Chapter 276: You Can’t Beat Me

Gu Yi’an looked at Guan Zijue cautiously.

“What’s wrong with you! Stay away!”

Before he could leave, Guan Zijue grabbed him.

“Scared?” Guan Zijue asked.

Gu Yi’an turned and grabbed Guan Zijue’s arm.

“I’m not scared of you.”

Guan Zijue was surprised that Gu Yi’an was able to break free that easily. “You’re very suspicious.”

“Suspicious?” Gu Yi’an then said, “I think you’re the suspicious one here.”

“Enough talk. Are you going to give me that painting or not!”

This annoyed Gu Yi’an. “No. Are you going to steal it?”

Guan Zijue was bent on getting that painting.

“I thought you had forgotten about it since it’s been a week. How about this. I’ll give the painting to you if you win me in a fight!”

Guan Zijue nodded in agreement at this. “Fine!”

Gu Yi’an unbuttoned his white jacket and threw it on the ground while Guan Zijue did the same with his black jacket.

The tension in the air was palpable as they stared at each other.

Gu Yi’an was the first to strike, but Guan Zijue reacted quickly and aimed a kick at Gu Yi’an.

Gu Yi’an dodged nimbly and escaped that powerful kick.

Guan Zijue rushed at him as he stood up, and they were embroiled in a close fight.

Luo Qiqi was about to look for Gu Yi’an when she spotted the two of them. She initially wanted to go up to assist Gu Yi’an, but decided against it since she did not want to create any trouble at Xia Zi’s wedding.

Luo Qiqi shook her head, trying to think of another solution.

If it’s Guan Zixuan’s wedding, he must know who the other person is! I should look for him first so he can stop the fight.

Luo Qiqi did not realize that it was Guan Zijue, or else she would have gone up to stop the fight immediately.

She spent quite a while locating Guan Zixuan.

Seeing how anxious she looked, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“No time to explain. Come with me!”

Xia Zi was touching up her makeup at the moment, so Guan Zixuan followed Luo Qiqi alone.

“I saw Gu Yi’an fighting with somebody else outside earlier. I’m guessing that you’d know who the other person is, so could you stop the fight?”

Guan Zixuan frowned at this. Who could it be?

No ordinary individual would dare challenge the Guan family like that.

He was stunned when he saw who it was.

Older Brother!

He should’ve expected that it would be none other than his own brother who would act in such an absurd manner at his wedding.

Guan Zixuan was rather confused. Why would they get into a fight when they don’t even know each other?

Before he rushed up, he turned to Luo Qiqi and said, “Can’t you recognize my brother!”

Luo Qiqi took a closer look and realized that it was indeed Guan Zijue.

She smacked her forehead. What’s wrong with the two of them!

Guan Zixuan and Luo Qiqi approached the two of them. “Bro, Yi’an, what are you guys doing!”

The two of them turned to him incredulously.

Guan Zijue asked, “You know this guy, Zixuan?”

Gu Yi’an raised a brow at Guan Zixuan in pleasant surprise. It was never his intention to create such a mess at the wedding.

Guan Zixuan nodded. “Bro, why did you get into a fight? He’s a guest.”

Guan Zijue turned back to Gu Yi’an and asked, “Guest? Isn’t he just an artist?”

Guan Zixuan was speechless as he looked at the two of them.

Gu Yi’an looked so calm as if nothing had happened.

Luo Qiqi walked up and tugged at Gu Yi’an. “Zixuan, we’re leaving. You explain things to your brother!”

She then said, “Yi’an, I thought you were a gentle soul. I can’t believe you actually got into a fight with someone! And it had to be Guan Zixuan’s older brother? What were you even thinking!”

Though he remained placid, a glint appeared in Gu Yi’an’s eyes.

“Qiqi, it wasn’t me who started the fight. Do you know who he is?”

“He’s Guan Zixuan’s older brother!” Luo Qiqi was losing her patience.

Gu Yi’an laughed. “He’s also an exhibition visitor who insists on purchasing one of my paintings even when I’ve refused him. He even asked the exhibition staff to come and convince me about it. I cancelled the exhibition because of that. But who knew that I would meet him here. He’s adamant on getting his hands on that painting, so I challenged him to a fight. I told him that I’ll give it to him if he wins. I didn’t expect that he would actually have some tricks up his sleeve!”

Luo Qiqi stared at him. “Gu Yi’an, at such a young age, it takes real skills for Guan Zijue to be in his current position. These aren’t just some tricks. Even Xia Zi and I might not be able to beat him!”

“That’s because you guys aren’t good enough!” Gu Yi’an answered calmly.

Luo Qiqi was annoyed at this. “Yes, we aren’t good enough, but you are! Why didn’t you win then?”

Gu Yi’an raised a brow. “Can’t you tell that it was a draw?”

“So it was just a draw?”

Gu Yi’an then said, “It also means that you and Xia Zi wouldn’t be able to beat me.”

“I...” Luo Qiqi had no idea Gu Yi’an could be so frustrating.

Gu Yi’an turned to Guan Zijue and Guan Zixuan. “I didn’t expect him to be Guan Zixuan’s older brother. I found him familiar for some reason, and that sense of familiarity got stronger after we fought.”

Luo Qiqi answered with annoyance, “Don’t tell me you guys knew each other in your past lives!”

Gu Yi’an looked at her and said, “Maybe!”

He then walked away, leaving Luo Qiqi fuming.

It seemed like Gu Yi’an was the only one who could rile Luo Qiqi up after what happened to Su Jincheng. She was livelier with him around, and it was also for this reason that she stayed close to Gu Yi’an.

Luo Qiqi shook her head and headed back into the banquet hall.

Guan Zixuan looked at his brother in puzzlement.

He’s usually very calm and collected, so what made him so impulsive today?

“Bro, why did you guys get into a fight? Did you guys already know each other from before?”

Guan Zijue shook his head. “No. I want to purchase a painting from him, but he refuses to sell it to me!”

Guan Zixuan deadpanned. “You guys got into a fight over something like that?”

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