Chapter 264: Xia Xinsheng’s Identity

The shock on Mo Suqing’s face was apparent.

Xia Xinsheng was equally shocked. She looked at Mo Suqing before glancing at Xia Zi.

Slowly, she walked up to Mo Suqing and asked, “You are… Suqing?”

Tears escaped Mo Suqing instantly. She rushed up to Xia Xinsheng and hugged her tightly. “Mum, I thought eight years ago...”

A flurry of emotions overcame Xia Xinsheng.

Everyone was stunned at this. Surprise was written on everyone’s faces.

If Mo Suqing was Xia Xinsheng’s daughter, was Xia Zi her daughter too?

Ye Zhongjue could not believe it. He thought that he was the one who caused Xia Yanran’s death eight years ago, so he never expected her to be alive and well.

Luo Qiqi’s eyes widened at this. If Xia Xinsheng was Mo Suqing’s mother, then wouldn’t she also be… Xia Zi’s mother?

Fate seemed to like toying with people like this. Xia Xinsheng had been trying so hard to get Xia Zi to leave Guan Zixuan, only to find out that Xia Zi was her daughter.

Guan Zixuan was the one who was in the greatest disbelief. How could the person he addressed as ‘Mum’ all these years be Mo Suqing and Xia Zi’s biological mother?

He called out, “Mum...”

That word was loaded with surprise, shock, disbelief and suspicion.

Xia Xinsheng flinched slightly at Guan Zixuan’s voice, and it made Mo Suqing freeze.

Did Guan Zixuan just address my mother as ‘Mum’?

She turned to look at Guan Zixuan.

“Zixuan, what did you just say?”

Guan Zixuan shut his eyes. Why did fate have to play such a trick on me?

Mo Suqing’s mother is alive, and she has been by my side all this time. He gave a bitter smile and said, “Suqing, this is… the lady you’re hugging right now, she’s my mother, Madam Xia Xinsheng.”

Mo Suqing turned back to the older lady. She felt as if she was in a movie, unable to believe that this was actually happening to her.

She looked at her mother with questioning eyes. There were too many unanswered questions. Why is she Guan Zixuan’s mother now? Didn’t she die eight years ago? Why did she leave me all alone in the Mo family?

Mo Suqing experienced a momentary hatred for her mother, but it passed quickly. It turned into sorrow and joy that her mother was still alive.

She asked, “Mum, can you tell me what happened?”

Xia Xinsheng looked at her and turned to look at Xia Zi, confirming that they had the same features. She shut her eyes in pain. I’ve found my younger daughter, but I actually treated her that way.

Guilt instantly assailed her. But she had to know one thing.

“Suqing… Xia Zi is Ziqin, right?”

She already knew the answer to this, and Mo Suqing’s nod made her feel like her heart was being stabbed. How could I have let this happen?

Mo Suqing continued pressing Xia Xinsheng for answers. “Mum, could you tell me what happened? Why are you in Emperor City? Why didn’t you come looking for me since you’re alive? Don’t you care about me at all!”

Ye Zhongjue walked over to comfort the emotional Mo Suqing, taking her in his arms.

Luo Qiqi did not know what to make of this entire situation and she wondered how Xia Xinsheng felt about this. She remembered that she had found Ye Zhongjue rather familiar the first time she saw him.

Though Guan Zixuan could already put the pieces together, he was still shocked. He walked to Xia Zi’s bedside and took her hand in his.

Xia Xinsheng shut her eyes and wiped her tears as they escaped.

She spoke with a trembling voice. “Nine years have passed! I don’t want to talk about it again.”

“I’ve known Zixuan’s dad for a long time. We were students and we never got together even though we had feelings for each other. This was quite common in those days. We then got married separately, and I married Mo Zhenfeng. That was my greatest regret in this life.”

“Suqing!” Xia Xinsheng continued, “Mum loves you, but I was afraid to face you. Do you understand? Every time I see you, I get reminded of how Mo Zhenfeng betrayed me. We had been married for such a long time, and he betrayed my trust when I was heavily pregnant.”

“He even kept it from me for so long. If it weren’t for Bai Lian who came knocking on our door, I would never have known that he was already having an affair. Emotions were running high and I didn’t expect that I would get into an accident. Only when I arrived at the hospital did I realize that it was all Bai Lian’s trap. Bai Lian wanted to kill me. It was fortunate that Zixuan’s father, Guan Mingchang, witnessed the accident. He followed the ambulance to the hospital and found out that Bai Lian was in cahoots with the doctor and that they were trying to kill me. He wanted to take me away at first, but I refused to leave.”

“I told him that I wanted to leave everything, I begged him to take me away and fake my death. Of course, I didn’t know that he loved me then. To help me, he used facial prosthetics so that others would think that the body was mine, and we successfully left the hospital. Xia Yanran died then, and I changed my name to Xia Xinsheng. There was no way I could return to my past life.”

“I wanted to give up on my past and start anew...”

Mo Suqing asked in tears, “And you chose to give up on me too?”

It hurt Xia Xinsheng to see Mo Suqing so upset. She shook her head and said, “Suqing, it’s not like that. I never thought of giving you up, but I didn’t want to return to that pain. I changed my name to Xia Xinsheng [1] so that I can have a new life, to be reborn. Suqing...”

Mo Suqing shut her eyes, but her tears would not stop.

Feeling betrayed, she asked with a trembling voice, “Then why didn’t you change your surname too? Why didn’t you just undergo cosmetic surgery and change how you looked forever? If you wanted to be reborn, you should have done it properly so that I would never have been able to recognize you, ever! Why did you have to do all that!”

Xia Xinsheng was crying too.

“Suqing, I never expected to meet you in Emperor City...”

This made Mo Suqing angry. Ye Zhongjue could feel the anger emanate from her as he held her in his arms.

“It’s not that you didn’t expect it. You didn’t even think it possible that you’d meet me again in this life, someone that reminded you of all the pain you went through. And you would definitely not have expected that Guan Zixuan would fall for your daughter, Mo Ziqin. You’re not my mother, you’re not...”

Mo Suqing shook her head as she cried. “My mother would never do this to me, she would never...”

The sudden rush of emotions was too much for her and she passed out.

It was fortunate that Ye Zhongjue was holding her. He caught her as she fell. “Suqing!”

He glared at Xia Xinsheng and scooped Mo Suqing up in his arms to look for a doctor.

Luo Qiqi glanced at Guan Zixuan who was now at Xia Zi’s bedside before chasing after Ye Zhongjue.

Xia Xinsheng followed behind them and cried out, “Suqing...”

Luo Qiqi could tell that Xia Xinsheng loved Mo Suqing, and she wondered how much suffering Xia Xinsheng had gone through for her to decide to cut off all ties with her children.

It was obvious that she cared for Mo Suqing deeply, but why did she not contact her daughter in all these years? Judging from Guan Zixuan’s reaction, it did not seem like Xia Xinsheng had attempted to contact Mo Suqing at all.

Whatever it was, she did not do her duty well as a mother.

It was thus well within reason for Mo Suqing to react like that.

Mo Suqing was sent to emergency and Ye Zhongjue’s expression was cold as ice.

Seeing Ye Zhongjue, Xia Xinsheng heaved an inward sigh of relief, happy that her daughter had found someone she could rely on. It was obvious that he was true to her, and that was really all a mother would ask for. Though she might not have done her duties well as a mother, she still hoped for the best for Mo Suqing.

Anxious, Ye Zhongjue turned to Xia Xinsheng and said icily, “You’d better hope that she’s fine, or else...”

He then turned away from her. No one is allowed to hurt Mo Suqing, not even her biological mother.

She had not fulfilled her duties as a mother, and he could not stand the fact that Mo Suqing had collapsed because of her. He just wanted Mo Suqing to be safe right now.

The door to the emergency room opened and Ye Zhongjue rushed forward. The lady doctor sounded displeased as she asked, “Are you the family of the patient?”

Ye Zhongjue nodded at this. “Yes, I am!”

“She’s pregnant. Are you taking care of her well? She’s extremely fatigued and the sudden rush of emotions had caused her to pass out. You call yourself a good husband like this?”

The doctor’s words were like a bolt from the blue for Ye Zhongjue.

[1] The characters used for ‘Xinsheng’ literally translates to ‘new life’.

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