Chapter 271: The Joy of Revival

As Guan Zixuan approached Xia Zi, she suddenly stood up and started hitting herself.

It’s my fault, all my fault! If I wasn’t so adamant, Xia Xinsheng would not have had to make those daily trips just to send food over. She was only trying to make up for what she did in the past, but I pretended not to see anything. It’s all my fault!

Xia Zi could kill herself over this.

Guan Zixuan’s eyes reddened as he watched Xia Zi hit herself. He hugged her tight.

“A’zi, don’t do that. It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault!”

Xia Zi looked towards the morgue as she cried out, “Mum! I should’ve forgiven you. This wouldn’t have happened if I forgave you earlier...”

Her tears were unstoppable.

When Mo Suqing heard about what happened to Xia Xinsheng at the hospital, she almost passed out again.

Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue saw Xia Zi and Guan Zixuan on the ground just as they arrived at the morgue.

Mo Suqing cried out, “Mum...”

She then passed out in Ye Zhongjue’s arms. She was already pretty frail to begin with, and the emotional blows that rained down upon her in these few days only served to frazzle her further.

Xia Zi and Guan Zixuan turned when they heard Mo Suqing, but all they saw was Ye Zhongjue leaving as he carried her in his arms.

Guan Zixuan was still holding Xia Zi, but she shot up from the ground suddenly.

She looked at one of the hospital staff somewhere in the distance and said, “I’d like to see the victim!”

There was a tiny glimmer of hope in her heart that the victim might not be Xia Xinsheng!

Why were the heavens so cruel? I just found my mum, and we haven’t even had the chance to really spend any time together.

How could she leave me like this? What should I do without her?

Xia Zi followed the staff into the morgue. A body covered in white cloth was presented in front of her shortly.

I want to see her body even if she’s really dead. I can’t accept this reality just like that.

Guan Zixuan stood close to her, afraid that she might pass out.

He knew Xia Zi well. Although she looked cold and aloof on the outside, she was like an innocent child on the inside. The walls she built around her were simply very thick.

Xia Zi reached out to look at the body, but what she saw stunned her and Guan Zixuan.

It wasn’t Xia Xinsheng!

A sliver of hope flashed past both their faces as they exchanged looks.

Xia Zi grabbed the staff near her and said, “This isn’t my mum, you guys have got the wrong person. Where’s my mum? Is there only one fatality today?”

The staff was shocked by this, but she was able to react quickly to calm Xia Zi down.

“Please let go of me. If this isn’t her, then she should be fine. There was only one victim sent to hospital today.”

Xia Zi started weeping tears of joy.

She hugged Guan Zixuan. “Zixuan, did you hear that? Mum is fine, she’s fine. Let’s go look for her!”

After they left the morgue, what they saw stopped them in their tracks.

Xia Xinsheng was sitting on the ground covered with blood, the lunchbox still in her hand. She was staring at the empty air near the entrance of an operation room.

Xia Zi rushed to her and hugged Xia Xinsheng. “Mum!”

When she realized that Xia Xinsheng did not react after she called out to her twice, she started checking if Xia Xinsheng was injured. “Mum, are you hurt? Are you injured? Tell me. I’ll take you to the doctor now!”

Xia Zi tugged at Xia Xinsheng as she tried to get her to emergency, but the latter simply stayed seated on the ground.

This was the first time Guan Zixuan saw Xia Zi this flustered. He pulled on her. “A’zi, let’s ask Mum what happened first?”

Still in tears, Xia Zi collected herself and asked in concern, “Mum, don’t scare me like that. What happened to you? I just found you, so please don’t abandon me like this!”

She then hugged Xia Xinsheng again. All Guan Zixuan could do was to pat her on the back in an attempt to comfort her.

“Mum, what happened? Do you know that we’ve been searching for you all day? Suqing passed out because she thought something had happened to you.”

Xia Xinsheng started to come out of her reverie. She looked up at Guan Zixuan and then at Xia Zi before she started explaining what happened.

“A’zi… Zixuan...”

She turned away in pain. “The victim earlier, it was because of me that she died! She died!”

Xia Xinsheng then hugged A’zi as she started weeping.

Guan Zixuan and Xia Zi were surprised by this. That person got into an accident because of Mum?

They looked at each other in confusion as they waited for Xia Xinsheng to continue her explanation.

What happened was that Xia Xinsheng was very distracted in the morning when she went out as all she could think about was getting Mo Suqing’s and Xia Zi’s forgiveness.

She did not check if it was alright for pedestrians to cross the road and she simply continued on her journey.

A car was coming right at her, and according to Xia Xinsheng, a lady tried to save her and she got hit instead.

If it wasn’t for that lady, the one lying in the morgue now would be Xia Xinsheng.

She kept mumbling to herself that she was the one who caused the lady’s death.

Though Xia Zi was relieved that Xia Xinsheng was fine, she felt bad for that lady, especially when all she did was try to save her mother.

Guan Zixuan went to check on the victim’s identity and found out that the lady was in a similar situation to Xia Xinsheng in that she was also bringing food for someone in the hospital. What was different was that the lady was about to visit her daughter-in-law who was about to give birth.

According to what Guan Zixuan had found out, that lady had been living a rather difficult life in the village she was from. Her son and daughter-in-law bought a house here in Emperor City and since her grandchild was about to be born, she moved over so that she could take care of the baby.

A woman like that could actually give up her life for someone else when she had so many things to live for.

Xia Zi fell silent when she heard this from Guan Zixuan, and it made Xia Xinsheng feel even worse.

They compensated the woman’s son with a huge sum of money, but they knew very well that no amount of money would be able to absolve them of their guilt. A life had been lost!

Mo Suqing grabbed Ye Zhongjue when she woke up. “Where’s Mum! Where’s she! Jue, tell me it’s not true. It’s just a nightmare!”

Ye Zhongjue hugged her gently. “Don’t panic, dear. Mum is fine. She and Xia Zi are right outside!”

This stunned Mo Suqing. She looked at Ye Zhongjue with suspicion. “Jue, you’re not lying, are you? Before I passed out, I remember...”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head. “It wasn’t her. Mum was saved by someone else, and the victim was someone else. Mum dropped her phone at the time, so the staff thought that it belonged to the victim, which led to all this confusion.”

Mo Suqing did not know what to say.

She frowned and looked at him. “Jue, you’re not making this up just to console me, are you!”

Ye Zhongjue continued holding her. “Silly dear, why would I? These things can’t be kept a secret forever. I’m not lying, but Mum isn’t in a good mood now since she blames herself for causing the victim’s death. Xia Zi is with her and they’re outside. Guan Mingchang would probably be arriving soon. The doctor said you have to take good care of yourself. Try not to be too overwhelmed with your emotions, okay?”

Mo Suqing nodded, but she was still uneasy. “Jue, I want to see Mum. I’m very uneasy!”

Ye Zhongjue then picked her up to carry her out of the room.

She spotted Xia Xinsheng a short distance away once she opened the door.

Usually elegant and poised, she was now curled up in Xia Zi’s arms like a little child.

Mo Suqing never thought that she would see this side of her mother. It felt as if her mother needed someone there to protect her.

Mo Suqing closed the door. She suddenly felt pained, as if someone had just sliced off a chunk of her flesh.

She knew for a fact that there was no way she could hate her mother forever. Her mother would always have a special place in her heart.

She did hate her mother when she found out that Xia Xinsheng left because she couldn’t take the pressure, but now, all she wanted was to spend time with Xia Xinsheng.

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