Chapter 268: Needless Compensation

Guan Mingchang consoled Xia Xinsheng as she continued to cry. “Xinsheng, don’t overthink it. A’zi has always been fortunate. She was abducted when she was only two, but she still managed to survive and grow up. I believe she’ll be able to pull through this time. Let’s not meddle in their marriage after this. The kids won’t blame you, and we can slowly work on fixing our relationship with them. Don’t do this to yourself, okay?”

Xia Xinsheng sniffed and looked up at him. “You really don’t mind it if A’zi gets married to Zixuan?”

Guan Mingchang  smiled. “You’re the most important. Nothing else matters to me. Anyway, there are already three votes for Xia Zi and Zixuan to get together now. There’s no use even if I disagree!”

This made Xia Xinsheng laugh, but her eyes were still red and swollen.

“I won’t ever make things difficult for her again. A’zi had gone through so much and I’ve also tried so hard to look for her. Now that I’ve found her, I’ll ensure that she’ll not suffer anymore!”

Guan Mingchang then said, “Somebody else would probably be doing that!”

Surprised, Xia Xinsheng asked in confusion, “Who?”

“Who else but that son of mine. A’zi’s life is more important to him than his own!”

Xia Xinsheng smiled at this. “A’zi is lucky. They’re fortunate to have met each other!”

Guan Mingchang nodded. “Let’s not meddle in their affairs anymore!”

Xia Xinsheng then said, “Right, Suqing is still at the hospital. I want to see her! The doctor said she’s pregnant. I want to take care of her and A’zi even if she doesn’t forgive me.”

Guan Mingchang nodded again. “That’s right. Don’t be too upset over things. It hurts me too!”

Xia Xinsheng laughed and the both of them headed back to the hospital.

At the hospital.

Ye Zhongjue did not tell Mo Suqing that Xia Xinsheng had already left.

He knew that Mo Suqing would feel worse if she found out Xia Xinsheng had left. Even though she put up a front and acted like she never wanted to see her mother, he knew very well that she still cared deeply for Xia Xinsheng.

Ye Zhongjue helped Mo Suqing peel a banana but she froze when he passed it to her.

He frowned before realizing that Mo Suqing was actually looking at Guan Mingchang and Xia Xinsheng, who were now standing at the door.

Why are they here?

It was the first time Ye Zhongjue saw Guan Mingchang in person. He did not want to be rude, especially when Mo Suqing’s mother was there too.

Guan Mingchang held a basket of fruits in one hand, and it was obvious they were here to visit Mo Suqing.

Ye Zhongjue stole a quick glance at Mo Suqing before inviting them inside. “Come on in!”

Guan Mingchang placed the basket of fruits on the table while Ye Zhongjue moved two chairs over. Xia Xinsheng did not want to sit at first, but under Mo Suqing’s watchful eyes and after some convincing from Guan Mingchang, she decided to take a seat eventually.

She had been standing for most of the day, and Guan Mingchang did not want her to feel too fatigued.

Xia Xinsheng’s eyes never left Mo Suqing.

Silence filled the air for a while before Mo Suqing spoke. “Why are you here?”

At this, Xia Xinsheng’s tears almost escaped her, but she forced herself to tamp down her emotions as she answered. “I’ve been at the door since morning, but I didn’t dare come in. I was afraid that you would hate me, and I also knew that you would hold a grudge against me. I really didn’t have much of a choice back then. I couldn’t even take care of myself. If I continued staying in the Mo family, your father would only dislike you more. I know that Bai Lian had a daughter too, and I thought that your father is unlikely to leave you in the lurch even if I left. This was why I never contacted you throughout the years. I really didn’t know that you had to go through so much...”

Mo Suqing gave a mocking laugh as she looked at the guilt on Xia Xinsheng’s face. “Yes! He wouldn’t have done anything to me, he didn’t abuse me, and the most he did was just to make me feel like an outsider in my own home. Haven’t you heard? He decided to transfer all his assets to me and A’zi eventually. But we don’t need all that...”

She then paused before continuing, “Familial love is the most important thing to me, but he had never given that to me. I felt like an object, just a commodity that was of use to him. I had been upset over it and I’ve struggled against it, but I still had to accept that it was the reality, that such a person was my father. To others, it may seem that he cares. He bought me a car, but I don’t want that. He let me stay in the house, and if I wanted to move out, he’d get a place for me. But I didn’t want to accept any of that. I felt that if I accepted any of it, it meant that I'd have accepted him as a father. I don’t want such fatherly love that can only be measured in monetary value!”

Concerned that Mo Suqing would get too worked up, Ye Zhongjue got her a glass of water and patted her on the back to soothe her.

Mo Suqing did not cry even though she was upset.

She looked at Xia Xinsheng and said, “I know you want to fix our relationship, but I just want to be clear on this. Please don’t use such methods, because it would only make me hate you more. You can go!”

She then tucked herself under the blanket right after.

Ye Zhongjue shook his head at this. He had expected something like this to happen because he knew Mo Suqing would not be able to accept the truth in such a short time.

Upset, Xia Xinsheng looked at Mo Suqing who was curled up under the blanket. I never wanted any of this to happen, but things just turned out this way.

What do I do? What should I do? She refuses to accept me!

Guan Mingchang held her by the shoulder to comfort her. He never expected Mo Suqing to be this harsh when she looked so frail on the outside.

She does take after Xia Xinsheng a little in this aspect.

When she was younger, Xia Xinsheng was the type of girl who looked frail on the outside but was actually extremely resilient on the inside. Now that she was older, she looked like a strong and hardy woman. Even so, his feelings for her would never change.

The door opened just as the older couple were about to leave and Luo Qiqi walked in with lunch. She did not expect to see the two of them inside.

By reading the air in the room, she could already guess what just happened.

She smiled and nodded at them before entering the ward.

The older couple acknowledged her and left shortly.

Xia Xinsheng looked at Luo Qiqi with eyes full of warmth. She knew that Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi were as close as sisters, and they had always been with each other for all these years.

She wondered how Xia Zi would turn out if it wasn’t for a friend like her, so she was grateful to Luo Qiqi for being such a loyal friend.

Xia Xinsheng could not understand why Luo Qiqi felt so indignant for Xia Zi earlier, but she understood it now. It was only when you really cared for someone would you feel so upset.

Luo Qiqi shivered after the couple left.

She spoke without realizing that Mo Suqing was trembling under her blanket.

“That woman treated my A’zi so horribly in the past. I confronted her previously, but her attitude changed so much now that she found out it’s her daughter. I’m just speechless at this!”

Ye Zhongjue watched Mo Suqing’s trembling figure and he knew right away that she was crying under the blanket. All that harshness from earlier was just a front. She cared about everything that her mother said and did.

If she did not care, why would she have shot him when she learnt that he was the one who hit Xia Yanran in that accident?

Ye Zhongjue gave a bitter smile and spoke sternly, “Qiqi, stop it!”

He looked at Mo Suqing as a signal to Luo Qiqi, and it was only then did she realize Mo Suqing’s trembling figure.

Luo Qiqi stuck out her tongue and looked at Ye Zhongjue apologetically. “Bro, sorry!”

She spoke so softly that Ye Zhongjue couldn’t hear her, but he knew what she was trying to say, so he simply waved to dismiss her. Luo Qiqi placed the food on the table before escaping the room quickly.

Outside the ward, Luo Qiqi leaned against the wall of the corridor with a sorrowful expression.

She envied her brother and sister-in-law and the fact that they were still able to remain together after having gone through so much.

She had always been a sucker for love stories like these, but she knew that she would never star in one of these stories.

The scene of Su Jincheng jumping off that cliff replayed itself in her mind’s eye.

It was something that she would never be able to forget.

Xia Xinsheng wiped her tears after she left Mo Suqing’s ward and asked her husband, “Let’s go have a look?” Guan Mingchang nodded in agreement.

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