Chapter 255: Mental Su Xiaoran

The old man did not turn back when he asked, “Miss, do you know who did this to you? You can go sue them!”

Su Xiaoran trembled as she gripped the scissors. She was wavering.

The old man helped me.

But she hardened her heart in the next second. I don’t know him, and I don’t know if he’s being genuine. I’m getting married to Guan Zixuan soon, so nobody can find out about what just happened.

The Guan family would abandon me if they found out. I won’t allow anyone to destroy my marriage, not this old man, not those men from before.

Su Xiaoran then stabbed him in the back with the scissors! Her eyes were glinting with viciousness.

The man yelped in pain and he turned around to look at her in disbelief. He never thought that she would want to kill him after he helped to free her.

The old man crumpled to the ground in pain.

Su Xiaoran raised the pair of scissors in the air. It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault. It’s his fault for appearing in such an untimely manner.

She looked at the old man’s bleeding wound and decided to check if he was still breathing.

Upon realizing that he was not yet dead, she plunged the scissors right into his heart.

Fresh blood splattered all over her face and clothes.

Su Xiaoran was unconvinced that the old man was already dead at this point. She continued stabbing him repeatedly like a mindless machine.

She got up only after confirming that the old man had stopped breathing and had no pulse. She then decided to take the scissors with her as she realized her fingerprints were left all over it.

After exiting the room, she quickly walked over to a tap she spotted a short distance away and started washing the blood from the scissors.

She cleaned up the blood on her clothes and she was dripping wet when she left.

Before leaving the area, she did not forget to look around to check for security cameras. Only when she was convinced that there would be no footage recorded did she escape into the night.

No one would be able to save her now if whatever happened was made known, and she would only become a liability to those around her. No one must know.

Su Xiaoran hopped onto a tractor to travel to the city, but it was not allowed into the city. She thus had to hail a cab. When she arrived at her villa, she asked the driver to wait while she went in to get some cash.

The driver was surprised that she lived in such an expensive area, and he did not really believe it at first as she dressed pretty sloppily.

He watched as a middle-aged lady answered the door after Su Xiaoran pressed the bell. “Miss, what happened to you? What’s wrong with your clothes!”

Su Xiaoran answered her unceremoniously, “Aunt Wu, don’t ask. Give that driver a hundred dollars. I’m going in first!”

The driver then witnessed Su Xiaoran going into the villa before the middle-aged lady walked out to give him the cash.

Wow, you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. He then left after shaking his head at this.

Su Xiaoran threw her clothes into the trash immediately and took a bath. She only went downstairs after changing into a fresh outfit.

Aunt Wu walked up to her when she saw Su Xiaoran downstairs. “Miss, what happened? Do you want me to tell your brother, or your parents?”

Su Xiaoran’s eyes flashed as she covered herself tightly with her clothes.

“It’s nothing, Aunt Wu. Go make some food. Remember, don’t tell anyone about what happened tonight!”

After a moment of contemplation, Aunt Wu nodded and left to prepare dinner.

Su Xiaoran went back upstairs and took out her spare phone. She initially wanted to hire a private investigator to look into who those men were, but she decided against it in the end.

That would mean having another individual learn about what happened.

Those men would definitely use those photos they had taken to blackmail her, so all she had to do now was to wait for the men to contact her and she could track them down. If that fails, she would just have to get her brother to settle matters for her. Her expression was dreadful as nothing but revenge clouded her mind. I won’t let them get away. All of them must die!

Her fists clenched tightly as she frowned angrily. I won’t show any mercy to those trying to destroy my marriage plans with Guan Zixuan!


The next day, Guan Mingchang stopped his son before Guan Zixuan could leave to visit Xia Zi.

“Stop there! Where are you going so early in the morning? Don’t you have better things to do?”

Guan Zixuan looked at his father and said, “I’m not fooling around outside. Didn’t you guys tell me to wait for my wedding day! I’m not doing anything wrong. What exactly do you want me to do then!”

His retort made Guan Mingchang even angrier. Just when Guan Zixuan thought he was about to get beaten up by his father, Xia Xinsheng walked out just in time.

She went up to her husband, tugged him by the elbow and said, “Old Guan, what’s wrong with you? Why are you blowing your top so early in the morning!”

Though she was not very gentle about it, she was able to tamp down Guan Mingchang’s anger.

He pointed at his son. “It’s all because of him! Messing around all day. He’s going to be the death of me!”

Guan Zijue then happened to enter at this point.

Upon seeing Guan Zijue, Guan Mingchang pointed at him and said, “Guan Zixuan, I’d be so much more relieved if you can just learn a little from Zijue. I disagreed when you said you wanted to become a celebrity, but you still went ahead and did it! Do you think that you’ll be able to achieve that sort of success if I really wanted to stop you from doing so? Why can’t you learn from your brother? You refuse to go to the military, you refuse to go into politics, you’re not taking care of the company that your mum left you, do you expect us to take care of you forever? You’ve been in the company for the past few years too. Don’t you know how much we’ve lost!”

Guan Zixuan raised his brows but remained silent. He knew that his father was not going to relent anytime soon, so all he did was listen. He should be happy if I don’t leave the house today.

That brother of his is too extraordinary, and that pressurized him as well.

His parents had to bring Guan Zijue up every time they reprimanded him, asking him to learn from his brother.

Guan Zixuan stole a glance at Guan Zijue, who simply scratched his nose at this. He knew that he appeared at a bad time and it was just his luck to get embroiled into this situation.

Guan Zixuan chuckled as he watched his brother, but this made Guan Mingchang furious.

Xia Xinsheng quickly patted her husband on the back and said, “Old Guan, why are you fighting with a child? He’s going to get married soon, so there’s no need for you to think too much about things. Let’s have breakfast. Don’t you have to make a trip out of the city today?”

Guan Mingchang glared at Guan Zixuan before making his way to the sofa.

Xia Xinsheng and their helper served breakfast while Guan Mingchang switched on the television as per his usual routine. Just as Guan Zixuan and Guan Zijue sat down on the sofa, all of their expressions stiffened as they saw the news.

The reporter said, “An old man in his seventies was found dead in a dilapidated home this morning at eight in an area within the western suburbs of Emperor City. One look at the scene made it obvious that it was a murder. The old man had suffered multiple stab wounds, one on his back and several near his heart. The police had found the murder weapon a distance away near a tap. It was a pair of old scissors.”

“According to the coroner, the old man died on the spot from the wounds he sustained. From how the murder was carried out, the perpetrator is highly likely someone who might be mentally unstable. According to the people living nearby, the old man did not seem to have any enemies and he was on good terms with everyone around the area. The case is still under investigation. It is difficult to locate the murderer with what little clues have been left behind. The murderer covered his or her tracks well by removing all fingerprints on scene and on the weapon. Due to the residents in the area being moved gradually, there are very few security cameras in the area as well, so the security footage available might not give us any clues. Even though this area is far from the city, there are quite a number of people who enter and exit the area daily. We can only begin looking for the murderer like this...”

The three men were stunned at the report they just heard. The reporter had been on the scene and viewers could see the dilapidated house and the crime scene in its full glory.

One could sense the thinly-veiled anger in Guan Mingchang. Not many dared to openly murder someone like that around Emperor City, much less use such a vicious method. This criminal has to be stopped. I should order some men to look into this and arrest the murderer.

Guan Zijue wanted to inform his dad that he was returning to his military camp after breakfast, and that he would be back for Guan Zixuan’s wedding. But after seeing the news, he decided to postpone his return to the military instead.

Guan Zixuan’s eyebrows kept twitching when he saw the news as a feeling of foreboding crept up on him.

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