Chapter 251: Wise Are Those Who Can Adapt

Guan Zijue heaved a sigh of relief when his brother agreed. He knew that convincing Guan Zixuan would not be easy, and seeing how Guan Zixuan was willing to compromise to such a great extent upon hearing Xia Zi’s name only served to prove how important she was to him.

Guan Zijue took another look at Guan Zixuan before leaving. If everything went smoothly, Guan Zixuan should be able to leave by tomorrow afternoon.

The contents of their conversation was very quickly made known to the Su family.

At the Su family home.

Su Xiaoran spoke to her brother, Su Jing, smugly. “Look, I told you. Guan Zixuan would surely agree to this. The Guan family’s honor is on the line. He would have to consider them even if he doesn’t care about himself!”

Su Jing shook his head in resignation. “Xiaoran, you’re only forcing him into this. What if he doesn’t treat you well in future?”

Su Xiaoran tilted her head back as she laughed. “As long as we get married, I have my ways!”


A video was posted online in the afternoon of a group of rich heirs and heiresses hanging out at a bar. Guan Zixuan was one of them, and it was obvious that the photo that led to his scandal was a screen grab from that video. The discipline committee continued investigating the case even after the video had already made its way into the public sphere. They were extraordinarily strict since this could affect the Guan family greatly. Even so, the video had already proven that Guan Zixuan was innocent, and he was thus released very quickly.

Guan Zixuan rushed back home to look for his brother immediately. “Bro! Where’s A’zi?”

Guan Zijue frowned at this. “It wasn’t convenient for me to tell you everything the other day. The only reason you’ve been released now is because you agreed to the marriage, so don’t think about running away from it. Start preparing for the wedding. Forget about the engagement, we’re planning to go straight to the wedding. A’zi is in Emperor City, but it’s not the right time for her to meet you now. Our families have already discussed matters regarding the wedding. It’ll be held next Friday. There are only ten days left, so I hope you keep yourself in check!”

Guan Zixuan was stunned upon hearing this. “Bro, are you serious about asking me to marry that Su Xiaoran? That vicious woman might come up with another evil plan to harm me again. Can you bear to see me marry her?”

Guan Zijue smirked. “That’s none of my business. Go prepare for it and don’t get in trouble!” He then left right after.

Guan Zixuan stood there in disbelief. Why is my own brother pushing me into the fire like this! This won’t do. I have to find A’zi.

He suddenly remembered that he could have actually called her. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? I just wasted my time coming over.

He quickly switched on his mobile phone only to receive tons of notifications. He was surprised to see so many missed calls from Mo Suqing.

“Zixuan, I’m getting married. Call me back if you see my text!”

“Zixuan, why can’t I reach you? A’zi seems to be feeling rather down because you’re not here. So many things happened in A City, and her mood has not been great lately. Talk to her if you have the time.”


Her last text to him was sent before she boarded the plane.

“Zixuan, I’m going on my honeymoon now. We’ll probably be gone for quite a while. Anyway, A’zi isn’t in a good mood. I know she’s usually aloof, but she’s really feeling down this time. I’ve already talked to her and asked her to go to you. I hope you cherish this!”

Those were all of Mo Suqing’s text. The rest of the notifications were of missed calls. He looked through them to realize that Xia Zi called him quite a few times just a few days ago. He had already been taken away and locked up then.

He never expected things to turn out like this. He knew that his family would try their best to help him, so he did not feel stressed about his scandal at all. If he had really taken drugs, he would just be tested for it and sent to rehabilitation. The worst that could happen was leaving a tiny mark on the Guan family’s impeccable reputation.

He never expected Mo Suqing to get married this suddenly either. She seemed that she was not ready for it the last time he visited A City, which was why he thought that it would need some time for her to actually get married. Who knew that Ye Zhongjue acted this quickly?

Just thinking about his marriage with Su Xiaoran could make his blood boil. If it was not for his desire to be released so that he could see Xia Zi, he would never have agreed to marry that woman.

He dialled Xia Zi’s number on his phone.

Xia Zi was enjoying the sunlight at the balcony when she heard her phone ring.

She picked it up and saw that it was Guan Zixuan calling.

She had already heard about his upcoming marriage with Su Xiaoran. Guan Zijue did not hide anything from her either. He told her that if they failed at bringing down the Su family this time, there might be no way out for Guan Zixuan and he would have to really marry Su Xiaoran.

She already knew that Guan Zixuan would be safe when she saw the video online yesterday. But she never expected him to be calling her so soon. Guan Zijue told her that Guan Mingchang and Xia Xinsheng had really bad impressions of her because she left without a word months ago. Because of that, it would be quite difficult for her to get together with Guan Zixuan again in future.

Guan Mingchang and Xia Xinsheng were unaware of his plans to bring the Su family down. They simply thought that Guan Zixuan decided to compromise and agree to the marriage and that everything just happened to go its natural course.

 What they did not expect was the ensuing drama. Guan Zijue had planned everything, and he was bent on preventing the marriage no matter what. He decided to do it for Xia Zi who risked herself in order to obtain the evidence and material.

He was very impressed with Xia Zi now, and needless to say, he hated Su Xiaoran. This was why he decided to make use of the material he had to bring her family down.

At this point, Xia Zi was unaware Guan Zijue had already placed her in such high regard. To her, loving someone means giving them her all. She does not care what will happen to her as long as Guan Zixuan is well. She could remember very clearly how tender Guan Zixuan was to her in the past five years where he had mistaken her for Mo Suqing.

She then decided to answer his call. “Hello...”

Emotions overwhelmed Guan Zixuan as he heard her voice.

“A’zi, where are you?”

Xia Zi told him the hotel she was in, almost bursting into tears at the sound of his voice.

Nobody knew how anxious she felt when Guan Zixuan’s fate was still undecided. Having lived abroad for most of her life, she was unfamiliar with how things worked in their country, and she feared so much for him.

No one would have understood that anxiety.

“I’m going over now. Don’t leave. Stay in the hotel and wait for me, okay?”

Guan Zixuan sounded like he was coaxing a little child, making Xia Zi feel like they were transported back to when she still had amnesia, to when he was still her Zixuan, and she was still his A’zi. But I can never replace my sister.

“Okay!” She answered. She heard Guan Zixuan’s heavy breathing from the other end of the line, as if he was running.

Guan Zixuan was almost jumping for joy upon hearing Xia Zi’s answer. “I’m coming over now!”

He then ended the call.

Xia Zi was in a daze as she listened to the dial tone on the phone.

If the Su family falls and that marriage does not happen, how would I face his parents in future? But what if the Su family manages to survive this? Should I still stay?

She would never hang onto someone who was already married.

Guan Zixuan arrived rather quickly. It had barely been ten minutes since they ended the call.

Xia Zi walked to the door and opened it nervously. However, she was shocked to see her visitor. Instead of Guan Zixuan, it was Su Xiaoran - someone whom she had not met in a long time.

She had in fact, met Su Xiaoran before.

Five years ago, before Guan Zixuan brought her back to his home, Xia Zi had been in the hospital for a long time.

There had always been a frequent visitor to his home in those five years she spent there, and that visitor was none other than Su Xiaoran. She seemed to always hover around like a fly.

Xia Zi was no easy target even though she had lost her memories then. Every time Su Xiaoran wanted to get her into trouble, it would backfire instead. They could thus be considered enemies of some sort. Su Xiaoran hated Xia Zi, and Xia Zi did not like Su Xiaoran at all. She even fought with Su Xiaoran shortly before she left Emperor City. She had yet to regain her memories, so even though she knew how to protect herself, she did not have much of an upper hand in their fight either.

Now that Su Xiaoran was right before her, she did not have to lift a finger to be able to pressure Su Xiaoran by her presence alone.

Su Xiaoran felt smug now that Guan Zixuan had agreed to marry her, but she also knew that it was because he wanted to see Xia Zi that he did so.

Since she was able to get Guan Zixuan released in such a short amount of time, it was no surprise that she was able to locate Xia Zi even before he did.

She gave a satisfied smile. “Xia Zi, you didn’t expect to see me here, did you? I didn’t want to meet you either, but let me tell you this. I won’t let you spoil my wedding plans with Guan Zixuan! So, are you going to back down or do I have to do something about it?”

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