Chapter 247: Getting Married to Love

Little did Mo Suqing expect that the both of them would actually think about marriage after facing a life-and-death situation.

Getting married would mean that they would be together for their entire lives.

Ye Zhongjue grasped her hand tightly. Although his wound still hurt, his heart felt warm and full.

A’jiu stopped Xiaoliu before she could rush into the room. He said, “It’s not nice to disturb Daddy and Mummy now!”

“Why?” Xiaoliu looked at him innocently.

“Because if we disturb them, they might not be together after this. If they separate, we might end up with either only Daddy or Mummy instead of having the both of them here. If they have their own separate families in future, we’ll become abandoned. Wouldn’t that just be sad? So we need to give them space to spend time with each other!”

Though Xiaoliu seemed a little confused, she nodded and listened to A’jiu. She peeked into the room through the gap in the door.

She then cried out softly, “Brother, Daddy and Mummy are playing kissy-kissy!”

A’jiu facepalmed. What’s wrong with this sister of mine!

Mo Suqing opened the door at this moment. She looked down to see Xiaoliu curled up on the floor and looking up at her with large, innocent eyes.

She then turned to see her son, disdain written all over his face as he looked at Xiaoliu.

She reached out to take Xiaoliu’s hand and turned to A’jiu to say, “A’jiu, go in and see Daddy. He’s awake now.”

A’jiu walked towards her awkwardly, and Mo Suqing walked back into the room with the two of them in tow.

After Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue decided to get married, the entire A City was inundated with the news.

Mo Suqing decided to leave from the Mo family home on her wedding day. [1]

Since Leng Xiyao had promised Mo Suqing to get married at the same time, the both of them decided to have their weddings on the same day and in the same hotel.

Ye Zhongjue’s injury had more or less recovered after a month.


It was bright and sunny on the day of their wedding, and A City seemed to be bathed in a warm glow of happiness.

Mo Suqing looked at her reflection in the mirror as she donned her white wedding gown. After all these years, I’ve finally put on a wedding gown for him.

Everything seemed to flash past her mind.

It had been seven years since that fateful night when she mistook him for Gu Jiannan, and she felt fortunate to be able to meet him again.

All the trials and tribulations they had been through had now become a foundation for their love.

She felt that she was the luckiest woman in the world, because she’s getting married for love.

She smiled as she thought about Leng Xiyao, who was currently in another room. She felt lucky that she was able to keep her word with Leng Xiyao and get married at the same time, and at the fact that she had such a good friend!

Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi were the bridesmaids, while Xiaoliu, A’jiu and An Baobei were the page boys and flower girl. An Baobei had changed his name to Leng Yixuan, and he had already been given five percent of the shares in the An Group as well as ten percent of the shares in The Unparalleled.

Everyone called him a mini tycoon.

The boy smiled sweetly at everyone as he remained silent.

After what happened to Su Jincheng, Luo Qiqi did not seem to be able to let him go even after some time had passed. Xia Zi did not dare reveal the truth about what happened in the Soviet Union to Luo Qiqi, fearing that she would not be able to take it.

She saw Su Jincheng fall with her own eyes, but it was still extremely difficult for her to accept the fact that he was gone!

Xia Zi did not know how Luo Qiqi would react if she told her the truth, so Xia Zi chose to keep it from her for now.

I hope Qiqi will understand why I kept this from her when she finds out.

Though dressed in her white bridesmaid get-up, there was a hint of sorrow in Luo Qiqi’s expression. The previously bubbly and cheerful Luo Qiqi was gone.

It hurt Xia Zi to see her like this, but there was nothing she could do. Luo Qiqi had to go through this and walk out of it on her own.

Ye Zhongjue looked suave as he led a convoy of a hundred bright red Ferraris and cruised down A City’s streets.

Leng Haoyun’s convoy was made up of a hundred all-white BMWs, and it carried the meaning of growing old together.

It was an unforgettable scene in A City as the red and white vehicles dotted the main streets of A City.

Leng Xiyao was in a fiery red off-shoulder wedding gown with a fishtail design. She looked beautiful and enchanting as Leng Haoyun carried her into his white BMW.

Mo Suqing’s white gown had a long train, and when Ye Zhongjue saw her, he said affectionately, “My dear wife, I’m here!”

Mo Suqing lowered her head, embarrassed at him. That shy expression of hers made Ye Zhongjue fall head over heels for her again as he slowly walked up to her.

He scooped her up before Mo Suqing could even react.

She panicked and spoke softly in his ear, “Jue, your wound!”

Ye Zhongjue looked at her reassuringly, his warm and gentle breath falling on her neck.

She turned shy again as he said, “My dear wife, this happens only once. How can I let you walk on your own, silly!”

Mo Suqing blushed as she buried her head into his chest while he carried her all the way to his red Ferrari.

The white BMW and red Ferrari circled A City nine times, representing that the couples would be together for a long time. [2]

The convoys stopped at the Hilton Hotel for the banquets.

As a bridesmaid, Xia Zi was busy ushering the guests at the hotel, but she did not see the person that she wished to see the most even when most of the guests had already arrived.

She seemed rather disappointed. How could Guan Zixuan not turn up for my sister’s wedding? He should have come to congratulate her no matter what.

She knew very well how important Mo Suqing was to Guan Zixuan because she had spent the past five years with him.

Guan Zixuan took care of her so tenderly, and she knew that it was because he thought she was Mo Suqing. She knew that she could never be Mo Suqing’s replacement either.

Mo Suqing caught Xia Zi’s disappointed expression and made a call to Guan Zixuan. However, his phone seemed to be switched off and he was unreachable. She thus decided to tell him everything only after her wedding.

It was obvious that Xia Zi did not feel too happy about the fact that Guan Zixuan did not turn up.

Mo Suqing shook her head. My silly sister, why don’t you tell him how you feel?


Mo Suqing went to touch up her makeup after all the guests had arrived.

The next event was the exchange of rings. It represented how she and Ye Zhongjue will depend on each other and not abandon each other.

Ye Zhongjue was nervous as he heard the master of ceremonies invite the bride. He had never felt this nervous all his life and his heart was thumping wildly like never before.

He was entranced when he saw the figure in white walk towards him.

She was the only one he could see and everything else seemed to fade into the background as she shone with dazzling light.

When Mo Suqing arrived before him, he was suddenly at a loss of what to do.

The pastor then proceeded with the formalities.

The couple exchanged their rings and everything seemed to come to a happy end at this moment.

Reporters had been reporting on the entire day of events, from the convoys to the current banquet, and everything came to a close at night.

Mo Suqing, Ye Zhongjue, Leng Xiyao and Leng Haoyun changed into comfortable clothes after the banquet, as their next step would be to go on their honeymoons immediately.

At the airport, Mo Suqing pulled Xia Zi to the side when she spotted her sister looking rather down.

“A’zi, I think we’ll be spending at least a month abroad before returning. There’s something I wanted to tell you all this time.”

Xia Zi looked up at her in puzzlement. My sister had something to tell me?

Mo Suqing continued gently, “There’s no need to be surprised at this. I’ve wanted to tell you a long time ago, but I just couldn’t find the right time to broach the subject. I can tell that you have feelings for Guan Zixuan ever since he came to A City previously.”

“Sis… You...” Xia Zi stuttered and lowered her head.

Mo Suqing stroked her hair and looked at her gently.

“Silly girl, you have to be brave when it comes to love. If I didn’t run away at the time, it wouldn’t have taken me and Ye Zhongjue such a long time to get together. It’s good that you go through some difficult times, but the most important thing is to face it with courage.”

Xia Zi looked at Mo Suqing and nodded.

Mo Suqing smiled and whispered in her ear, “Actually, Guan Zixuan came to A City previously because he was looking for you!”

She then smiled meaningfully at Xia Zi before leaving.

The surprised Xia Zi was left rooted to the spot!

[1] For those unfamiliar with Chinese wedding customs, the groom usually goes to the bride’s family home to pick her up. This is why it’s stated that Mo Suqing leaves from the Mo family home on her wedding day.

[2] The phrase used here to represent ‘a long time’ has a word in it that sounds the same as the word for ‘nine’. This is why it’s stated that they circled the city nine times.

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