Chapter 270: Xia Xinsheng’s Death

The next day.

Guan Zixuan was about to go get lunch for Xia Zi and he saw Xia Xinsheng enter the hospital. Xia Xinsheng was holding a lunchbox and looked like she was heading towards Xia Zi’s ward.

Guan Zixuan wondered to himself, Did she bring lunch?

Seeing Guan Zixuan, Xia Xinsheng stopped and asked, “Are you about to go get lunch?”

“Mm!” Guan Zixuan nodded.

Xia Xinsheng raised the lunchbox and said, “You don’t have to do that. I’ll prepare it and send it over to you guys.”

His brows furrowed. She’ll prepare it?

Although Xia Xinsheng would cook from time to time, his father did not want her to tire herself out too much, so he rarely let her enter the kitchen. Guan Zixuan did not expect that Xia Xinsheng would actually bring lunch for them.

Seeing the stunned Guan Zixuan, she said, “Let’s go, Zixuan. A’zi just woke up and soup will be nourishing for her. It’s not good if her meals are too oily either. It’s better if I prepare the food, I can make something that’s lighter on the palate.”

Guan Zixuan realized what she meant by lighter on the palate when Xia Xinsheng opened the lunchbox. There were two bowls of porridge, one with lean meat and century egg, the other with grains and nuts. Apart from these, there were a few side dishes as well. It seemed like Xia Xinsheng had woken up really early to prepare these.

He said, “Mum, A’zi and I can’t finish all of these. How about I bring some to Suqing? She needs to have nourishing meals too.”

Xia Xinsheng smiled. “There’s no need to do that. I’ve prepared a meal that’s suitable for pregnant women and already sent that over to her.”

Guan Zixuan was surprised to hear this. This would mean that she had to have woken up extremely early today to prepare all the food for the three of us.

She probably felt guilty towards Mo Suqing and Xia Zi.

Though she treated him well, they were not related by blood. His biological mother only left that company to him, and she did not seem to care much about him over the years either.

Guan Zixuan suddenly felt envious.

But he shook his head to clear his mind of these thoughts. Did I just feel envious of my stepmother and wife?

He wanted to wake Xia Zi up for lunch but Xia Xinsheng stopped him. “Zixuan, wait!”

He looked at her in confusion. She then explained, “Zixuan, I think it’s better that I leave. Wake her up after I’m gone. A’zi… she… probably doesn’t want to see me.”

Xia Xinsheng glanced at Xia Zi one more time before turning to leave.

As Guan Zixuan looked at her departing figure, he did not realize Xia Zi had moved.

Xia Zi had always been a light sleeper and she would wake up at the slightest disturbance.

But just as Xia Xinsheng said, Xia Zi did not want to see her, or rather, and Xia Zi did not know how to face her right now.

Maybe it’s best like this.

Guan Zixuan woke Xia Zi up after his stepmother left, but he did not tell her that the food had actually been prepared by Xia Xinsheng.

It was only when Mo Suqing visited Xia Zi in the afternoon did Xia Zi realize that Mo Suqing was unaware that Xia Xinsheng was the one who prepared lunch for her.

This continued for an entire week.

Xia Xinsheng would arrive early in the morning and leave after sending the food.

Although both Xia Zi and Mo Suqing were already aware, they still felt rather awkward about the situation and did not know how to approach Xia Xinsheng about this.

On the morning of the ninth day.

Mo Suqing was discharged after one week of bedrest.

Though her wound had scabbed over, Xia Zi was still warded as Guan Zixuan refused to let her move around too much.

On this very day, Xia Xinsheng had yet to send lunch over. She would usually have already arrived two hours ago. Worried, Guan Zixuan called his father only for him to hear that Xia Xinsheng had already left the house early in the morning.

Anxious, Guan Zixuan tried calling Xia Xinsheng, but no one answered.

Xia Xinsheng had yet to arrive when Mo Suqing came to visit Xia Zi. At this point, Guan Zixuan decided that he could not keep this from the both of them any further and finally told them that Xia Xinsheng had yet to send lunch over.

Xia Zi shot up and stared at him. “Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

She immediately went to change, planning to personally go look for Xia Xinsheng. Mo Suqing dashed out of the ward right after Guan Zixuan spoke, and Guan Zixuan could not stop either of them.

He then realized that this pair of sisters simply refused to admit that they cared deeply about their mother.

He made a few calls and sent his men to locate Xia Xinsheng as he followed Xia Zi, trying to comfort her.

Xia Zi thought that Xia Xinsheng simply stopped coming over because she was almost fully recovered.

She suddenly hated herself for not forgiving her mother. If she could see her mother again, she would definitely share all her troubles with her.

She never thought that she would actually be able to meet her biological mother after finding Mo Suqing, her twin sister.

She could not bear to hold a grudge against her own mother forever, but at the same time, she was not yet ready to entirely forgive her.

Xia Zi buried her face in her hands. Guan Zixuan took her in an embrace as he tried to console her.

“A’zi, I’m not trying to stop you from looking for Mum, but your injury has yet to heal fully. Please take care of yourself. Suqing is looking for her, and I’ve also sent men to search for her. I believe that nothing will happen to Mum.”

Xia Zi sniffed as she lay her head against his chest.

The mobile phone in the ward rang suddenly.

Guan Zixuan saw that it was Xia Xinsheng calling and answered it right away.

However, the voice on the other end was an unfamiliar one.

“Hello, this is the Second Hospital in Emperor City. May I ask if you’re the family of the patient?”

Guan Zixuan paled as he heard this. He nodded and said, “Yes, yes I am. Where’s the owner of the phone now?”

“Well, the owner of this phone has passed away from an accident. My condolences. Please come to the hospital to confirm the identity of the body.”

This stunned Guan Zixuan. He stood rooted to the ground at the news. Dead? She passed away? How is that possible? How could that happen?

He turned to Xia Zi, who was now staring at him. She looked even paler than when she had sustained that knife injury.

Guan Zixuan found it hard to speak. “A’zi...”

Xia Zi reached out a hand. “Don’t!”

She turned away as her tears started falling.

Her listening skills were impeccable and she had a feeling of foreboding when Guan Zixuan answered the call, and the phone call just confirmed her greatest fear. Her tears were unstoppable.

Guan Zixuan hugged her tight. “A’zi, don’t cry. Let’s go over and take a look. They might have made a mistake!”

He was trying to console Xia Zi, but at the same time, his words served to console himself as well.

Guan Zixuan was unable to reach Guan Mingchang since he was in a meeting, so he and Xia Zi rushed over to the Second Hospital.

When they were on the way, Mo Suqing called him to ask if he had any news about Xia Xinsheng.

After a moment of contemplation, Guan Zixuan decided to keep it from Mo Suqing. “Mum is in the Second Hospital now. Xia Zi and I are heading over. Suqing, you can come over with Ye Zhongjue a little later. You’re pregnant now so take care of yourself, okay?”

Mo Suqing tensed. “Hospital? Why would my mother be in the hospital? What happened? Zixuan, can you explain?”

He then heard Mo Suqing tell Ye Zhongjue to head for the Second Hospital on the other end of the phone.

“Suqing, don’t be overly anxious. You have a baby to take care of. Come over and we’ll talk later, okay?”

Nothing could be heard but the dial tone after he spoke.

He put down the phone and drove to the Second Hospital.

Before he could even park his car properly, Xia Zi dashed out and rushed into the hospital building.

He followed closely after her.

Xia Zi headed straight for the morgue to ask about the accident victims who had been sent here.

The nurse gave her Xia Xinsheng’s phone and said, “The patient was already very weak when she arrived, and the doctors were unable to save her. I heard that she was carrying a lunchbox at the time. She was probably sending food over to somebody else.”

The nurse then shook her head. “Miss, my condolences.”

Xia Zi felt all the strength draining from her at that very moment.

Xia Xinsheng left nine years ago because of an accident, and although she did not go through the pain at the time, she could fully understand how Mo Suqing felt.

After spending most of her life with Qiqi, she was finally able to meet her mother and her sister. Why did the heavens have to play such a cruel joke on me? Why did they have to take my mother away just when I found her?!

When Guan Zixuan rushed over, he saw Xia Zi with a sorrowful expression, looking into the empty air as she stood right outside the morgue.

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