Chapter 274: A’zi’s Accessory

When Gu Yi’an walked out of the staff area, he did not pay much heed to the visitor at first, but he froze upon realizing that the visitor was looking at a certain painting.

That painting meant a lot to him.

It served as a memory and sort of leash to his past. He wanted to use that very painting to locate someone from his past.

Both of them had changed, and he wondered if he would successfully locate that individual.

He had refused a few visitors who had wanted to purchase this piece of art, and he was now observing the new visitor who seemed to be scrutinizing the art piece very closely.

Guan Zijue felt melancholic as he looked at the red sky in the painting.

He reached out and wanted to touch the art piece, but Gu Yi’an rushed up and stopped him before he could do so.

This annoyed Guan Zijue and he easily broke free of Gu Yi’an’s grasp.

Gu Yi’an was surprised at the visitor’s strength as it was stronger than what he had expected.

Gu Yi’an’s strength was usually greater than the average male since he had gone through training in the past, and he was taken aback by how easily this visitor broke free of his grasp.

Gu Yi’an asked, “Are you here for the art exhibition, sir?”

Guan Zijue raised a brow and nodded in response.

“Mm!” He then looked back at the painting and asked, “You painted this?”

Gu Yi’an nodded. “Yes, I did!”

“I’d like to purchase it. How much?” Guan Zijue’s tone irked Gu Yi’an as he felt that the former sounded like a spoiled brat.

Gu Yi’an frowned and said, “I’m sorry, this painting isn’t for sale at the moment.”

Guan Zijue shot a look at Gu Yi’an and asked, “Why did you place it here then? As mere decoration?”

Having put up so many exhibitions, this was the first time Gu Yi’an met such an unreasonable customer.

“I’m not selling it. It’s my choice whether to put it on display or not!”

This was also the first time someone talked back to Guan Zijue in a very long time since none of his subordinates in the military would do so.

“What if I insist on buying it?”

Gu Yi’an did not back down. “Not selling it!”

He narrowed his eyes at Guan Zijue.

Guan Zijue then laughed. “There’s nothing in Emperor City that I can’t buy.”

Gu Yi’an smirked. “I don’t care who you are. I’m not selling it and that’s final!”

“What if I just take it then!” Guan Zijue scoffed.

“Try it then!”

“Fine! Remember what you said!” Guan Zijue then turned to leave. “I’ll be back.”

Gu Yi’an watched as Guan Zijue left.

He tried to calm himself down as more visitors streamed in.

He spotted Luo Qiqi walking in after a while. Luo Qiqi had decided to travel the world and eventually, she decided to travel to wherever Gu Yi’an’s art exhibition was.

She might have felt too lonely as time passed, and it just so happened that Gu Yi’an had no commitments. They spent a lot of time together in the past year.

Ye Zhongjue had no idea that Luo Qiqi would be at Gu Yi’an’s art exhibition.

There were two main reasons Gu Yi’an asked Ye Zhongjue to come for his exhibition. The first was that Emperor City would be his only exhibition location in the country, and he didn’t want them to miss it.

The second was that he wanted to let the Ye siblings, Ye Zhongjue and Luo Qiqi, meet.

If Su Jincheng was still alive, the Ye Family would probably be in a very blissful state right now. But Luo Qiqi had been unable to accept that fact, and this caused her to leave the family once again.

Gu Yi’an hoped that Ye Zhongjue would be able to convince Luo Qiqi to stay this time.

Ye Zhongjue, Guan Zixuan, Mo Suqing and Xia Zi arrived about an hour after Guan Zijue left.

Luo Qiqi spotted Xia Zi from a distance away and knew instantly that it was Gu Yi’an who informed them.

I knew it. That guy looks proper on the outside but he’s actually full of schemes! I already told him not to tell anyone where I was!

Gu Yi’an looked at her innocently. Even though having them meet was actually his real intention, he did not say a single word about Luo Qiqi being here. He simply invited Ye Zhongjue to his exhibition.

Luo Qiqi’s expression did in fact scare him a little!

Luo Qiqi walked over to the group and greeted them with a smile.

“Older Brother, Sis-in-law, A’zi, you guys are here!”

Guan Zixuan looked at her incredulously. “Am I invisible?”

Luo Qiqi glanced at him. “Aren’t you A’zi’s accessory?”

Guan Zixuan was speechless. Fine, you win this time. I’m not going to argue with you on this.

Ye Zhongjue asked Gu Yi’an, “Yi’an, how long are you planning to stay in Emperor City?”

Gu Yi’an was suddenly reminded of that unreasonable visitor he had in the morning. Gu Yi’an wasn’t one to be afraid of people like that, but he didn’t want to create a huge mess either.

He said, “I’m not sure. Maybe just today, maybe three days.”

Ye Zhongjue glanced at Luo Qiqi before saying, “Either way, both you and Luo Qiqi should stay a while longer here. Xia Zi will be getting married in a week.”

“Getting married!” Luo Qiqi cried out in surprise. “That’s fast!”

Xia Zi smiled at her. “Is it that fast?”

Their marriage had in fact already been postponed for a year since Xia Xinsheng was unwell. It was high time they got married now that Xia Xinsheng was much better and Guan Zixuan’s career was going well.

Luo Qiqi turned to Gu Yi’an and asked, “I’ll definitely stay for Xia Zi’s wedding. How about you?”

Gu Yi’an shivered involuntarily at Luo Qiqi’s seemingly threatening gaze, reminded of the old Chinese adage that women and villains are the worst to deal with.

I can’t believe she’s not at all grateful to me for all this time I’ve kept her secret.

Luo Qiqi pulled Xia Zi to the side while Mo Suqing looked at Guan Zixuan meaningfully, as if telling him that she would be keeping an eye on him and making sure that he treated Xia Zi well.

Gu Yi’an then pulled Ye Zhongjue to him.

“I probably can’t continue with this exhibition tomorrow!”

Ye Zhongjue asked in confusion, “Why?”

Gu Yi’an said, “There was an unreasonable visitor who left before you guys arrived, and he wanted to purchase a piece called ‘Bloody’. Though I rejected him, he told me that there was nothing in Emperor City he couldn't buy. I’m guessing he's probably going to get someone to thrash the place in the afternoon. I don’t want to create a mess here, so I’m planning to close the exhibition after the lunch break.”

Ye Zhongjue contemplated for a moment. Xia Zi’s wedding is nearing, so it’s best to stay out of trouble these next few days.

He then nodded. “Got it. Call me if you need anything, I’ll be in Emperor City anyway. But it’s best that we stay out of trouble for the next few days, since the Guan family is no ordinary family either. I’m just worried that someone might take advantage of this.”

Gu Yi’an nodded. “I understand!”

Gu Yi’an then continued to welcome the visitors who streamed in after Ye Zhongjue left.

Someone who was in charge of the exhibition event space approached Gu Yi’an and wanted to speak to him in private.

After they retreated to a quiet corner, Gu Yi’an asked, “What’s wrong?”

Although the staff member did not want to upset Gu Yi’an, he was in no position to go against his superior’s orders either.

He then said, “You might not know this but you’re in huge trouble!”

“Oh… is that so?”

The staff member was anxious on Gu Yi’an’s behalf even though the latter was extremely calm.

“Did you know that visitor is one of the prominent figures in Emperor City?!”

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