Chapter 25: Do Not Reject Me Again

Mo Suqing wheeled around and saw Ye Zhongjue standing there, looking at her expressionlessly.

After a while, he said, “Don’t worry. I already told your company that you will be taking a day off. Rest at home today. You can go back to work tomorrow.”

Then, he walked to the side of the bed with the bowl.

“Drink this first!”

Mo Suqing blushed. She could not help it when she remembered that he knew about her period.

She turned her head to one side shyly and asked, “How do you know where I work?”

“Your good friend Leng Xiyao called. I answered the phone and told her you would take a day off.” Ye Zhongjue said, handing her the tea.

Mo Suqing took it and asked, “Did she say what she had called me for?”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head. “No. She didn’t say much. Probably because she found that it was me who answered the phone.”

Mo Suqing held her breath and finished the ginger tea in one gulp. Her belly warmed up immediately. She felt a lot better than yesterday.

She couldn’t help but ask, “Did you make this?”

She found herself dubious. After all, he was a guy.

Ye Zhongjue replied, his tone a little uneasy, “Yeah. I saw that you were in great pain, so I asked someone how to alleviate it.”

“Oh. Thanks!” Mo Suqing lowered her head, blushing.

Ye Zhongjue gazed at her without saying anything for a long while. Mo Suqing thought he had left and raised her head back up.

Their eyes met, and she tumbled into the depth of his eyes.

Mo Suqing felt lost and disoriented. Why would my heart skip a beat when I looked into those deep, calm eyes?

“Stop looking at me like that! It’s really awkward…” Mo Suqing said in a timid, small voice, which had an effect of a cat brushing past you in a tantalizing way.

Ye Zhongjue raised his eyebrows and his expression quickly returned to normal, almost as if those eyes that had confused Mo Suqing just now did not belong to him at all.

“Okay! Give me the bowl. Today, you will take a good rest and recuperate at home.      Don’t go anywhere. Breakfast is on the table. Have some after washing up.”

Then, he left the room with the bowl.

Mo Suqing sat on the edge of the bed, astonished.

She remembered she had had some ginger tea last night too, but somehow it didn’t taste quite the same.

She frowned in bewilderment and sat there for a while before getting up.

After having breakfast, Mo Suqing walked past the study and saw that Ye Zhongjue was busy with his work.

His face was very serious and focused, which made him particularly attractive.

No wonder there was a saying that a man was the most handsome when he was working hard. He was unusually good-looking at that moment.

Before, she had felt a lot of pressure whenever Ye Zhongjue was nice to her. But now, she also felt deeply touched.

Come to think of it, she couldn’t possibly reject him in a situation like that of yesterday, could she?

She blinked and took a deep breath, adjusting to a new mindset. Okay then. I’ll learn how to let things be.

Ye Zhongjue had finished a call with Lin Ran. When he looked up, he found Mo Suqing standing by the door.

He walked to her and spoke in a deep, cello-like voice, “How do you feel?”

Mo Suqing smiled. “A lot better. Actually…”

She bit her lips before finishing her sentence, “You don’t have to stay at home with me. I am fine by myself. If you fall behind your work because of me, I’ll feel really bad.”

Ye Zhongjue wrinkled his brow. She was so polite to him that he could feel she still viewed him as an outsider.

What are they? he wondered. Two strangers who happen to sleep on the same bed?

He sighed inwardly. It looks like he has a long way to go before she falls in love with him, if she ever does.

He changed the subject, “After what happened yesterday, I decided to drive you to work and pick you up from work every day.”

Mo Suqing was about to protest, but he didn’t give her a chance. “Do not reject me again!” he said.

He looked at her and continued, “It’s not a big deal. Mighty Empire and Trend Magazine are more or less on the same route. Also, I don’t want something similar to 

happen again.”

Mo Suqing swallowed what she had wanted to say. After a while, she relented, “Alright.”

In any case, everyone in her company had heard about her marriage. Ye Zhongjue’s appearance would shut their mouths once and for all.

“You should return to work. I’ll go lie down for a bit. I’m feeling a bit unwell…” Mo Suqing gave him a half smile.


Ye Zhongjue watched her enter the bedroom before turning back to his desk.

The morning seemed to pass in a wink.

Near noon, Mo Suqing’s phone rang.

She had hardly fallen asleep when she was woken completely.

She glanced at the caller ID. Yao?

She picked it up and said, “Hey, Yao. What’s up?”

“Finally! You are answering the phone!”

Mo Suqing’s voice was hoarse with sleep. “What do you mean, ‘finally’? I was almost killed by my period yesterday! That’s why I overslept.”

Leng Xiyao immediately changed her tone; now it was full of concern, “Are you all right?”

Mo Suqing smiled. “After the first day, I’m feeling much better. So, why did you call?”

“You tell me!” said Leng Xiyao. She suddenly sounded annoyed, “I thought you went to the airport to take some pictures of Guan Zixuan yesterday. But why didn’t I read about something more exciting today?”

Mo Suqing gave a hollow laugh. She didn’t know if it was a good idea to tell Leng Xiyao the truth, so she resorted to lying. “I didn’t see Guan Zixuan yesterday.”

“Really? You are not lying, are you?” demanded Leng Xiyao without raising her voice.

“I’m not!” Mo Suqing lied unabashedly.

“But why didn’t you see him when Bai Tingnan did!” exclaimed Leng Xiyao exasperated, like a master whose apprentice had made an elementary mistake. “Her story is on the front page today: Actor Guan Zixuan and Secret Lover Caught in a Restroom. Didn’t you go to the airport yesterday after noon?”

Mo Suqing was struck with astonishment, feeling sick in her stomach.

“Wait! What did you just say? Are you sure the headline in the entertainment section today is Actor Guan Zixuan and Secret Lover Caught in a Restroom?”

She couldn’t believe it. What? She was certain she was the only person who had bumped into Guan Zixuan in the restroom yesterday!

“I’m sure!” Leng Xiyao said fiercely. In order to obtain this key piece of information regarding Guan Zixuan’s arrival, she had almost made a humiliating deal with her uncle.

“Do you know that I almost knelt before my uncle and begged him to divulge the information? He finally gave it to me and I thought it was without doubt we would get the front page! But now, that bitch Bai Tingnan beat us to it. How am I supposed to swallow it?”

Mo Suqing had known that the sources Leng Xiyao had always seemed to come from that resourceful uncle of hers.

But, how was Bai Tingnan able to write a story about it? She had been in the office all 

day long yesterday!

“Are you sure it is Bai Tingnan who wrote the story? She didn’t even leave the office at all at work yesterday!”

“It is her!” said Leng Xiyao bitterly. “You have no idea how everyone is praising her now! They say she has such good connections that even if she doesn’t go anywhere, breaking news will come to her, that she knows everything, blah-blah-blah. I am so disgusted seeing her strutting like a peacock all morning!”

Mo Suqing held her phone with one hand and switched on her tablet with the other.

“Wait, let me check out the entertainment section first.”

“Okay. See with your own eyes!” said Leng Xiyao resignedly.

Mo Suqing clicked open the front page of the entertainment news and was immediately assaulted with scandal after scandal, all about the super star and his mysterious girlfriend in a restroom. They were extremely saucy.

Then, Mo Suqing looked for the headline of Trend. Sure enough, there was a photo of Guan Zixuan and that girl. It stated that Bai Tingnan of Trend Magazine was the first one who had published it.

Mo Suqing was utterly dumbstruck.

That’s the same photo I took with my phone! How on earth did Bai Tingnan get hold of it?

“Well? Did you see it? Why don’t you say something?” prompted Leng Xiyao.

Mo Suqing came back to reality and replied, “Yeah, I saw it.”

She didn’t know how to describe her feelings now.

One thing was certain: Guan Zixuan was definitely cursing her. But, it wasn’t her!

Mo Suqing didn’t know how to explain everything to Leng Xiyao.

She paused and put her thoughts in order before recounting what had happened the previous afternoon.

“So, this is what happened. I promised Guan Zixuan I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I also told him that I am just an ordinary traveler instead of a gossip columnist! Moreover, he gave his jacket to me, which is really kind. I did not expect this at all… If I knew the photo would end up there, I may as well have written the story myself! Why did I spend the rest of the afternoon enduring the goddamn pain, only to come up with a piece of crap? Grrr!”

Leng Xiyao had been listening quietly. After a while, she spoke, “So you were saying that the photo Bai Tingnan published is actually from your phone and that she stayed in the office all day long yesterday, so you have no idea how she could possibly get hold of any photos of the like?”

She paused before adding, “Do you think she can have installed some kind of monitoring software in your phone? Otherwise, how can she have the photo?”

Leng Xiyao frowned in perplexity.

Mo Suqing thought about what she had said and replied, “I don’t think so. We don’t mingle with each other, so it is impossible that she could touch my phone, much less install anything in it. God, no one will believe it if I tell them the truth. Give me a little more time… I think I might know what happened.”

Mo Suqing retraced in her head everything that had happened yesterday one more time.

“You know what happened? Well, tell me!” pressed Leng Xiyao. “I am dying to know how the news that is supposed to be ours ended up in the hand of that bitch. God, I’m 

so mad! If I ever know how she did it, I swear I’ll cut her treacherous hand off!”

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