Chapter 262: Mo Suqing Arrives in Emperor City

Luo Qiqi shot up from her seat.

“Mrs Guan, your precious son is fine. It’s my A’zi who’s hurt. Happy now? Are you satisfied? She won’t be able to harass Guan Zixuan anymore like that!”

Xia Xinsheng was surprised at how angry Luo Qiqi was. So Xia Zi was the one who got injured. It’s no wonder Guan Zixuan looked so down. But how could Luo Qiqi say such a thing? I was only worried for my son.

She turned and adjusted her expression. “Miss Luo, please don’t make assumptions. I’m just worried about my son. I sympathize with what happened to Xia Zi!”

At this, Luo Qiqi was enraged.

She walked up to Xia Xinsheng. “Sympathize? Why don’t you ask that precious son of yours how A’zi got hurt? If it weren’t for your son, nothing would’ve happened to her! Your son is the one who should be in there now!”

Xia Xinsheng was incensed at Luo Qiqi’s words and the tone she used.

“Audacious! Miss Luo, do you know who you’re talking to? You have no right to talk to me like this. I’m upset that Xia Zi is hurt because of Zixuan, and I’m willing to pay for the treatment so that she can get the best doctors. Is that enough? Did I ask her to take that knife for my son? Why are you cursing Zixuan like this now? What are you trying to do!”

Luo Qiqi was absolutely incensed.

Xia Xinsheng never had someone talk to her like Luo Qiqi did, not even when Guan Zixuan refused to acknowledge her as a mother in the past. He never lost his temper in front of her like that.

She was sorry for Xia Zi and she knew that it was because of Zixuan that she ended up getting hurt, but even so, she felt that Luo Qiqi had no right to say all that.

Guan Zixuan wanted to ignore them at first, but the quarrel was getting too intense for him to turn a blind eye.

He yelled at them, “Enough! A’zi is undergoing surgery now, stop it! Get out if the both of you want to fight!”

When Guan Mingchang saw his son standing outside, he guessed that Xia Zi was very likely the one who got hurt.

But he did not think that Luo Qiqi and Xia Xinsheng would get into a fight right there.

Guan Mingchang walked over to Xia Xinsheng to calm her.

“Zixuan, make sure the doctors try their best. I can look for a specialist if need be. Your mum is emotional because she’s just worried about you. I’ll go out with Mum and buy some food back for the both of you.”

Though she was still very angry, this served to calm Luo Qiqi slightly.

The mobile phone she was holding rang just when she was about to retort.

It was Mo Suqing calling.

She walked out to answer the call.

“Hello, Sis-in-law. This is Qiqi.”

Mo Suqing paused. “Oh, it’s Qiqi? Where’s A’zi?”

Mo Suqing wouldn’t have asked something like this usually since she knew that Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi were literally inseparable, but she just saw the news about the attempted murder at Fengteng Group’s gala dinner.

For some reason, she felt uneasy the entire day and found it hard to relax.

She just needed to know that Xia Zi was fine.

Luo Qiqi wanted to keep it from her at first, but she felt that Mo Suqing would probably have already found something amiss.

It’s probably best for them to know the truth and come over, just in case. I wouldn’t know what to tell Mo Suqing if anything happens to A’zi.

She then answered, “Sis-in-law, don’t panic at the news. A’zi… A’zi is hurt. She’s in surgery right now.”

Mo Suqing almost dropped her phone.

She said, “Take good care of A’zi. Your brother and I will come to Emperor City as soon as we can!”

Mo Suqing ended the call right after.

She stared into the empty air for a while. Ye Zhongjue caught her staring at the air and walked over to her, concerned.

“Dear, what’s wrong? Why are you staring into thin air?”

Mo Suqing turned to him and said, “I just saw a report on an attempted murder that happened during Fengteng’s Group gala dinner. That’s Guan Zixuan’s company. I’ve been feeling uneasy the entire day and something like that actually happened. I called but it was Luo Qiqi who picked up the phone. She told me that A’zi is hurt and she’s in surgery now. Jue, let’s make a trip to Emperor City right away, okay?”

Ye Zhongjue patted her on the back to comfort Mo Suqing.

“Okay. Don’t panic. We can go over and find out what really happened. I believe A’zi will pull through!”

Ye Zhongjue then booked the tickets and began packing.

At Emperor City’s hospital.

Luo Qiqi saw Guan Zixuan curl up into himself against the wall when she walked back into the building. Her anger had more or less dissipated by now and all that was left was worry and concern.

She knew how Guan Zixuan felt, but no one would know how she felt.

She felt that Guan Zixuan did not take care of A’zi well, but she blamed herself at the same time. How could I let her get hurt so badly when I was right there?

Having gone through so much with her, she hoped that A’zi would be able to pull through this time too.

The surgery finally ended after more than two hours.

Before Luo Qiqi could walk over, Guan Zixuan shot up and almost pounced on the doctor.

“How is everything?”

Seeing how worried he looked, Luo Qiqi thought that it might really have been her fault for not taking care of Xia Zi well.

Was I asking too much of him? I wanted Guan Zixuan to do a job that I can’t even do well myself.

The doctor said, “The surgery went well. But the patient has lost too much blood. We did a blood transfusion, but we’re not sure when she’d be able to wake up. Call for me if anything happens.” He then left.

Luo Qiqi walked up and saw Xia Zi being wheeled out of the room. Xia Zi looked like she was in a peaceful sleep, except that her face was devoid of color.

Guan Zixuan followed Xia Zi as she was wheeled into the ward.

Guan Mingchang and Xia Xinsheng arrived shortly after.

Xia Xinsheng glanced at Luo Qiqi before saying, “It’s going to be midnight soon. Have something to eat.”

She knew that she had been too emotional earlier, and she had also heard that Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi were as close as sisters. It was perfectly reasonable for Luo Qiqi to react like she did.

Furthermore, Zixuan was safe. It had not been polite of her to get into a fight with Luo Qiqi earlier.

Luo Qiqi was surprised at the sudden change in Xia Xinsheng’s attitude. She turned away.

“Let Guan Zixuan have the food. I won’t take any. I just want to stay by A’zi’s side!”

There was a subtle change in Xia Xinsheng’s expression, but she did not say anything in response. She simply placed the food at the side.

Guan Mingchang said, “Zixuan, it’s only right that you take care of Xia Zi since she got hurt because of you. Miss Luo, we’re very sorry about what happened to Miss Xia. You can discuss with Zixuan to decide on who accompanies Xia Zi tonight. We’ll come back tomorrow to visit Miss Xia.”

Guan Mingchang did not put on airs and what he said sounded very logical.

Luo Qiqi nodded at this and murmured in acknowledgement.

She looked at Guan Zixuan after his parents left.

“Go take a rest. I’ll take care of A’zi tonight. My brother and Sis-in-law are arriving in Emperor City tomorrow. We don’t have to trouble you after that!”

Guan Zixuan’s face darkened. He knew Luo Qiqi was upset over this, but he never thought that she would want him to leave.

How can I leave when A’zi is hurt!

Getting into a fight with Luo Qiqi will not help matters, because he was the one who did not take care of Xia Zi well.

He took a deep breath and said, “Qiqi, it’s my fault for not taking care of A’zi well this time and letting her get hurt. It won’t happen again. A’zi is hurt. I have to be by her side.”

Luo Qiqi did not want to make things difficult for Guan Zixuan, but she was unable to forgive him as yet. She watched Xia Zi crumple to the ground right in front of her. She was unable to forgive herself, much less Guan Zixuan.

She tried to adjust her expression and said, “Guan Zixuan, there’s no need to do that. I’d like to take care of A’zi myself!”

Guan Zixuan was at a loss for words. He stood in place for a while before saying, “I won’t say anything if you insist on staying. But I won’t leave either!”

Guan Zixuan dragged a chair to the side of the bed and sat on it.

Luo Qiqi then walked over to the sofa in the ward and sat on it. The both of them remained silent like this for quite a while.

Luo Qiqi did not expect Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue to arrive that quickly. They arrived in Emperor City at about three in the morning and headed for the hospital right away.

Mo Suqing saw Luo Qiqi lying on the sofa and Guan Zixuan leaning against the bed when she entered the ward. Being light sleepers, the both of them woke up at the sound.

Guan Zixuan had a look of guilt when he saw Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing said to Ye Zhongjue, “Stay with Qiqi in the ward for a while. I have something to say to Zixuan.”

Ye Zhongjue squeezed her hand and gave her a look of reassurance before he entered the ward, as if he was telling her not to be too emotional.

Guan Zixuan then followed Mo Suqing out of the ward.

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