Chapter 275: What a Small World

Gu Yi’an frowned. A prominent figure in Emperor City?

There were two individuals who came to mind, and one of them was Guan Zixuan, but he had no idea who that visitor could be.

“What if I refuse to sell it?”

The staff member looked at him incredulously. “It’s just a painting, there’s no need to piss him off like that. You probably won’t be able to continue with the exhibition if you refuse to sell it anyway!”

Gu Yi’an had already expected such an answer. “Fine, I’ll end it then!”

“Not afraid he’ll come looking for you?” The staff member asked in surprise.

Gu Yi’an remained insistent and said, “Tell that guy I’m not selling it. He can look for me if he wants to, and you don’t have to come over with him because I won’t give in!”

The staff member was at a loss for words. Why is he so stubborn!

“You settle it on your own then. I’m off. My job is done here!”

Gu Yi’an nodded and acted as if he was scared of what was to come. “I know!”

The staff member stared at him, speechless. I thought I could be the peacemaker, but it seems like I’ve failed!

Gu Yi’an asked Luo Qiqi to help him pack up immediately after the staff member left.

A black Jeep drove out just as Guan Zijue returned to the exhibition hall.

Gu Yi’an smirked when he saw Guan Zijue. That was fast. Seems like he’s not giving up any time soon!

The Jeep left quickly as Guan Zijue walked up to the second floor. Nothing but empty space greeted him. That artist had never intended to have a discussion. He left just like that.

Guan Zijue wanted to track where the artist went initially, but he decided against it eventually.

I must have gone mad.

It’s just a painting, it’s not Pingan. Why am I even doing this? It’s just a painting that looks familiar. Why did I use my authority like that?

He had never acted in such a manner before.

Guan Zijue suddenly felt lost. He felt as if he had been possessed by some sort of devil.

Guan Zijue planned to return to his military camp in the afternoon, but postponed his return after learning that Guan Zixuan’s wedding will be taking place next week. He had to attend the wedding as the older brother.

He applied for a longer leave to help Guan Zixuan prepare for his wedding.

Though there was actually no need for him to help out, he wanted to take his mind off things by focusing on something else.

After what happened at the exhibition, that painting reappeared in his dreams. He felt that the man in the painting looked extremely familiar.

What’s happening to me?! Guan Zijue felt like he was going insane.

He wanted to suppress his thoughts about the painting, but the more he tried to do so, the more it backfired.

Guan Zijue kept telling himself that he had to go right back to camp after Guan Zixuan’s wedding to prevent himself from thinking about that painting.

It was finally Guan Zixuan’s wedding day.

Many members of the public wondered if he could really get married this time since this was already his third attempt at getting married. They felt that a rich kid like him probably treated marriage like a game, and most of the guests who attended were expecting to see some sort of hiccup at this wedding.

It was the Guan family after all, and there were tons of individuals who wanted to get into their good books.

After some discussion, the traditional aspects of fetching the bride from her family home [1] was done away with and they decided to simply hold a banquet in a hotel with a simple ceremony.

Xia Zi agreed to it as she wanted to have a simple ceremony. She did not need a lavish one as she simply wanted to be with Guan Zixuan.

In the past year, she was able to take care of Xia Xinsheng and spend quality time with Guan Zixuan almost everyday. This was the life she yearned for.

Though she knew that her sister, Mo Suqing, would definitely have wanted her to get married lavishly, the wedding ceremony was just a formality to Xia Zi.

Xia Zi and Guan Zixuan welcomed their guests at the door while the rest of the family entertained the guests in the hall.

Luo Qiqi and Gu Yi’an arrived together and greeted the newlyweds before they entered.

Guan Zijue was in the hall, and he was swarmed wherever he went as many individuals tried to ingratiate themselves with him.

Annoyed at those trying to curry favor with him, he decided to retreat to a quiet corner by himself.

His imposing aura created a natural barrier and prevented many others from approaching him.

The glass of red wine in Guan Zijue’s hands was simply an accessory as he barely took a single sip.

Wanting to move to another corner, he put the glass down and stood up, but a figure caught his attention.

Seeing that the figure was about to depart, he rushed up.

Gu Yi’an wasn’t the type who enjoyed crowded and lively gatherings like these.

He told Luo Qiqi that he wanted to visit the restroom and excused himself, heading to the field behind the hotel instead.

Luo Qiqi stared at him. What a lousy excuse. The restroom isn’t in that direction at all.

She couldn’t be bothered with him since it was A’zi’s wedding day, and she wanted to witness everything.

Guan Zijue followed Gu Yi’an as he walked out.

Seems like I was too impulsive. This man seems so calm, as if he doesn’t have a care in the world.

From his behavior, it looks like he had already forgotten what happened a few days ago at the exhibition hall.

Guan Zijue thought that the artist would sell the painting upon finding out that he was someone powerful, but he realized now that he was just being foolish for thinking like that.

Shutting his eyes, Gu Yi’an enjoyed the warm sunlight that shone upon him. Upon hearing footsteps, he turned and saw Guan Zijue a distance away from him.

Are you kidding? Him again? Does he want the painting so much that he followed me all the way here?

Guan Zijue smiled as he saw Gu Yi’an’s expression of surprise. “Hi, we meet again.”

Gu Yi’an forced himself to smile as he answered, “Yes, what a small world. Some people just refuse to give up...”

Gu Yi’an surprised himself with what he just said.

He was never one to show any emotion and he rarely talked back to anyone else.

But all that self-control seemed to go out the window with Guan Zijue right before him.

Gu Yi’an tried to suppress those negative emotions in him as he did not want to create a scene at Xia Zi’s wedding. Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing would have his head if he caused a mess here.

I’m just a guest at a wedding, why does this have to happen to me!

Gu Yi’an looked down with a frown, and he saw Guan Zijue’s face when he looked up again.

This shocked Gu Yi’an. He walked up to me and I didn’t even realize it!

[1] Fetching the bride is a traditional Chinese wedding custom. Learn more here: 

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