Chapter 245: Destroying What You Cannot Obtain

Ye Zhongjue ended the call quickly and sent the call record to Ming Ruoyuan. He then proceeded to get Lin Ran to prepare the document on the transfer of shares.

Xingping Mountain was a popular tourist destination in A City. The northern peak is the highest point on the mountain, and visitors do not usually go there since the terrain was rather dangerous.

That madwoman Ming Ruoyuan wanted to prevent them from being able to bring a large team, or else she would not have revealed her location to them this easily.

He would do anything if that meant saving Qiqi!

A sinister smile hung on Ming Ruoyuan’s lips as she stood at the peak, listening to the howling winds, looking extremely different from that fragile image she usually portrayed.

Yang Tianlong was standing in a clearing some distance away. Someone laid at his feet, unmoving, as if dead.

He looked at Ming Ruoyuan wistfully. He remembered when he collected her from the orphanage. She was but a little girl at the time. Now, she had grown to be a young lady, and he had started falling for her over time. No matter what she did, he helped and supported her as best as he could. She had told him that he was the only one left in this world who would actually help her.

He could not bear to leave her in the lurch and see her all alone. As long as it was something she wanted to achieve, he would do his best to help her reach her goal.

Ming Ruoyuan’s mobile phone vibrated. She smiled as she opened the notification.

A voice recording played, seemingly echoing through the empty mountains.

“Su Jincheng, you can come down from the rooftop now...”

It was the conversation between Ye Zhongjue and Su Jincheng. A satisfied smile appeared on Ming Ruoyuan. She had already predicted that this was what Ye Zhongjue would do.

All those years of studying his every move had not been wasted.

She simply had to sit and wait for those two documents!

Yang Tianlong continued to stare at Ming Ruoyuan wistfully, and she did not notice that Luo Qiqi, who was now laying on the ground, had heard the recording.

Luo Qiqi had actually already woken up. She was about to regain consciousness right before she was abducted, and when Yang Tianlong placed her in the car boot, she was literally shaken awake by the bumpy journey.

The winding road up the mountain almost made her sick, and it was fortunate that she had recovered from her operations, or else her condition might have worsened on that journey.

She did not dare to show that she was already awake since she knew that Ming Ruoyuan was right beside her. She wanted to wait for an opportunity to escape.

However, having her heart damaged and losing a kidney, she knew very well that she was in no condition to put up a fight. She would most likely end up dead if she tried to escape now.

Her only option was to bide her time.

Su Jincheng called right after Ye Zhongjue had his document done.

Su Jincheng sounded calm and collected as he spoke.

“I’m done here. I’m at your office. Let’s go together!”


Ye Zhongjue then grabbed the document and left immediately.

He made brief eye contact as he saw the familiar figure of Su Jincheng, but none of them spoke as they got into the car and headed for Xingping Mountain.

Though Xingping Mountain was a tourist area, the roads were winding and it was difficult to travel. The both of them stopped the car at the bottom of the northern peak and made their way up by foot.

The first thing they saw was Luo Qiqi lying on the ground when they arrived at the peak.

Both of them stiffened at this. With a single glance from Ming Ruoyuan, Yang Tianlong whipped out a pistol and aimed it at Luo Qiqi’s head.

Ming Ruoyuan laughed. “I wonder if you guys brought the documents I’ve asked for?”

Su Jincheng opened the red marriage certificate so that she could see the names and the photos on it.

When Ming Ruoyuan saw the doctored photo of them together with both her and Su Jincheng’s names, she suddenly felt that she had no more regrets in this life.

After so many years, she had finally gotten her wish.

It was because of Luo Qiqi that she started noticing Su Jincheng. But no one told her that the more you monitored someone, the more it became a habit and a routine that was difficult to shake off.

She was addicted to it. She was completely addicted to this man before her. It took her a while to realize that some of her actions were actually motivated by her feelings for him.

This was also why she decided to take Luo Qiqi’s place as Yaya and pretend to be the owner of the jade pendant.

On her deathbed, her mother had told her to take back Mighty Empire. According to her mother, Mighty Empire belonged to the Yun family, and none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Ming Jinhua. Her mother would not have died before her time, and neither would her father.

Ming Jinhua was only aware that Ming Zhenhua went to look for Yun Cheng’er, but she did not know that he was beaten to death by a bunch of gangsters in order to protect Yun Cheng’er. Ming Ruoyuan was only five at the time, and all she saw was her father’s body.

She hated Ming Jinhua, Ye Wentian, and she hated their children even more, because all they had now was supposed to be hers. Of course, there was a time when she hated her own mother, Yun Cheng’er.

Ming Ruoyuan was someone who hated the world, but she was not able to change much of it in the end.

Right now, all she wanted was to take over Mighty Empire and to have this man in front of her.

Su Jincheng looked at her. “The marriage certificate is done, but I have some questions for you. Why! You’re not Yaya, but how did you know everything about her? Don’t you feel the slightest bit of remorse when you lie to me?”

Although Ming Ruoyuan had considered the possibility that Su Jincheng would be furious when he found out the truth and refuse to marry her, she was still caught off guard by his question.

She never thought that he would ask her if she felt bad when she lied to him.

Only she knew how much it hurt her to lie to him. It felt like her heart was being wrenched every time she lied, because she knew very well that every lie she told would just push him further away from her.

A horrible end awaits me if Luo Qiqi doesn’t die and if I’m unable to take her place.

Ye Zhongjue turned to Su Jincheng in slight puzzlement. He never expected Su Jincheng to play the emotion card, but looking at the current situation, it seemed to work quite well.

Ming Ruoyuan looked at Su Jincheng as she answered him.

“You probably don’t know this, but everything that happened in the Soviet Union was planned by me. I set the trap for Luo Qiqi, but you walked in by accident. I didn’t expect for the both of you to come out alive from that. I placed a device on Luo Qiqi to eavesdrop on her, and although I couldn’t pinpoint the location, I heard everything that happened between the two of you. I know Luo Qiqi well enough to replace her, I’ll love you with all my heart!”

Ming Ruoyuan sounded absolutely insane while Su Jincheng could only stare at her incredulously. I’m such an idiot to push Luo Qiqi away.

I’ve known her for so long but I wasn’t able to treat her well nor protect her. I’m useless!

Ming Ruoyuan continued staring at him, not noticing the subtle change in Su Jincheng’s expression.

“I feel so bad every time I lie to you, and it hurts so much that I could die. I know very well that I’m pushing you away with every single lie, and I was so afraid that you’d find out one day… Big Brother, you know that I’ll be scared...”

The seemingly emotionless Su Jincheng was instantly triggered by the phrase ‘Big Brother’.

“Don’t call me Big Brother. You’re not Yaya. You’re not worthy!”

Ming Ruoyuan was stunned. She then laughed a sorrowful laugh, the sound echoing through the mountains.

“So I’ve been lying to myself all this while. You don’t see me as Yaya anymore...”

Su Jincheng was infuriated now. “You’re not worthy, Ming Ruoyuan. You’re vicious. Yaya isn’t like that!”

Ming Ruoyuan got agitated.

“I’m not worthy? How many times have you called me Yaya? How can you be this cruel? You’ve already gotten the marriage certificate. Do you believe me if I say that I’m going to push Luo Qiqi off this cliff? There would be no more Yaya in this world then!”

Su Jincheng stiffened at this. “You wouldn’t dare, Ming Ruoyuan!”

Ming Ruoyuan stared at him fearlessly. “Try me then!”

He stared at her, but she shifted her gaze to Ye Zhongjue instead.

“My dear brother, where’s the document that I’ve asked for? Did you bring it with you?”

Ye Zhongjue passed the document to her and said, “You can check it!”

She smiled at this and opened the document slowly, scanning through it carefully as if she was analyzing it in great depth.

She finally answered after a while.

“Mm, my cousin, all that’s left is for you to sign off. I’d be satisfied if you place your signature on it!”

Ye Zhongjue retrieved the document from her and watched her in silence for a while before asking, “Ming Ruoyuan, aren’t you tired of living a life fuelled by nothing but hatred?”

She scoffed at this. “Tired! Why would I be tired?”

“Do you think that being fuelled by hatred is a good thing?” Ye Zhongjue asked.

She seemed rather surprised at his question. “Hatred… I don’t know if it’s good to be fuelled by hatred. But I know that my only other option is to destroy anything that I can’t get my hands on!”

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