Chapter 263: Guan Zixuan’s Situation

Mo Suqing stopped only when they reached the far end of the corridor. She turned and regarded Guan Zixuan sternly.

“Zixuan, I’m wondering if I made a mistake by asking A’zi to come to Emperor City to look for you. Should I not have done anything? A’zi was initially...”

Guan Zixuan was flustered at this.

He cut her off and said, “Suqing, hear me out. A’zi is my life. I would go looking for her even if she doesn’t come over. I’d rather be the one getting hurt. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. This will never happen again!”

Mo Suqing shook her head as she listened to Guan Zixuan. “Zixuan, how can I trust you on this? A’zi is my sister, she’s the only relative I have left in this world. I won’t bet her future on this! Let’s say she’s fine this time, then what about next time? How are you going to guarantee anything!”

Guan Zixuan looked forlorn. “Suqing...”

Mo Suqing turned away from him. “Zixuan, you don’t have to say anything. I’ll talk to A’zi when she wakes up. It’s not that I don’t care about your feelings, but please understand that we’ve just found each other as sisters. I’ve always felt sorry that I wasn’t able to take care of her. No matter what, she’s the priority this time. Don’t think about it too much. I’m going in to see her.”

Guilt flashed across Guan Zixuan’s face once again as he watched Mo Suqing’s departing figure. It’s my fault for not taking care of A’zi well. If I had taken good care of her, this wouldn’t have happened at all.

Mo Suqing was at the bedside with Ye Zhongjue beside her when Guan Zixuan entered the ward again. Luo Qiqi was still on the sofa.

Guan Zixuan looked at Xia Zi once more before leaving the room quietly.

Mo Suqing sat at Xia Zi’s bedside until daylight. Ye Zhongjue asked her to take a nap, but she simply refused to leave Xia Zi’s side.

Guan Zixuan spent the night on the benches along the corridor, his eyes never leaving the entrance to the ward.

He stood up and entered the ward only when daylight came.

Mo Suqing had fallen asleep at the bedside, and Ye Zhongjue was not in the ward when she woke up.

Luo Qiqi saw Mo Suqing looking at her after she woke up.

She rubbed her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong, Sis-in-law?”

Mo Suqing sounded sleepy as she answered. “I don’t know when I fell asleep, and he’s gone when I woke up!”

Luo Qiqi frowned at this. But the door to the ward opened before she could answer.

She and Mo Suqing looked up to see Guan Zixuan walk in with breakfast. He looked tired as he spoke. “I bought breakfast for you. Have something to eat. I’ll take care of A’zi!”

He then placed the food on the desk in front of the sofa.

Mo Suqing did not know what to say to him. A’zi had yet to wake up, and she felt that Guan Zixuan seemed to be trying to atone for his mistakes by what he just did.

Ye Zhongjue happened to also walk in with breakfast when Luo Qiqi stood up.

At this, Mo Suqing and Luo Qiqi exchanged a glance and smiled at each other.

After having breakfast, Mo Suqing spotted a man walking towards the ward when she took out the trash. It was obvious that this man was heading for Xia Zi’s ward. But she did not recognize the man at all. Could he be a friend of Xia Zi’s?

Mo Suqing decided to stop him. “May I know who you are?”

Guan Zijue frowned slightly, but he realized that she was Xia Zi’s sister upon seeing Mo Suqing.

He then answered, “I’m Guan Zijue, Guan Zixuan’s older brother.”

Ye Zhongjue had told her a bit about the Guan family in the past, so Mo Suqing decided to let him in. “Okay, come on in!”

Guan Zixuan turned and saw his brother when they entered. He thus stood up to greet him immediately. “Bro!”

Guan Zijue glanced at Xia Zi before turning to Guan Zixuan. “Come with me. There’s something I have to tell you!”

Guan Zixuan was rather surprised at this, but he followed his brother out anyway.

They exited the hospital building before Guan Zijue spoke.

“When can Xia Zi wake up?”

Guan Zixuan shook his head at this. “I don’t know. The doctor said that her life isn’t in danger, but she has lost too much blood, so we don’t know when she can actually wake up!”

“That was Xia Zi’s older sister?” Guan Zijue asked with a frown.


“What did she say?” Guan Zijue asked.

What Mo Suqing said to him replayed itself in Guan Zixuan’s mind, but he shook his head.

“She didn’t say much. Just that she’s worried about A’zi.”

For some reason, Guan Zixuan decided not to share what Mo Suqing said to him last night.

Guan Zijue then went straight to the point. “I’m here to check on Xia Zi’s condition today. I’ve handed Su Xiaoran over to the police with the evidence I’ve collected. I’m worried that Lu Ming might do something, so stay alert. Su Xiaoran seems off-kilter. The police have also found that she had been on stimulants recently, and those drugs would only make one hysterical!”

Guan Zijue looked at his brother and asked, “Do you know why I’m telling you all this?”

Guan Zixuan shook his head. “No.”

Guan Zijue turned serious. “Don’t underestimate anyone around you. Don’t think that someone isn’t dangerous because she’s a woman. Take Su Xiaoran for an example. If we had arrested her during that wedding, this wouldn’t have happened! If you want to take care of Xia Zi, you can’t put her in danger. You have to get rid of all the dangers that are around you. Or else, if I was Mo Suqing, I wouldn’t agree to Xia Zi being together with you either!”

Guan Zixuan nodded at this. “It’s my fault this time. Bro, it won’t happen again. I was careless.”

Guan Zijue patted him on the shoulder. “Be careful next time. I have to go back to camp today. Inform me if anything happens with Su Xiaoran. She’s bound to be sentenced to life this time!”

Guan Zixuan looked at his brother. He knew how important that old man was to him. Guan Zijue treated a teammate’s father like his own.

“Bro, don’t worry. I’ll take care of things here. I’ll gain Suqing’s trust and A’zi… will wake up. I’ll make sure everything is fine between her and our family, and I won’t let her get hurt again...”

Guan Zijue nodded and turned to leave.

When Guan Zixuan returned, Mo Suqing and Luo Qiqi looked rather curious. Luo Qiqi wanted to know what he talked about with his brother, and she was dying to know what happened to that Su Xiaoran woman!

Though Mo Suqing looked calm, there was a slight hint of suspicion in her eyes.

Ye Zhongjue was the only one who had a placid expression.

Guan Zixuan looked at Xia Zi and said, “My brother told me that Su Xiaoran has been handed over to the police so there shouldn’t be any problem, and… he said that he’ll be going back to camp.”

Mo Suqing answered with an ‘Oh’ and nothing else.

Guan Zixuan felt awkward after this. He knew that Mo Suqing wanted to know who hurt Xia Zi, but she wouldn’t ask him directly.

He wanted to say more, but didn’t know what else to say.

At this point, the doctor entered to check on Xia Zi. Seeing so many people in the ward, he frowned.

He sounded very stern as he spoke. “The patient needs space. Having too many people in the room affects the air circulation and it isn’t beneficial to the patient. It’s best to have just one person stay!”

The doctor checked on Xia Zi and confirmed that she was recovering well.

Of course, the doctor would never have imagined that Xia Zi had recovered from injuries much worse than this.

Luo Qiqi knew that Xia Zi was strong and could recover well, but she still could not bear to watch her get hurt, especially when Xia Xinsheng refused to accept Xia Zi even when Xia Zi could give up her life for Guan Zixuan.

Luo Qiqi was not going to take this lying down!

The doctor looked at everyone in the room and said, “It’s great that the patient is recovering well, but it’s not good if there are too many people in the room. It’s best if only one person stays!”

He then turned to leave.

Mo Suqing said, “Since the doctor has already said so, all of you can leave. I’ll stay to take care of A’zi!”

Luo Qiqi answered quickly, “Sis-in-law, you and Brother rushed over and didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. Go back and rest. I’ll be here with A’zi.”

Mo Suqing shook her head. “I’d like to take care of her personally. Qiqi, you should understand this. We just found each other...”

Ye Zhongjue then said, “Qiqi, listen to your Sis-in-law. We’ll book two rooms in the opposite hotel, and you can come over when your Sis-in-law goes back to rest.”

All eyes landed on Guan Zixuan after Ye Zhongjue spoke. He then said, “No matter who’s taking care of A’zi, I’ll just stay outside the ward!”

This stunned all of them. No one expected Guan Zixuan to say something like this.

All of them knew that Guan Zixuan had spent the night in the corridor, but Mo Suqing had her guard up against him because he let Xia Zi get hurt this time.

At this moment, the door to the ward opened.

Mo Suqing was shocked when she saw who walked in.


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