Chapter 253: What has that got to do with me?

“A’zi, trust me. I would never marry Su Xiaoran!” Guan Zixuan promised her.

Xia Zi looked up at him. “Does that have anything to do with me?”

He literally felt like crying. He should have expected this. Having been in Interpol, Xia Zi’s skills at investigation and observation were almost superhuman. She was much more approachable when she still had amnesia, and he was able to coax her like a child, but the current Xia Zi felt absolutely impenetrable.

Her aloofness in the past was because she felt like a stranger in a strange land, unable to remember anything about herself. But now, that aloofness seemed to be emanating from her very core instead of being brought about by circumstance.

She’s right. It has nothing to do with her whether I get married or not!

He wanted to get back together with her when he went to A City previously, but he had to return to Emperor City due to an emergency. Little did he know he was stepping right into Su Xiaoran’s trap when he returned.

It was a mistake he regretted.

He sighed as he watched Xia Zi. “Then I’ll just have to marry Su Xiaoran!” He pretended that he was about to leave and then stole a glance at Xia Zi.

She said, “You won’t be able to marry her!”

Xia Zi then turned and returned to her room.

Surprised, he turned and quickly followed her in. “How do you know that I won’t be able to marry her!”

Xia Zi looked at him like she was talking to an idiot, and this hurt him.

“Because your family won’t let that happen!”

Because Guan Zijue did not share the plan with his brother, Guan Zixuan had been racking his brains over how he could prevent the marriage.

But Xia Zi looks extremely confident that I won’t be able to get married with Su Xiaoran, and she doesn’t look the least bit worried.

“Why won’t they let that happen? You saw my mum earlier, and it was obvious that she was on Su Xiaoran’s side only because of me. My brother told me to keep myself in check too, so that the wedding can proceed as planned. Everything seems to be going without a hitch!” The more he said, the more Guan Zixuan felt like he was digging his own grave.

Xia Zi turned and said, “Oh… if that’s the case, then go and marry her then!”

Guan Zixuan hastily added, “A’zi, don’t misunderstand. What I mean is that I won’t get married even if my family insists on it!”

“Okay, then don’t get married ever!”

Guan Zixuan was at a loss for words. “Huh...” He stood rooted to the spot for a while before realizing the ambiguity in his statement. ‘I won’t get married’ could also be construed as ‘not getting married ever’.

Why am I so dumb! He wanted to hit himself.


Watching him beat himself up mentally, A’zi finally relented and said, “Your family won’t let it happen because the Su family will crumble before the wedding happens!”

“Huh!” Guan Zixuan was genuinely shocked at this. Is Emperor City going to face a major change?

Why am I unaware that the Su family is going to crumble soon? How did Xia Zi find out when she had only just arrived two days ago? How did she know everything? He looked at her in puzzlement as tons of questions circled his head.

Xia Zi felt rather tired since she did not get a good night’s rest. She thus yawned a few times and said, “Go ask your brother about it. I even helped him collect some material on the Su family. He’ll give you a satisfactory answer.”

This seemed to enlighten Guan Zixuan instantly. Everything suddenly seemed to make a lot of sense now.

So my brother wanted me to agree to the marriage because he had already prepared everything beforehand, and as long as the Su family crumbles before the wedding, our parents would never let me go through with the marriage. That was a pretty good idea! Why didn’t I think of that! But according to what Xia Zi just said, she helped collect some material on the Su family too. Does this mean that she doesn’t want to see me marry Su Xiaoran?

Happiness bloomed in him and he started grinning absent-mindedly to himself. 

Xia Zi wanted to take a nap, but she turned to see Guan Zixuan smiling to himself. What’s wrong with him?

“Why are you smiling like an idiot?” Xia Zi’s voice shook him out of his reverie.

Guan Zixuan blinked in response. “I’m willing to be an idiot for you!”

Xia Zi deadpanned. That answer made her rather flustered.

Her ears turned red as she said, “Go back and ask your brother about this. He’ll explain everything to you. I’m going to take a nap for real now!”

He followed her with a huge grin. “I’m taking a nap with you!”

He hopped up to her and leaned his head on her shoulder, only to receive an automatic punch in his face. It was a reflex action and it made his nose start bleeding.

The both of them looked at each other in shock!

The conversation then went like this.

“Ouch, it hurts. A’zi, be gentle!”

“Die from the pain! Where did you go earlier!”

“Can you bear to see me die from pain?”


Silence followed.

Xia Zi then said, “Guan Zixuan, you should go to hell!”

Scuffling ensued.


Guan Zixuan returned to the Guan family home after night fell.

Everyone was already back home.

He saw his father, Guan Mingchang, sitting at the main seat in the main hall, with Xia Xinsheng beside him while Guan Zijue was on the side. The three of them looked extremely serious when he walked in.

Guan Zixuan’s eyebrows twitched at this. Why does this feel like I’m going to be interrogated?

He stole a quick glance at his brother only to see a face absent of any emotion. Not even giving me any clue.

He thus walked up to his father and said, “Dad, you’re back early!”

“I’d die of anger otherwise!”

Guan Mingchang smashed a teacup on the floor right after.

“You unfilial son. You just returned from the discipline committee today. Where did you go to create trouble again!”

He took a peek at Xia Xinsheng and she shook her head at him slowly. He inwardly heaved a sigh of relief at this.

His father was unaware that he was at the hotel.

He then laughed and said, “I just went out for a bit!”

“You call going to a hotel went out for a bit?” Guan Mingchang’s voice got much louder at this.

Guan Zixuan did not want to anger his father. His father was very mad at him when he decided to become a celebrity, and he did not want to make him so mad again.

What’s with him though? I really just went out for a bit!

“Dad, calm down. Tell me what happened and I’ll be able to explain everything to you. I have no idea what you’re talking about now. Aren’t you accusing me too quickly!”

Guan Mingchang was visibly infuriated. “I’m accusing you?! Why would Xiaoran come to me crying then? Tell me why you didn’t return home. And you didn’t even contact your company about your work. You’re an embarrassment to me!”

The smile on Guan Zixuan’s face faded. He realized that Xia Xinsheng’s signal to him was for him to tell the truth. She usually wouldn’t share such information with his father, but he forgot that Su Xiaoran was there too.

Fine. Trying to challenge me? Game on!

An evil glint flickered across Guan Zixuan’s eyes.

He was one of those rich, arrogant brats before he became a celebrity, and he had tons of connections of his own. There was basically nobody to keep him in check with Guan Zijue in the military and his father being swamped at work. His network was influential enough for them to get away with criminal activity!

Su Xiaoran learnt all her tricks from him, but he never thought he would be at the receiving end one day.

Fine! I have no reason to be polite to her anymore. I guess she must have forgotten that I’m no easy opponent either!

He looked at Guan Mingchang and said, “Dad, I’m not going to beat around the bush since you’re already aware. Whatever Su Xiaoran told you, that’s just her side of the story and it’s skewed. I won’t embarrass you. I’d marry her if you want me to, and you don’t have to worry about anything else!”

“Hmph!” Guan Mingchang stood up to leave.

Guan Zixuan turned to see Guan Zijue staring at him.

Guan Zijue knew him too well. If he said that earlier, it meant that he was already aware of the plans. Otherwise, he would not have told his father that he would marry Su Xiaoran as long as they wanted him to.

It would be great news for Guan Zixuan if the Guan family did not want to have anything to do with the Su family anymore after their fall from grace. But Guan Zixuan’s tone when he spoke earlier made it sound like he had something else up his sleeve. Guan Zixuan was quite the bad egg when he was younger, and that expression would always appear every time he wanted to create trouble. His brother knew him too well and he could catch that subtle change in expression instantly.

“Don’t create any trouble and make Dad angry again!”

“I know!” Guan Zixuan laughed and said, “Bro, why did you keep everything from me? You made me so worried!”

From this, Guan Zijue could tell that he had already met Xia Zi.

“Well, now you know. Anyway, don’t act recklessly. Or else you just might throw a wrench into my plans!”

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