Chapter 261: Murder at the Gala Dinner

Guan Zixuan hugged Xia Zi closer to him as he answered Lu Ming, “That has nothing to do with you!”

This angered Lu Ming. He took one step forward and said, “Guan Zixuan, there’ll be retribution for you one day for all that you did to the Su family!”

Su Xiaoran followed him as he moved closer to Guan Zixuan. She was now standing directly opposite Guan Zixuan.

A vicious glint flashed past her eyes and the scene of her brother and her father being taken away replayed itself in her mind, intersecting with her memories of seeing her mother lying in a pool of her own blood. She closed her eyes as those painful memories resurfaced. Through gritted teeth, she reached into her LV bag.

Even though Xia Zi reacted very quickly and pushed Guan Zixuan away in the nick of time, the fruit knife ended up being lodged into her abdomen instead. Blood spurted from her wound when Su Xiaoran plucked out the knife.

Xia Zi crumbled to the ground in pain as she held the wound.

Lu Ming stared at the woman beside him incredulously. Why did she do that? Guan Zixuan held Xia Zi tightly as he took in the injury. His eyes were red with anger.

I’m supposed to take care of her, but I let her get hurt! It’s my fault!

He looked up and yelled angrily, “Security! Call 120 and arrest that crazy woman! Move!”

He stared at Su Xiaoran, wishing that he could tear her from limb to limb.

Su Xiaoran did not expect for Xia Zi to jump in front of Guan Zixuan like that. But this did not foil her plans. Hurting Xia Zi meant hurting Guan Zixuan as well!

But this was far from satisfactory. She wanted Guan Zixuan to pay for everything that the Guan family did to her family! She looked at Guan Zixuan with an evil glint, insanity apparent in those eyes of hers.

Seeing that the security was about to arrive soon, she decided to try injuring Guan Zixuan with the fruit knife again. Since I’m about to be caught, I’ll just bring everyone down with me!

Guan Zixuan refused to leave Xia Zi even though there was a knife coming straight for him. He held Xia Zi tight and reached out a hand to block Su Xiaoran’s attack.

This seemed to make Su Xiaoran go even more insane.

Luo Qiqi arrived before the security and kicked the knife out of Su Xiaoran’s hands. Before Su Xiaoran could react, she was already immobilized.

Luo Qiqi was sipping wine in a corner and it was only when Xia Zi crumbled to the ground did she realize that Xia Zi was injured. She wanted to skin Guan Zixuan alive. How dare he let her get hurt like this.

But first, this crazy woman had to be stopped.

Luo Qiqi looked at Su Xiaoran before laughing suddenly. She reached for Su Xiaoran’s facial prosthetics and tore it away.

This shocked Lu Ming. He never knew that it had been Su Xiaoran all along. Su Xiaoran was exposed just like this.

Her expression was dreadful as she tried to struggle free, but Luo Qiqi was not going to let her escape that easily. Luo Qiqi glared at Guan Zixuan as she handed Su Xiaoran over to the security personnel.

Guan Zixuan was stunned when he realized it was Su Xiaoran, but it was only a momentary distraction as his attention went back to Xia Zi.

I’ll kill Su Xiaoran if anything happens to A’zi!

He held Xia Zi tightly, mumbling as the blood continued pouring from her wound. “A’zi, nothing can happen to you. What would I do without you?”

It was heart-wrenching to watch.

The crowd then realized that the wounded lady was who Guan Zixuan had feelings for. They started thinking that Su Xiaoran had really gone insane.

Su Xiaoran continued struggling even after being captured by the security personnel. “I hate you, Guan Zixuan! You destroyed me and my family! There’ll be retribution for you and Xia Zi. She’ll die horribly. Don’t think that you’ll be able to save her. I stabbed her very deeply… Ha ha ha!”

Su Xiaoran had become a lunatic.

Guan Zixuan did not let go of Xia Zi, but he raised his head to instruct the security personnel, “Let her stay!”

He called Guan Zijue to get his brother to send her to the police station directly.

Xia Zi mustered all her strength as she said to Guan Zixuan, “Zi… Zi… Zixuan, if… if anything happens to me, you have to… continue living… don’t be… don’t be too sad. I’m lucky… lucky to have… met you...” It seemed to take great effort for Xia Zi to say these few words.

Guan Zixuan held her wound as tears escaped him. He cried out, “No! A’zi, I won’t let you die. I won’t let anything happen to you, I won’t! Don’t talk, okay? The ambulance is arriving soon!”

Xia Zi continued, “No. Let me talk. These things… I’ve wanted to say… we’ve been together… for the past five years,... but… even though you thought… I was my sister... I still trusted you… and relied on you. Do… do you know… when I recalled… who I really was… I was so... so upset. That pride of mine… didn’t allow me to… continue staying here… as my sister… But… even though I left… you were always… on my mind!”

Guan Zixuan was bawling at this point.

“A’zi, don’t talk. Nothing will happen to you. I’ll save you, A’zi...”

Xia Zi then passed out.

Su Xiaoran cackled. “Guan Zixuan, I told you. There’ll be retribution!”

Lu Ming watched her in a panic. He wanted to help Su Xiaoran, but she just attempted to kill someone in public. There was nothing he could do in such a situation! He was absolutely flustered!

Guan Zijue arrived shortly and glanced at his brother before checking on Xia Zi. He quickly tore the bottom part of her dress and created a makeshift bandage for her wound.

All color had drained from Luo Qiqi’s face by now. How could I forget about such basic first-aid.

Guan Zijue looked at his brother and said, “Are you dumb? Xia Zi’s pulse is weak, and she has lost a lot of blood. Though the wound is on her abdomen, it doesn’t look fatal, so there’s a high chance she’ll pull through. If anything really happens to her, I think you’re the one who should be accompanying her on her way to the afterlife!”

His brother was harsh, but Guan Zixuan knew that he was right. If he continued staying here stunned, he should be the one to blame if anything happens to A’zi!

“I’ll take Su Xiaoran away. Take care of A’zi well!”

Before Su Xiaoran left the scene, she yelled at Guan Zixuan, “Guan Zixuan, this is karma! Xia Zi will die! I curse the both of you to die a horrible death!”

Her voice grew smaller as Guan Zijue dragged her away.

Though the ambulance arrived very quickly, it felt like an eternity for Guan Zixuan.

Luo Qiqi, him and the paramedics boarded the ambulance.

A gala dinner turned into an attempted murder, ending before it even began.

Xia Xinsheng was watching television when the news of what happened at the Fengteng Group’s gala dinner broke. The report stated that a woman attempted to kill someone at the dinner and that President Guan Zixuan had been sent to the hospital after getting injured.

Xia Xinsheng panicked at the news. How did a gala dinner turn into a tragedy!

She tried calling Guan Zixuan’s mobile phone but no one answered. She then tried Guan Zijue, but the line was busy. She was at a loss now.

She treated Guan Zixuan like her own son, so hearing the news was a great blow to her.

She called Guan Mingchang. His secretary interrupted him to inform him that there was an important call in the middle of his meeting.

It was not a video conference, so he simply left to take the call. What he did not expect was to hear news that Guan Zixuan had been stabbed at the gala dinner.

Guan Zixuan had been taking care of the gala dinner on his own for the past few years, so how did this happen?

Guan Mingchang informed his secretary to postpone the meeting before he rushed to the hospital.

Xia Xinsheng and Guan Mingchang arrived at about the same time. They asked around for information on where the victim from the gala dinner was undergoing treatment and quickly made their way there.

Xia Xinsheng was trembling, and although Guan Mingchang looked calm, his hands were shaking badly. They saw Guan Zixuan leaning against the wall outside the operating room.

Luo Qiqi was sitting in a corner. The words ‘in surgery’ were lit, and the light from the brightly lit sign felt blinding.

Xia Xinsheng rushed to her son and looked him all over to ensure that he was fine. She asked, “Zixuan, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Luo Qiqi felt rather uncomfortable when she heard the voice. It was A’zi who got injured. It’s fine if they thought it was Guan Zixuan, but aren’t they curious who the victim is now that they see him safe and sound outside?

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