Chapter 250: Is She Insane?

Xia Zi waited for about half an hour before Su Jing appeared.

His grin widened as he saw Xia Zi.

She looked up at that satisfied grin of his before giving an imperceptible smirk after confirming that the pinhole camera was still secure on his chest.

Su Jing walked up to her and put a hand over her shoulder as he smiled. “Sorry for the wait!”

Xia Zi shook her head shyly and stole another glance at the camera before they walked out. She already had the camera back in her hands before they entered the car. This made her smile even more sweetly than before.

She had wanted to leave after retrieving the camera, but she realized that the contract Guan Zijue asked her to obtain was also with Su Jing.

Su Jing would probably keep an important document like that either in the safe or take it with him wherever he went, and Xia Zi found that he just happened to have it in his document bag. She thus decided to leave with him in his car.

Su Jing was satisfied with how willing Xia Zi was. She’s still one of those cheap girls even though she looks so pretty. Pouncing on me because I have both the money and the looks. But I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll give her a chance.

He drove all the way to Hotel Arthur, walking in with his document bag in one hand and Xia Zi in the other. The moment they entered the room, he dropped everything and headed for the shower.

Xia Zi moved quickly, snapping photos of all the relevant documents before putting everything back into place. She was gone before Su Jing came out of the shower.

He looked around the room and checked his documents. Nothing seemed to be amiss.

He then went downstairs to ask the hotel staff and they told him that Xia Zi ran out in tears earlier. Puzzled, he went back upstairs to retire for the night.

After exiting the hotel, Xia Zi found a secluded corner and removed her facial prosthetics before putting on another set and heading for the next location.

Her next location was a condominium apartment complex and her target was a politician. He was usually stationed at the military headquarters, but he had a mistress who stayed in the city. He purchased a condominium for her and visits her at least once a week. Today was the day of his visit. His wife did not know about this at all. Guan Zijue’s plan was to blackmail the politician after they obtained photos of him and his mistress together.

Xia Zi was unsure if he would relent based on a few photos alone, but Guan Zijue said it was sure to work as their target was extremely fearful of his wife. Even so, she would never do something that might end in failure.

She entered the building opposite the apartment complex armed with a pair of binoculars and watched her target. Xia Zi was presented with a live-action porn as he did not even bother to draw the curtains. He probably never thought anyone would actually be snapping photographs of him from the opposite building at this hour.

Xia Zi packed up and left quickly after snapping a few photos on her camera. She only had to give all the materials to Guan Zijue before he arranged everything to take down the Su Family once and for all.

Xia Zi asked Guan Zijue out on the next day to give him all the materials. He was surprised at the speed with which she worked. “That was quick!”

She nodded. “When can we save him?”

Guan Zijue changed the subject instead of answering her question. “I’m planning to go visit Zixuan today. I can pass a message if you’d like.”

Xia Zi shook her head. “No. Everything’s good as long as he’s fine!”

Guan Zijue nodded before saying, “Actually I would’ve asked to meet you even if you didn’t ask me out for these materials today.”

“Huh?” Xia Zi looked at him in puzzlement.

“Don’t get angry.” He looked at her as he spoke in a serious tone.

“Go ahead!” Xia Zi remained placid as she waited for his answer.

He then said, “I’m actually visiting Zixuan today to get him to agree to the Su family’s marriage proposal!” He watched Xia Zi to gauge her reaction on this, but she remained expressionless.

Guan Zijue then continued, “Once he agrees, Su Xiaoran will be willing to clarify everything. I’m planning to submit these materials one day before their wedding, which will then cause the wedding to be cancelled. It’s a little despicable, but Su Xiaoran never wanted to make it easy for Zixuan either. I’m just giving her a taste of her own medicine. I hope you don’t mind!”

Xia Zi already expected that there would have been more to Guan Zijue’s plan that he had yet to share with her.

It was indeed rather despicable, but anything was fine with her as long as they could save Guan Zixuan. She just did not want to see him get hurt.

She was no expert in the field of politics, and she merely wanted Guan Zixuan to be safe.

“Big Brother, I’ll leave it to you. I’ll wait for Guan Zixuan!”

Guan Zijue nodded at her in acknowledgement.


When Xia Zi returned to her hotel, she heard news that Su Jing had been looking all over the city for a girl he met at the banquet last night, a beautiful girl in a blue gown. However, Su Jing could not locate her no matter where he looked. That woman seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Guan Zijue left to visit Guan Zixuan immediately after his meeting with Xia Zi. Guan Zixuan was still in detention since his case was still under investigation, and Guan Zijue was only able to visit him through some connections he had.

Guan Zixuan was sitting in a tiny room that was walled on three sides. There was only one door which served as the entrance and exit. Guan Zijue saw his brother sitting at the desk with his head lowered, as if he was deep in thought. He knew instantly that the room would be monitored by security cameras, and everything they said would be recorded as potential evidence.

That did not matter since he was here to tell Guan Zixuan to agree to the marriage.

Su Xiaoran’s parents had already agreed to it, so it was now down to Guan Zixuan.

Guan Zixuan saw his brother walk in when the door opened, but looked back down quickly. Guan Zijue was momentarily angered by the sight of him. “Stop that! What are you doing?”

Guan Zixuan looked up and asked, “Does it matter what I’m doing now?”

“Are you going to give up just like that?”

Guan Zixuan turned away from him. “I didn’t say that!”

Guan Zijue did not want to waste any more time with him and went straight to the point. “I wanted to ask if you’re willing to marry Su Xiaoran.”

Guan Zixuan’s head shot up as he scoffed. “Is she insane? Why would she want to marry me when I’m in such a state?”

Guan Zijue continued, “Whether she’s really insane or not, I’m here to ask on behalf of the Su family if you agree to this marriage!”

Guan Zixuan looked at his brother incredulously. “Bro, are you really my brother? I don’t think you should be the one saying that!”

Guan Zijue stared at him. “Answer me. Are you going to get married or not? If you’re not, then you can stay here and rot to death!”

Guan Zixuan scoffed at him. “I guess you’re here to force me into the marriage!”

Guan Zijue shot him a cold glare. “Do you think I would bother with you if you weren’t my brother? Answer me. Are you getting married or not? It doesn’t matter if you’re going in for eight years or ten years, as long as both of you are willing, the Guan and Su families will make it happen!”

“No way! Bro!” Guan Zixuan stared at Guan Zijue wide-eyed. “You think she’s insane, but I’m not. I don’t like her, so why do I have to marry her!”

Guan Zijue tried to signal to him with his gaze that the only way out for him now was to agree to the marriage, and it was obvious that Guan Zixuan understood, but he chose to ignore it instead.

Anxious, Guan Zijue decided to use his trump card. “Xia Zi is in Emperor City!”

Guan Zixuan’s expression changed immediately. He stood up and walked up to Guan Zijue. “What did you say? A’zi is here?”

Guan Zijue was losing his patience. “Why would I lie to you? You decide if you want to get married or not!”

Guan Zixuan contemplated for a moment before answering resolutely, “I want to!”

He decided that he had to agree even if it meant reneging on the marriage since he knew that someone will help him out of the current situation as long as he agreed. His A’zi has arrived, so he can’t waste any more time here. Joy and anxiety filled up in him when he heard Guan Zijue say that she had returned.

He could barely believe it. She seemed so cold and aloof the last time he went to A City, and he thought that she would never have come for him on her own volition. Even though he thought she did not care for him at all, he was unable to forget how they relied on each other for the past five years.

In those five years, though it felt like he was the one taking care of her and that she was relying on him, he knew very well that he had already gotten used to her and everything about her. He had gotten used to being by her side every day and seeing her there all the time.

A routine could be terrifying. It made him fall in love with her.

He never expected that he would have feelings for anyone else in this world apart from Mo Suqing. Little did he know that fate would let them meet...

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