Chapter 252: I Saw Everything

Su Xiaoran raised her brows at Xia Zi.

Xia Zi’s eyes narrowed slightly at this. Did Su Xiaoran just try to threaten me? She’s using this tactic even when she knows clearly it doesn’t work on me?

She thus gave Su Xiaoran the side-eye and said, “I’m really curious to see what you’ll do if I don’t back down! And also, what happens if I do?”

Su Xiaoran’s expression changed. For some reason, she felt that Xia Zi seemed different from the past, but she just could not put her finger on it.

I have nothing to be afraid of. This is Emperor City, and Xia Zi doesn’t have any backing here. She thus decided to go head to head with Xia Zi on this.

“If you refuse to back down, I’ll make you regret ever coming to Emperor City. If you do, then I won’t make things difficult for you either! It’ll be a win-win situation in that case!”

Xia Zi smirked at her. “Make things difficult for me… I’m really curious to see how you’ll do that!”

“You...” Su Xiaoran pointed an angry finger at Xia Zi. “Xia Zi, don’t be stubborn. I… I...”

“You what!” Xia Zi stared at her coldly, her expression rather terrifying. There were only a handful who dared threaten her so openly like this.

Su Xiaoran was infuriated. When did Xia Zi become so fierce?

She reached out to grab Xia Zi’s hair without a second thought. Xia Zi dodged her easily and grabbed her elbow, causing Su Xiaoran to cry out in pain.

When did Xia Zi become like this? She’s the devil’s incarnate!

Guan Zixuan was about to turn the corner into the walkway when the familiar-sounding cry made him stop in his tracks.

An elegant-looking lady walked out of the elevator just as Su Xiaoran cried out. The lady looked at Xia Zi sternly as she yelled at her. “Audacious!”

Xia Zi looked up, shocked to see Xia Xinsheng.

Why would Guan Zixuan’s mother be here? Didn’t Guan Zixuan say he would be arriving soon? Why were these unrelated individuals appearing one after another?

Xia Xinsheng walked up to Xia Zi with elegant steps as Xia Zi let go of Su Xiaoran. Su Xiaoran went to Xia Xinsheng immediately, her face pale with fear.

Why was Xia Zi so terrifying? She had so much strength in her. It felt like she could just kill me with a flick of her wrist!

Xia Xinsheng looked at Su Xiaoran and frowned. She never liked Su Xiaoran. She found the girl too spoilt and arrogant. But it was thanks to her that Guan Zixuan could be released, and their families were already discussing the marriage. She had to be on Su Xiaoran’s side even if she did not like her. She then turned to look at Xia Zi.

“Xia Zi, we’ve met a few times, so you should know how I am. There’s no need for you to continue this fight. Xiaoran and Zixuan’s marriage is already set in stone. I hope you won’t interfere!”

Weirdly, Xia Zi was unable to muster up that intense aura she used to pressure Su Xiaoran when she looked at Xia Xinsheng. A natural fear enveloped her every time she saw Xia Xinsheng. It was a bizarre desire to not upset the older woman, and she did not know why she felt that way every time she saw Xia Xinsheng.

She looked at the older woman with a placid expression. “Aunt Xia, I’m not fighting anything. It’s Miss Su Xiaoran who came knocking, and I’m already being very polite. She managed to get away very lightly for someone who challenged me.” Xia Zi then stood there in silence, not uttering another word.

Xia Xinsheng frowned at this. Why did Xia Zi seem to have changed so much after just a few months? I heard Zixuan say that she remembered her past. Was this change caused by that?

She knew Su Xiaoran was unreasonable, and she would rather not bother with what happened between her and Xia Zi, but she did not want Guan Mingchang to be embarrassed by this.

“No matter what, you’ve already punished Xiaoran enough. I hope you will stop harassing our Zixuan in the future, Miss Xia. I thank you in advance.”

Xia Xinsheng turned to leave, with Su Xiaoran following behind her unhappily.

Xia Zi did not like Xia Xinsheng, but she had no choice but to bow down in front of Xia Xinsheng because Guan Zixuan respected her greatly. She knew that Guan Zixuan would be furious if she was rude to the older woman.

Guan Zixuan appeared before them just when Xia Xinsheng turned to leave.

He looked at Xia Xinsheng with a dark expression. She treated him well even though she was his stepmother, so both he and his brother respected her greatly.

But he could not stand to see her treat Xia Zi this way. No one could replace Xia Zi in his heart, not even his parents.

A tiny flicker of panic flashed past Xia Xinsheng’s eyes when she saw Guan Zixuan approach. If it wasn’t for Su Xiaoran asking her for help, she wouldn’t even have deigned to interfere in that matter. She did it only because of Guan Zixuan.

But she knew Guan Zixuan well, and she knew that he would not be happy about how she had just treated Xia Zi. She asked in a surprised tone, “Why are you here, Zixuan?”

Guan Zixuan answered her without emotion. “I’m here for the same reason as you are!”

He sounded a little annoyed. His gaze then shifted to Su Xiaoran, who was now cowering behind Xia Xinsheng. “How did you know she was here?”

His tone was a million times icier.

Su Xiaoran tried to make herself even smaller as she lowered her head. “I… I… I just happened to be here today and I happened to see her…”

Guan Zixuan scoffed at this. “What a coincidence that you’re here with my mum!”

Su Xiaoran fell silent. She looked up and stole a glance at Guan Zixuan, suddenly feeling afraid of his menacing aura.

She decided to frame Guan Zixuan and accuse him of taking drugs because she thought that he would not do anything to her even if he found out. But that look of his made her shiver in fear.

She then turned to Xia Xinsheng, pleading with her eyes. “Zixuan, it’s not what you think.”

“Then what!” Guan Zixuan was not about to listen to her excuses.

Seeing Xia Xinsheng look surprised, Guan Zixuan suddenly felt that he might have sounded too harsh. Though Xia Xinsheng was his stepmother, she was also his saviour. He refused to accept her in the beginning too, but what happened made him change his opinion of her entirely.

His father was running in an election at the time, and he had just graduated. He never thought that he would actually meet a bunch of thugs when he was on his way home. His father’s opponents had sent those thugs. They wanted to use him to threaten his father, and he knew what the opponent had planned, so he wanted to escape when he had the chance.

He never thought that Xia Xinsheng saw everything, and she rushed to save him without sparing a thought for her own safety, and she was almost raped by those thugs. It was fortunate that his father’s men arrived in the nick of time and they were both ferried to safety. That incident made a lasting impression on him.

He was not afraid at the time, but what surprised him was that she was willing to go all out to save him. From then on, he started addressing her ‘mum’.

Though Xia XInsheng was not one who showed her emotions easily, he began to get to know her better and he realized that she treated him like her own. She was someone who was burning with warmth on the inside while she simply looked cold on the outside.

He knew very well that she was on Su Xiaoran’s side because of him, but he just could not stand the sight of Xia Zi being bullied. No one was an exception to this, not even himself.

He then adjusted his tone to sound a little gentler. “Mum, I saw everything earlier.”

Xia Xinsheng then realized that he had actually emerged from a corner in the hallway. Slight frustration flashed in her eyes as she said, “I didn’t mean anything by that, but you and Xiaoran are about to get married soon. You agreed to this yourself, so I hope that you’ll know what is best. Your dad will have his hands full otherwise.”

Guan Zixuan nodded at this. “I know. You don’t have to worry. Go back first.”

Xia Xinsheng took another look at him and left. Su Xiaoran watched her departing figure and turned back to look at Xia Zi. Resentment flashed in her eyes, but she could only follow behind Xia Xinsheng.

After the both of them left, Guan Zixuan turned to Xia Zi with nothing but tenderness in his eyes. “Why are you here, A’zi?”

Xia Zi was never someone who liked beating around the bush, and she was always straightforward and direct, especially with those she cared about. If she came here to look for him, she would tell him straight instead of pretending that she came here for something else.

“I’m here to look for you!”

“To look for me?”

“Yes! I believe you know that my sister got married. You didn’t attend the wedding, so I was worried that something might have happened to you. This is why I came over.”

Guan Zixuan walked up to her slowly. “You’re not angry with me anymore?”

“Why should I be angry?” Xia Zi asked as she stood at the door, blocking the entrance to the room.

Guan Zixuan watched that adorable and slightly mischievous look on her as he asked, “You know about everything that’s happening here?”

“Mm!” Xia Zi answered directly.

Guan Zixuan looked into her eyes and asked, “A’zi, let’s talk inside, okay?”

Xia Zi raised her brows at him. “Why do we have to go inside?”

Guan Zixuan sighed. “Fine. We’ll talk here then. You know that I’ve agreed to the marriage with the Su family?”

“Your brother told me everything before he went to visit you!”

Guan Zixuan scolded his brother inwardly. Damn it! Am I his brother or is she his sister? You told her everything but kept everything from me! That brother of mine got me good this time.

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