Chapter 259: Big Brother to the Rescue

Guan Zixuan came over shortly after Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi returned to the villa. He looked at Xia Zi tenderly. “A’zi, can I take you to my house tonight?”

Luo Qiqi spoke before Xia Zi could say anything. “Are you sure that your family will welcome Xia Zi into your home?”

Guan Zixuan was rather surprised at this. What did that mean?

“Luo Qiqi, what do you mean...”

Xia Zi tugged at Guan Zixuan as she said, “Qiqi, go upstairs first. Zixuan and I have something to discuss!”

Luo Qiqi shook her head and said, “You’d better be careful. I’ll kill anyone who dares bully you!”

She then looked towards Guan Zixuan and drew her hand across her neck in a threatening manner.

This Luo Qiqi is a hundred times more violent than Leng Xiyao. Guan Zixuan thought that Leng Xiyao was pretty violent before, but it seems to him now that Luo Qiqi takes the cake.

“A’zi, how about it? Come back with me at night, okay?”

Xia Zi nodded slowly. “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

She knew that the rest of the Guan family was unlikely to welcome her tonight, but she was willing to do this for Guan Zixuan. She was not the kind to give up easily after making a decision. Guan Zixuan was extremely important to her, so she would choose to go forward even if it meant choosing a path full of obstacles.

At about six in the evening, Luo Qiqi saw Xia Zi changing her outfit.

“A’zi, you’re really going?”

Xia Zi nodded at her. “Mm!”

Luo Qiqi frowned. “A’zi, you saw that woman’s attitude earlier. What if she makes things difficult for you tonight?”

Xia Zi turned to look at Luo Qiqi. “Don’t worry, she won’t succeed anyway. Don’t you know who I am!”

Xia Zi gave her a look of reassurance, to which Luo Qiqi had nothing to say. She thus gave up on trying to convince Xia Zi.

Luo Qiqi’s parents had called her several times in the two days that she had been in Emperor City. She could tell that her parents really loved her, and she also learnt that they had been searching for her all these years.

Su Jincheng died just after she found her biological parents, and she chose to run away from everything because she could not face reality.

My parents are probably missing me.

I’ll go home after a few days, when A’zi is settled properly here.

The purple dress Xia Zi wore showcased her figure well. She looked elegant but mysterious at the same time.

Guan Zixuan was stunned by how she looked. He recovered quickly and rushed up to carry Xia Zi.

Xia Zi thought that he just wanted to hug her and she did not expect him to scoop her up in his arms.

Though she was shocked, Xia Zi reacted rather calmly, not making a sound.

Guan Zixuan looked at her surprised expression and laughed.

Xia Zi glared at him. “Put me down. Let’s go!”

Guan Zixuan nodded but before the both of them could step out of the house, Luo Qiqi suddenly appeared at the stairs and yelled at him.

“Stop right there, Guan Zixuan!”

Guan Zixuan and Xia Zi turned back to see Luo Qiqi staring sternly at Guan Zixuan.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I’ll have to tell you what happened in the afternoon. We went out earlier...”

Xia Zi cut her off quickly. “Qiqi!”

Luo Qiqi looked at her. “A’zi, don’t try to stop me. I’m going to tell him what really happened.”

She then turned to Guan Zixuan again.

Xia Zi sighed. She knew that no one could stop Luo Qiqi once she had decided on something.

“Guan Zixuan, your stepmother, Xia Xinsheng, asked A’zi out today. She asked A’zi to leave you and even asked her what her conditions were. I hope that A’zi isn’t walking into a trap tonight. It’s best if you’re able to protect her well, if not there’s still time for you to turn back. If anything happens to A’zi, I won’t let the Guan family off that easily!”

Guan Zixuan asked Xia Zi, “A’zi, she went looking for you earlier?”

Xia Zi nodded and said, “Mm. It was just a quick chat, it’s nothing. Let’s go. It’s something that we’ll have to face sooner or later anyway!”

Guan Zixuan looked at her with gratitude. I’m so lucky to be able to meet such an understanding person like her.

He looked back at Luo Qiqi and said, “Luo Qiqi, I know you care about A’zi, but I love her and I won’t let anyone hurt her. You don’t have to be worried about that!”

Luo Qiqi raised her brows, as if asking, Is that so?

Xia Zi smiled and left with Guan Zixuan.

Though Guan Zixuan already said he would take Xia Zi home for dinner, Guan Mingchang did not take it seriously at all. Xia Xinsheng also thought that Xia Zi would not appear tonight with what she had said to her in the day.

However, they did not expect Xia Zi and Guan Zixuan to walk in before dinner.

Upon seeing them, Guan Mingchang’s expression turned dreadful. Xia Xinsheng was about to bring a cup of tea to him, but she stood stunned at the sight when she saw them.

Xia Zi is here!

Though they did not agree on Guan Zixuan and Xia Zi being together, they were still rather cordial about things.

Xia Xinsheng served the cup of tea to Guan Mingchang and walked towards the couple.

Guan Zixuan watched her cautiously. “What are you doing! I already know that you went looking for Xia Zi earlier in the day!”

Xia Xinsheng looked at Xia Zi, who returned her gaze with an emotionless facade. Anger bloomed in Xia Xinsheng. I’ve underestimated this girl.

She revealed this to Guan Zixuan so quickly. The Guan family can’t have someone like her!

Xia Xinsheng then said, “So what? Zixuan, don’t forget that she was the one who ran away from the marriage. If she didn’t do that, the both of you would probably be husband and wife now. Would I still treat her like this if that were the case?”

Seeing the obvious anger on Xia Xinsheng, Guan Zixuan calmed himself down.

He treated Xia Xinsheng like his biological mother, and he genuinely cared about her.

“Mum, I can explain everything. Are you going to chase us out when we’re already here? Also, it’s a fact that you went looking for Xia Zi earlier, so I’m not accusing you of that!”

“You...” Xia Xinsheng pointed at him, shaking her head in exasperation.

“Fine. Take a seat since you’re already here. I’m afraid others might say that we don’t treat our guests well.”

Xia Xinsheng just described Xia Zi as a guest. Xia Zi did not say a single word from the moment she stepped into their home because she knew that nothing good would come out of it if she reacted in any way.

Guan Zixuan looked at his stepmother and said, “Mum, there’s no need for you to say things like that. This is my home, so it’s Xia Zi’s home too. If I’m not a guest, then she definitely isn’t. There’s no need for you to treat her like a guest.” He then tugged Xia Zi along and sat on the sofa.

Xia Xinsheng stood there in her anger, and the atmosphere became rather awkward.

Upon hearing what his son just said, Guan Mingchang was indignant on Xia Xinsheng’s behalf.

“How dare you talk to your mum like this? You have no respect!”

Guan Zixuan knew that it would be a night of tribulations and he had to tread carefully, or else he just might get into a huge fight with his father like this.

He did not want Xia Zi to see that side of him.

He then said, “Yes, I shouldn’t have spoken to Mum like that. But you guys shouldn’t have gone looking for Xia Zi like that either. How about you try to convince me!”

Guan Mingchang was about to smash his teacup on the floor when another voice was heard.

“What’s happening at home? I could hear your voices from a mile away!”

Guan Zijue walked in and nodded slightly at Xia Xinsheng when he saw her. He then walked over to where Xia Zi and Guan Zixuan were.

He turned to Guan Mingchang and said, “Why are you guys quarreling when Zixuan brought his girlfriend back home?”

Guan Zijue’s naturally imposing aura was rather effective in calming Guan Mingchang.

Guan Mingchang said, “Ask that brother of yours!”

The corner of Guan Zijue’s lips turned up slightly as he looked at his brother.

“Zixuan, you’re not a kid anymore. Don’t fight with Mum and Dad, okay?”

Guan Zixuan knew that his brother was trying to help him, so he quickly smiled and nodded. “Okay, Bro. I won’t do that again.”

Guan Zijue looked at Xia Zi and saw that she seemed to have relaxed a little under that icy facade of hers.

“Xia Zi, I haven’t even thanked you for what happened recently. Please make yourself at home!”

Xia Zi nodded and said, “I will, Big Brother!”

Guan Zijue nodded at this. He was busy looking for Su Xiaoran and possible witnesses these few days.

His teammate’s father was killed by Su Xiaoran and that there were no security cameras in that old area, but the area around Su Xiaoran’s residence had working security cameras.

He found some clues after looking through the footage near her place.

The rental car driver, the tractor driver, and even the toll collector would have seen Su Xiaoran that night...

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