely curious about Gu Yi’an ever since that day when I met him at the gallery.

It might have been because of that art piece and the possibility of finding Pingan that he’s acting this way, but even Guan Zijue was unable to convince himself that this was the real reason.

He looked down and turned to return to his seat.

Seeing him back down, Ye Zhongjue decided not to pursue the matter further.

Did Guan Zijue just silently admit that he was paying attention to Yi’an? No matter what it was, this made Ye Zhongjue feel uneasy.

Gu Yi’an answered the call when he found an open area outside the hotel with nobody around.

“Hey, Hanyu. What’s up?”

Ceng Hanyu sounded anxious over the phone. “Something went wrong with the weapon shipment in C City and the police were alerted. After some discussion, we’ve decided to ship the weapons from Emperor City instead. Since these two cities are right beside each other, the authorities probably would never expect us to ship from there. What do you think about that?”

Gu Yi’an’s brows creased. “Jue and I are both in Emperor City now so it’s possible. But you should know how serious the offence is if we get caught. The regulations are way stricter here compared to when we’re overseas!”

“I know that!” Ceng Hanyu answered seriously. “I wouldn’t be calling you otherwise. It’s an important shipment and nothing can go wrong this time, which is why I’m getting you and Jue to oversee it. We can’t do much in C City now and I’m not about to let our men die there!”

Gu Yi’an nodded. “Hold on for a while. I’ll discuss this with Jue. I don’t recommend shipping it from Emperor City and it should only be our last resort. It’s too dangerous!”

Ceng Hanyu sighed but he nodded to himself and said, “Okay. Discuss it with Jue and let me know within an hour so we can plan our new route.”

“Got it!” Gu Yi’an then ended the call.

Gu Yi’an and Ye Zhongjue left before the banquet could come to a close.

Guan Zijue had wanted to stop Gu Yi’an to have a chat with him, but decided against it as he was reminded of what Ye Zhongjue said earlier.

Gu Yi’an informed Ye Zhongjue about the situation once they were out of the hotel.

After some consideration, Ye Zhongjue said, “The regulations in Emperor City are very strict. How about this, one of us goes to C City to collect the shipment first. When we travel from C City to Emperor City, there’s a huge forest which extends all the way to the sea. If we’re able to travel through that forest, we can arrange for a vessel at sea and the shipment can then leave safely. What do you think?”

Gu Yi’an contemplated for a moment. Ye Zhongjue’s idea was not a bad one.

“I’ll go to C City then. You arrange the vessel.”

Ye Zhongjue frowned at this. He was more familiar with C City than Gu Yi’an was, and it was easy to lose one’s way in that forest.

“It’s better if I go since you’re not as familiar with the area. You stay in Emperor City. I’ll arrange for the vessel right away. Tell Ceng Hanyu about the plan.”

Gu Yi’an raised his eyebrows. “This is the logical choice, but what about Sis-in-law and the kids? They're all in Emperor City. It’s probably easier for you to arrange a vessel here too. I don’t have connections here at all!”

There was a subtle change in Ye Zhongjue’s expression when Gu Yi’an mentioned Mo Suqing and the kids.

After a while, he said, “Fine then. You go to C City. Be careful. I’ll arrange the vessel.”

Gu Yi’an nodded and left for C City immediately.

Ye Zhongjue called Ceng Hanyu as he watched Gu Yi’an’s car leave.

Xia Zi and Guan Zixuan were flying to Bali on the very same night for their honeymoon.

Guan Zijue had planned to return to his camp on the next day when he received a call.


It was his supervisor on the phone. “Guan Zijue, we’ve received news that there will be a weapon shipment leaving C City. We aren’t sure what weapons these are and who they belong to, but weaponry regulations have to be strictly enforced. Dispatch a team of elites to assist the SWAT team in C City and confiscate those weapons. There’s no room for failure!”

“I understand!” Guan Zijue answered with confidence. He thus left for C City after informing his men to meet him there.

It was already two o’clock in the morning when his team was gathered. All of them were on location awaiting the next command.

C City’s SWAT team had informed Guan Zijue that some civilians witnessed a bunch of people driving into the mountains late at night, and it was highly likely that this very group was their target.

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