Chapter 269: Having A Lot to Learn

Guan Mingchang and Xia Xinsheng heard voices coming from Xia Zi’s ward when they approached the room.

They knocked on the door and entered when a voice told them to come in.

Xia Zi had already woken up by now and she seemed to gaze deeply at Xia Xinsheng. This made the older woman emotional. Xia Zi knows the truth, or else, she wouldn’t have reacted this way.

She would definitely blame me. It’s my fault. I’ve not done my duty as a mother and I’ve put her through so much suffering. I couldn’t even recognize her when we’ve met so many times.

Silence filled the air as Xia Xinsheng trembled.

She then spoke with a hint of guilt in her voice. “A’zi...”

Fleeting emotion passed in Xia Zi’s eyes, but she was able to put on a poker face almost immediately. She looked at the older woman and said, “Hi, Auntie!”

Her attitude and politeness made Xia Xinsheng’s heart clench. This is all my fault, and I’m just reaping what I sowed.

Upset, she looked at her daughter. “A’zi, don’t be like this. It’s Mum’s fault. I really didn’t know. I wouldn’t have treated you like that otherwise. Please forgive me, please? I won’t meddle in your relationship with Zixuan anymore!”

Xia Zi remained placid and spoke with a hint of sarcasm. “Oh… Then I’ll have to thank Auntie for this. It doesn’t matter whether you meddle in it or not, and thanks for coming over to visit. Goodbye!”

Xia Zi had made it very clear that she wanted Xia Xinsheng to leave. This was a huge blow to the older woman. None of my daughters are willing to forgive me. I brought this upon myself!

Guan Mingchang gave a heavy sigh. He knew that it would take some time for Xia Zi and Mo Suqing to accept this reality and it was not easy for them to forgive her so quickly either.

He looked at Guan Zixuan and said, “I’ll take your mum back. Take care of Xia Zi. We’ll come again tomorrow.”

Guan Zixuan nodded and remained silent.

He knew that apart from Xia Zi, his stepmother was also hurting. But A’zi was still his priority.

Xia Xinsheng turned to take one last look at Xia Zi before leaving.

Xia Zi fell silent after the couple left.

Guan Zixuan understood that what she needed was some alone time.

He stood up and said, “A’zi, I’ll get some food for you. Don’t move around and stay in bed, okay?”

Xia Zi ignored him and Guan Zixuan could only sigh at this.

When he left the hospital, he passed by Mo Suqing’s ward on purpose and saw Ye Zhongjue saying something to his wife.

Mo Suqing’s frown turned into a smile immediately after listening to what Ye Zhongjue said.

Guan Zixuan shook his head at this. Seems like I have a lot to learn from Ye Zhongjue.

He then left quickly to get lunch.

When Luo Qiqi entered Xia Zi’s ward, she was nowhere to be found. But both she and Ye Zhongjue received a text message from Xia Zi saying that she wanted to go out for some fresh air.

They knew that she was in a bad mood, so taking a walk outside may just help!

Guan Zixuan saw Xia Zi standing in front of the window when he returned.

“A’zi, didn’t I tell you to stay in bed? Why are you moving around? What if your wound tears?”

Xia Zi laughed. “I’m not that weak. It’s just that I’ve lost too much blood, which is why I slept for a day. I know my condition, and I just wanted to walk a bit!”

As Guan Zixuan watched her, he was reminded of how Ye Zhongjue made Mo Suqing laugh.

He found a few jokes online and wanted to share them with Xia Zi.

He walked her back to the bed and opened the lunchboxes as he said, “Have some food while I tell you a few jokes, okay?”

Xia Zi’s silence was a bit disappointing, but he pressed on.

“Everyone in the classroom celebrated when a blackout happened at night. Xiaoming took out a handheld torch and they saw someone standing at the door. He yelled, Damn! Who’s that idiot standing there? But the lights came back on at this moment, and everyone realized that it was the teacher standing there with a dreadful expression...”

Guan Zixuan stole a glance at Xia Zi and realized that she had absolutely no reaction to what he just said.

Disappointment flashed across his face once again. He frowned as he watched Xia Zi, who was now eating her porridge. He then said, “Not funny? I’ll tell you another one!”

Seeing how excited he looked, Xia Zi looked down and did not interrupt him.

He then continued. “A wife asked her husband, Do you know why the male private part is called a pecker? The husband shook his head and said he didn’t know. His wife then looked upon him in disdain and said, How can you not know this as a man! He then asked her, Do you know? The wife then said, Males initially have three eggs, and only one of them would turn into a pecker! The husband was speechless at this...”

Xia Zi turned to look at Guan Zixuan.

Seeing Xia Zi’s gaze on him, he asked, “Not funny? How about I tell you one more?”

She shook her head. “Zixuan, there’s no need to do this to yourself. I’m in a bad mood because everything happened too suddenly. I need time to accept things, to get used to them. There’s really no need for you to do this. I… I’m really fine.”

Guan Zixuan acted like a child who just made a mistake. “Did I annoy you, A’zi?”

She shook her head again. “No, you didn’t. I won’t find you annoying. I’m really happy that you care about me. I just found out that your stepmother is my biological mother, and I want to forgive her too, but I can’t get over everything so quickly.”

Guan Zixuan took the bowl from her and hugged her.

“A’zi, let’s get married after you’ve recovered. Okay?”

Xia Zi looked up. “Are you proposing to me now?”

This stunned Guan Zixuan. This was a proposal. Why did I propose in such a way? Am I dumb?

He held her hands tight and knelt down on one knee. “A’zi, I’m really fortunate to have met you in this life. I’m just grateful to the heavens for letting us meet five years ago. I’ve fallen deeply for you. I love you more than I love myself. It hurt me so much to see you take that knife meant for me. I should be the one protecting you. It doesn’t matter who you were in the past. To me, you’re my princess. I love you. Will you marry me? A’zi!”

Xia Zi never thought that Guan Zixuan would propose to her in such a fashion. This reminded her of how Ye Zhongjue proposed. He seemed to have proposed in a hospital as well.

She smiled at how things could be so similar.

Guan Zixuan watched her in trepidation, waiting for her agreement.

Xia Zi could not bear to reject him like this. Furthermore, she had already decided that he was the one she would be with.

“Yes, I’ll marry you!”

Guan Zixuan shot up and hugged Xia Zi in his joy. He just wanted to snuggle her and keep her in his embrace forever.

“A’zi, we’ll get married after you’re recovered, okay?”

He could no longer wait. He wanted to tell the entire world that this woman belonged to him, and that she could only belong to him in this life.

Xia Zi smiled at him. “Okay. We’ll get ready for our wedding after I get discharged.”

Hearing this, Guan Zixuan heaved a sigh of relief. However, he was suddenly reminded of what Mo Suqing said to him previously.

“Would you still marry me if Suqing disagrees?”

Xia Zi frowned at this and asked, “She said something to you?”

Guan Zixuan nodded. “She blamed me for not protecting you well. She said she regretted sending you here...”

“I think my sister would respect my decision. She said all that because she’s worried about me, and she doesn’t want to see me get hurt. She’s blaming herself for not taking care of me. I understand that, so you don’t have to feel guilty over it. I’ll talk to her about it.”

Guan Zixuan sighed in relief. The excitement of getting married then took over and he started talking about how they should plan their wedding.

Xia Zi’s heart bloomed with happiness as she watched him all excited like a little child...

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