Chapter 254: Don’t Mess Around

A devilish smile appeared on Guan Zixuan. “Don’t worry Bro, I won’t go too far. My happiness hinges on this!”

Guan Zijue watched him for a while before saying, “Don’t mess around!” He then turned to leave.

Guan Zixuan stood wondering if anything had happened to his brother recently. What he just said seemed different from how he would usually react.

Guan Zixuan made a quick call when he returned to his room.

“Help me take care of something!”

He laughed at the reply from the other end of the call. “It’s nothing much. Just teach that vicious woman a lesson so that she’ll know that I’m no easy target!”

He listened carefully to what the other person had to say before continuing.

“You’re free to decide how to go about it, but don’t go easy either. But I just want to scare her, so make sure you don’t end up hurting her for real. I’ll give you the details after this.” He then sent relevant information relating to Su Xiaoran over.

Su Xiaoran had overstepped his boundaries this time. He usually did not deign to challenge ladies like this, but he simply could not sit still when it came to Xia Zi.

That will teach her a lesson. She won’t be able to continue being her arrogant self after the Su family falls from grace either.

Guan Zixuan never expected that one phone call from him was enough to change Su Xiaoran’s fate.


Su Xiaoran wanted to go look for Xia Zi the next day, but she decided against it after reminding herself of Guan Zixuan’s terrifying expression when she saw him there the other day.

I’ll just have to bide my time. We’re already getting married, so I’ll have all the time in the world to teach her a lesson after that. I’ll teach her that she shouldn’t be coveting things that didn’t belong to her in the first place.

I won’t be polite when the time comes.

A vicious smile appeared on her face. Satisfied with her own plans, she called a few of her friends for a fun day out.

She drove to where they were supposed to meet, but as she travelled, she realized there was a vehicle which seemed to be following her. No matter how she tried, she could not shake the car off.

Being in the rich kids circle, having a stranger tail her was not much of a surprise. She thus decided to speed up and go onto the overpass. As she expected, the car behind her disappeared after she went up onto the overpass.

After going down from the overpass, she heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that there was no one else following her. What she did not realize was that the cars behind her were still on her tail, and more than one vehicle was used now. A few cars behind her looked like the drivers were on their usual commute but they were, in fact, tailing her.

She felt someone approach from behind when she arrived at the parking lot near the bar, but she reacted too slowly. She was knocked out the moment she turned around.

It was pitch dark in the room she woke up in, and it felt like she was in a tiny house that had nothing but a stool and a lousy bed.

She was on the ground and tied to the bed frame. She looked around in fear and realized she had been gagged when she wanted to scream for help. She was wrapped up so securely that she could not move an inch. She looked at the window to try to determine the time of day. From the diffused light that seemed to be coming in through the curtains, she surmised that it was sometime in the afternoon even though the compound was very dark.

She tried moving again, but she was absolutely trapped.

The door opened after a while and five men walked in. They started placing professional camera equipment around the room, causing Su Xiaoran’s eyes to widen. She could already guess what they planned to do, and she tried her darndest to struggle free. She was so scared that she squirmed under the bed to hide.

One of the men saw it and walked over to drag her out immediately. Without preamble, he started tearing her clothes apart and only stopped when she was stripped naked.

Everything else was already set up.

One of the men walked over with a grin, an evil glint flickering across his eyes as he looked all over Su Xiaoran’s body.

The ropes on her had loosened.

The man dragged her by the ankle and secured her with the ropes once again.

Su Xiaoran was crying now, but she was unable to cry out for help as she had been gagged very tightly. She was now buck naked and the rough ropes hurt her skin.

After she was tied up securely, the men started laughing at her plight. One of the men who wore a thin porcelain mask said, “Had enough fun? Let’s start!”

The rest of the men walked over and surrounded Su Xiaoran immediately, careful not to block the camera that was on her.

Su Xiaoran had never been one to shy away from the camera, even in situations like this, but she was literally unable to do anything to get herself out of this situation.

She watched the men take off their clothes and get into various different poses around her. Even though they did not do anything else, a video like this was enough to destroy her.

Her tears were unstoppable. One of the men came up to her and kissed her tears away with a grin. Su Xiaoran tried to dodge by turning her head away from him as best she can, but the man started kissing her body instead.

The man who was filming then said, “Enough!”

This caused the four others around Su Xiaoran to stop immediately.

Su Xiaoran was left crying and whimpering after they stopped. She felt absolutely disgusting.

They packed up and left, and before long, she was left all alone in the room once again.

Su Xiaoran was infuriated at this. Those animals didn’t even bother to cover me up with clothes!

When she was still reeling from the experience, she heard the door open again.

Her eyes shot towards it.

Two of the men returned - the one who tied her and the one who kissed her tears away.

Fear flashed past Su Xiaoran’s eyes. Why are they back? What are they trying to do!

The two of them walked up to her.

The one who kissed her seemed unsure as he said, “What if the boss finds out about this...”

His partner in crime reassured him and said, “Don’t worry. It’s nothing. Boss wouldn’t say anything about it. No one knows but us anyway...”

An evil grin appeared on his face right after.

Su Xiaoran tried hard to struggle free but the men were too strong and she was unable to overpower them at all.


The men got dressed after they finished the deed, with one of them slapping Su Xiaoran’s body and pinching her face.

Su Xiaoran’s mouth was filled with blood, but she did not have the courage to kill herself. She glared angrily at the two men.

Animals! Beasts! All of you are animals! I’ll destroy all of you if I see you again!

Su Xiaoran’s tears made her vision all fuzzy. She never wanted to remember what just happened.

She heard footsteps from outside the door when night fell, and she involuntarily tried to curl up into herself.

The dark figure seemed to have a slightly hunched back.

The light in the room was suddenly switched on and Su Xiaoran shut her eyes due to the sudden piercing brightness.

An old voice gasped, and an old man quickly picked up the clothes on the floor to cover Su Xiaoran.

He mumbled to himself, “Poor thing, poor thing! Who did this!”

Su Xiaoran opened her eyes slowly when she heard him, only to see the old man’s back towards her.

“Miss, put on the clothes!”

Su Xiaoran wanted to tell him that she was tied up and was unable to do so, but she was not even able to speak with that gag. She could only whimper.

The old man then realized that she seemed to have been tied up when he entered.

He then searched for a pair of scissors and walked over to Su Xiaoran, closing his eyes as he did so.

However, he realized that there was no way he could free her without looking at the ropes, and he may even accidentally hurt her with the scissors if so.

He thus decided to open his eyes and cut the ropes on Su Xiaoran. He turned away quickly after she was freed.

“Miss, put some clothes on!”

Su Xiaoran wiped her tears, threw the ropes on the floor and removed her gag before putting her clothes back on.

The old man’s back was still towards her after she had gotten dressed.

She initially wanted to leave, but she wondered to herself, That old man saw everything. He must know what happened.

With her voice still sounding nasal and sore from all her crying, she asked tentatively, “Grandpa, do you live here?”

“Yes. I went out for errands today so I have no idea what happened here. This place is quite a distance away from the city center...”

He spoke in a sympathetic tone.

Su Xiaoran’s eyes glinted. No one must learn about this. Everyone who knew has to die!

Only dead men tell no tales.

Her eyes narrowed as she picked up the pair of scissors beside her...

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