Chapter 257: Acting High and Mighty

One day passed in the blink of an eye. It was the day of Su Xiaoran and Guan Zixuan’s wedding.

Xia Zi’s calmness made Guan Zixuan feel a little disappointed when he visited her during the day. How could she be so calm? Is it because I’m not important?

He pondered over this to no avail, and he eventually had to leave the hotel after being summoned by Guan Zijue through a phone call.

He knew it would be chaotic tomorrow. The Su family had no idea what was coming, and unbeknownst to them, the war had already started.

Guan Zijue submitted the incriminating evidence against the Su family in the morning.

Based on the customs in Emperor City, Guan Zixuan had to go to the bride’s house to pick her up.

They chose to act on this very day in order to make sure that this would be a fatal blow for the Su family.

Since the wedding was between the Su and Guan families, all the business elites would definitely congregate. It was too good an opportunity to be missed.

Su Xiaoran and Guan Zixuan were welcoming the guests at the door.

One could sense the unbridled joy in Su Xiaoran. Her wish had finally come true after waiting for more than twenty years.

Guan Zixuan, on the other hand, looked rather emotionless. It looked as if he wasn’t at his wedding but attending a funeral instead.

Su Xiaoran shot a sideways glance at him, but remained silent.

Even if Guan Zixuan was unwilling, he still had to marry me.

Out of nowhere, a lady dressed in a purple dress approached them. Her long hair billowed in the wind, and she was a picture of elegance. Su Xiaoran spotted her and kept her eyes on the lady.

Who is she? Why have I not seen her before?

Luo Qiqi walked up to Guan Zixuan and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re getting married? Do you even treat me as a friend? I’m here without an invitation, so I hope you don’t mind!”

Guan Zixuan shook his head. “Of course not!”

He did not know why Luo Qiqi spoke to him in such a manner, nor when she actually arrived in Emperor City. Why didn’t she look for Xia Zi since she’s here? And where’s Xia Zi? Didn’t she get an invitation card from me yesterday?

Luo Qiqi walked straight into the ballroom, casting a cold glance at Su Xiaoran as she passed her.

She made her way to the wedding right after alighting from the plane.

She already spoke to Xia Zi on the phone and Xia Zi told her that she would be at the wedding as well. She asked Luo Qiqi to go first because Guan Zixuan would definitely let her in.

They did not speak about anything else on the phone, and Luo Qiqi was unsure what was really going on. She was totally unaware of Xia Zi’s plans.

She had never been separated from Xia Zi before, and Xia Zi made the trip to Emperor City only because she was in such a bad mood.

Luo Qiqi was still unable to accept the fact that Su Jincheng was already dead after cooping herself up at home for half a month.

Although she had not yet fallen into pieces, she knew that it would not be healthy for her to stay cooped up alone for much longer. She thus decided to come to Emperor City to look for Xia Zi. What she did not expect was for Xia Zi to tell her that Guan Zixuan was getting married the moment she stepped out of the plane.

What exactly is happening here?

Right after Luo Qiqi entered, Xia Zi appeared in a white dress.

She had facial prosthetics on and Guan Zixuan was unable to recognize her at first. He simply felt that she looked familiar, while Su Xiaoran watched her with wary eyes.

Why are there so many strange women appearing out of nowhere? Did Guan Zixuan hire these people to test me?

There was slight enmity in Su Xiaoran’s eyes, and at this point, Guan Zixuan had already recognized Xia Zi. He never expected her to put on facial prosthetics.

He smiled at Xia Zi, who simply looked at him coldly before she walked into the compound.

Angered, Su Xiaoran wanted to grab Xia Zi by her arm, but Guan Zixuan stopped her quickly by saying, “Su Xiaoran, don’t forget who you are today. Make sure you conduct yourself appropriately. You’re the Su family’s representative!”

Su Xiaoran was incensed at how he seemed to be protecting that woman who just walked in.

“I represent the Su family, and you represent the Guan family. I haven’t even commented on the fact that you’ve been pulling a long face the entire day, and you’re telling me how to behave? Does it give you the right to act all high and mighty just because you’re from the Guan family?”

Guan Zixuan shot a cold look at her and did not deign to answer.

Su Xiaoran went to touch up her makeup after most of the guests had arrived, while Guan Zixuan walked into the ballroom trying to locate Xia Zi.

He spotted Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi sitting on a sofa somewhere at the side.

Upon seeing him, Luo Qiqi glared at him icily, making him feel guilty, as if he was cheating. But, was he, really?

Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi were engaged in conversation, but Guan Zixuan could feel the murderous aura coming from Luo Qiqi.

He shrunk into himself. How is this my fault? Why didn’t A’zi explain everything to her!

When he stood there wondering if he should approach them, the emcee went up on stage to announce that the wedding ceremony had begun.

The emcee then went on to cue the bride and groom for the exchange of rings.

He then invited the pastor up on stage.

Guan Zixuan felt antsy as the exchange of rings would happen anytime now. Where’s my brother? Why isn’t he here yet? Is he only going to appear after I get married to Su Xiaoran?

It would be an embarrassment for the Guan family if he didn’t go up on stage, and his father would probably be hopping mad if that happened.

He thus shook his head and resigned himself to fate as he walked up the stage.

He spotted Luo Qiqi at the corner, and she looked like she wanted to destroy this entire ballroom.

Guan Zixuan shivered at this. How could the aloof Xia Zi be such good friends with the hot-headed Luo Qiqi!

After he went on stage, the emcee said, “Let’s welcome the bride!”

Su Xiaoran then walked in with her father.

It was obvious that Guan Zixuan was anxious. Why is my brother not here yet! Save me!

Su Xiaoran’s father had already arrived before him. He said with a full voice, “Zixuan, I’m handing my daughter over to you. I hope you’ll treat her well!”

Guan Zixuan remained silent as he took Su Xiaoran’s hand. Her father was instantly angered at his reaction. But even so, he knew that his daughter had feelings for Guan Zixuan, so he let it be.

He shook his head as he exited the stage.

The pastor looked at the couple and said, “Mr Guan, are you willing to take the beautiful Ms Su Xiaoran as your wife, to stay together with her in sickness and in health, till death do you part?”

Guan Zixuan stiffened at this. He felt like crying. Brother, if you don’t appear soon, I may have to embarrass the Guan family.

He did not answer for a long time. There were murmurs among the audience as they wondered what was going on. Guan Zixuan kept his eyes on the entrance of the ballroom, hoping desperately for something to happen.

Guan Mingchang’s expression was dreadful. He would go up on stage to pummel Guan Zixuan if possible. How dare this boy embarrass the Guan family!

Luo Qiqi smirked at Guan Zixuan as she wondered how he would clean up this mess.

Even though Xia Zi had already explained everything to her, she still felt rather indignant for her since it felt like Xia Zi had gotten the short end of the stick.

Just as Guan Zixuan had mustered the courage to exit the stage, there was a disturbance at the entrance.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Guan Zijue at the door. My dear brother, you’re finally here!

There was a bunch of men from the disciplinary committee who were following right behind Guan Zijue. Upon entering the ballroom, the men arrested Su Xiaoran’s father without preamble.

Everyone had probably witnessed similar situations, so all of them knew that something big was about to go down.

Not only was Su Xiaoran’s father taken away, many individuals from the Su family were also arrested one after another.

It was obvious now that the Su family was in huge trouble.

Su Xiaoran was shocked. She could only watch as her brother and her father were taken, while her mother wailed at the scene.

Su Xiaoran understood everything when she looked at Guan Zixuan, who was now beside Guan Zijue. All of this was a trap set up by the Guan family!

She hated Guan Zixuan. How could he be so cruel to target my family?

When she looked at Guan Zixuan, she realized Guan Zijue was glaring at her.

Su Xiaoran shrank under that glacial intensity, and her mind raced as she tried to recall if she ever did anything to piss Guan Zijue off. Why is he staring at me like this? It’s terrifying.

Guan Zijue wanted Su Xiaoran to be arrested as well, but the evidence he had presented was not yet sufficient at this point. He would also risk getting Guan Zixuan caught up in this if he were to actually find proper evidence for Su Xiaoran’s arrest.

Now that the Su family has fallen from grace, it would be impossible that the Guan family would want to have anything to do with them after this.

Guan Zijue chose to bide his time. He promised himself that he would get Su Xiaoran arrested, and that he wouldn’t let the death of his teammate’s father be in vain.

Su Xiaoran watched the guests leave one after another. Her wedding turned into a joke in a second. Hatred filled her, and that hate was enough to fuel her desire for revenge.

She involuntarily lowered her head when she caught Guan Zijue’s eye.

Guan Mingchang finally understood why Guan Zixuan kept staring at the door earlier. He had also been wondering where Guan Zijue went the entire day.

He never thought that the brothers would have actually planned something like this to bring the Su family down and prevent the marriage.

Well, it’s fortunate that the wedding did not happen. He broke out in cold sweat just thinking about it.

On the very next day, Guan Zixuan heard the news that Su Xiaoran’s mother had killed herself by jumping off a building!

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