Chapter 244: Qiqi is the Real Yaya

Luo Qiqi just returned from the gates of hell and something had to happen to her again. Xia Zi was going absolutely insane.

Su Jincheng shook his head profusely. “Calm down, Xia Zi. We’ll go look for Qiqi. I’m not lying. I really don’t know where Ming Ruoyuan is, but I believe we can find her. She’ll definitely have a goal since she kidnapped Qiqi, because there’s no need for her to do that if she simply wanted to kill Qiqi!”

Xia Zi calmed down slightly after this, but she continued glaring at Su Jincheng.

“Su Jincheng, I want you to die if anything happens to Qiqi!”

“No need for you to tell me! I would kill myself!”

Su Jincheng then said, “Looking for Qiqi is our priority now. Believe in me. I’ll bring her back!”

Xia Zi was in pain. Luo Qiqi was still unconscious, and she was basically fresh meat waiting to be butchered.

Su Jincheng, Xia Zi and Feng Liluo went downstairs to see an approaching Ye Zhongjue. His expression was terrifying when he looked at Su Jincheng.

Xia Zi informed Ye Zhongjue about what happened after sending his parents for treatment, which was why he rushed to the hospital.

Ye Zhongjue had been busy investigating Ming Ruoyuan, but he never thought Luo Qiqi would be abducted like this. He thought that she would be safe with Xia Zi and Feng Liluo around, but it turned out that he was still too careless.

He glanced at Su Jincheng emotionlessly before choosing to ignore him completely.

“I’ve blocked all the entry and exit points in A City, so it’s impossible for Ming Ruoyuan to take Qiqi out of the city. I’ve found some information about her as well. Ming Ruoyuan was ten when she left the orphanage, and she was adopted by Yang Tianlong. It’s that Dr. Yang who did the operation on Ming Ruoyuan and Qiqi. He’s a military doctor from the Soviet Union. Ming Zhenhua, my uncle, saved his life once, so he decided to adopt and take care of my uncle’s only child, Ming Ruoyuan, when he had the ability to. Ming Ruoyuan became a Soviet Union agent and we can’t confirm what actually happened between the years. But one thing is for sure, that after she turned sixteen, she became very familiar with what Su Jincheng and Luo Qiqi were up to all these years.”

Ye Zhongjue then continued speaking as they walked. “If I’m not wrong, Ming Ruoyuan already knew who Qiqi was, which was why she targeted Qiqi in the first place. She simply wanted revenge for her mother, Yun Cheng’er, who probably told her everything when she was on her deathbed. She probably wanted to kill Qiqi in the beginning, to take revenge for Yun Cheng’er, but she didn’t expect Qiqi to be that tough.”

“Thus, she decided to monitor Qiqi, planning to take everything away from her. She also probably learnt about Su Jincheng’s identity that very year when Qiqi got in trouble in the Soviet Union. So her goal changed from killing Qiqi to understanding everything about her before killing her and replacing her. This was also why Ming Ruoyuan had always been nearby wherever you and Qiqi were. She was trying to observe the two of you. She leaked some information to lure the two of you into A City, and the fact that Su Jincheng is Dark Night was also information provided by her. She initially wanted to see you guys kill each other, but what happened five years ago had been totally unexpected. You were taken away by Guan Zixuan and Su Jincheng saved Mo Suqing while Jian Jie became a useless chess piece.”

“She always wanted to kill Qiqi, but Qiqi always emerged unscathed, and she even befriended Su Jincheng. This was probably what upset her most. From what I understand, Ming Ruoyuan has feelings for Su Jincheng. I’m not sure why, but she would have been hopping mad at the fact that things did not go her way five years ago. It was also at this juncture that she was diagnosed with a chronic condition. She wasn’t lying about her chronic kidney disease but her condition was nowhere near critical. It would be at least ten years before she would die without a transplant.”

“She had been seeking treatment for her disease in the past five years, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to find any suitable kidney donor. Eventually, she set her sights on Qiqi. She might have thought that it was worth a try, but who knew that Qiqi turned out to be a suitable donor. This was basically a gift from heaven to her. And that led to everything that happened after.”

“When Suqing went to get the DNA test done for me and Qiqi, Ming Ruoyuan asked Yang Tianlong to tweak the results. After which, she made use of Su Jincheng to take Qiqi’s kidney. She knew everything about Qiqi and wanted to lie to everyone. If I didn’t do the DNA test for all three of us, I wouldn’t have known she could be this vicious. We shouldn’t be too worked up now, since she took Qiqi away, it meant that she wouldn’t kill her that quickly. This also means that we have something she wants. We can just wait for her to contact us. Before that, all we have to do is stay calm.”

Ye Zhongjue pondered for a moment before saying, “I’ve already sent men to search in all the places a human can possibly stay in, and I believe Ming Ruoyuan is aware what would happen to her if she gets caught. She’s sure to be extra careful. Of course, apart from searching the entire area like that, another option will be for Su Jincheng to go looking for her personally. Or we can use Su Jincheng as bait to lure her out of her cave!”

Ye Zhongjue shot Su Jincheng a glance after he spoke, and Su Jincheng answered without even the slightest hint of hesitation.

“I’ll do it!”

When Ye Zhongjue and Xia Zi were busy searching for Luo Qiqi, Tianyue Group announced that it had gone bankrupt, causing the President of the Tianyue Group, Su Jincheng, to spiral into instant depression. He attracted the media’s attention by pretending that he wanted to take his own life by jumping off a building.

Su Jincheng was standing on the roof of the Tianyue Group’s building when Ye Zhongjue received the call from Ming Ruoyuan.

Mockery was evident in Ming Ruoyuan’s voice.

“My dear cousin, I thought you were intelligent. Why use such a dumb method? Do you think I’d show myself if Su Jincheng really jumped off?”

Ye Zhongjue’s tone was frigid. “I don’t care. And I care even less about Su Jincheng’s life!”

“How about Luo Qiqi then?” Ming Ruoyuan chuckled. “Cousin, are you going to tell me that you don’t care about Luo Qiqi too? If that’s the case, I’ll just push her down the mountain right this moment! Don’t be sad after that. She’s your real sister after all!”

Ye Zhongjue’s brows knitted at this. “Ming Ruoyuan, don’t you dare. What do you want!”

“Simple!” Ming Ruoyuan sounded like she was at a high altitude, with the wind howling through the phone and her voice being buffeted by the wind as she spoke.

“Transfer all your shares in Mighty Empire to me!”

Ye Zhongjue fell silent as he waited for her to continue.

He then heard her laugh. “What? My dear cousin, you don’t seem too willing to do that. Shares are something that you can’t bring to the afterlife. Using them to exchange for your sister’s life is such a good deal! And, Mighty Empire belonged to the Yun family originally. If it weren’t for your mother, Ming Jinhua, who insisted on marrying your father, my mother wouldn’t have died. She wouldn’t have looked down upon my father!”

Ye Zhongjue was at a sudden loss for words as he heard what Ming Ruoyuan said. Bitterness tugged at him. The hatred from the previous generation could actually affect them in such a huge way.

Ming Ruoyuan lived her entire life in hatred and pain as she tried to hurt and take things from others, while Qiqi should not have had to go through all that suffering.

He cared for his sister, and he was rendered speechless by Ming Ruoyuan. Ming Ruoyuan had crossed the line this time.

He finally spoke. “I can transfer all the shares to you if you want them, but you have to promise me that Qiqi is safe!”

“Relax...” Ming Ruoyuan spoke in a rather creepy way. “I’ll keep my promise and I won’t hurt her. But you’ll have to promise me something too. Tell Su Jincheng that he has to marry me, or else I’d kill Luo Qiqi. Whether I kill her or not is not up to you now. Just remember to tell him that. Before you guys arrive, I want to see my marriage certificate with him. With his abilities, I believe it’s not difficult for him to obtain that document!”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression darkened. He knew that Ming Ruoyuan had already gone mad. Fearing that she might do anything unexpected, he had no choice but to agree to all her requests in the meantime.

“Fine, I’ll promise you. I’ll tell him that. I’ll send you the recording later. Happy now?”

Ming Ruoyuan laughed. “I guess you care a lot about this sister of yours! If that’s the case, I guess I don’t have to keep this from you either. I’ll tell you where we are! When Su Jincheng is done with that marriage certificate, go to the northern peak of Xingping Mountain. I’ll be waiting!”

She then paused before continuing with a harsher tone, “If I see your men instead of you guys, I will push Luo Qiqi off the mountain in a heartbeat. Don’t doubt me!”

Ming Ruoyuan ended the call right after.

Ye Zhongjue called Su Jincheng immediately. “Leave the roof. Ming Ruoyuan has told me their location - the northern peak of Xingping Mountain. She has conditions though. She wants me to bring her the document that states I’ve transferred my shares to her and you’ll have to bring a marriage certificate, for you and her. She’ll push Qiqi down the mountain otherwise. I believe she’s capable of doing that, considering how crazed she is now. I’m off to work on my document, so you think about how you’re going to get that certificate!”

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