Chapter 243: Luo Qiqi is Missing

Ye Zhongjue shook his head in response. Luo Qiqi is his sister, and he would like to take revenge for her more than anyone else.

But it was his cousin on the other end, and he knew it would hurt his mother if he really exacted revenge on her.

He looked at Ming Jinhua before turning back to his father.

Ye Wentian patted him on the shoulder. “Child, just try your best. Just remember that you guys are still related.”

Ye Zhongjue simply nodded at this.

He decided to let Ming Ruoyuan go as long as she did not do anything else to Luo Qiqi. But if she dared to lay her hands on Luo Qiqi again, he would not forgive her a second time!

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when Luo Qiqi was finally transferred into a normal ward.

Ye Wentian and Ming Jinhua stayed by her side. Xia Zi was afraid that Ming Ruoyuan would do something to Luo Qiqi again, so she also stayed in the hospital to keep an eye on Luo Qiqi.

Su Jincheng tried to visit a few times, but Xia Zi had never allowed him to enter.

Ming Ruoyuan was currently missing, and Su Jincheng did not manage to find her even after a few days had passed.

Earlier in the day, Su Jincheng came to visit Luo Qiqi again. He knew that she was no longer in critical condition, but she had yet to wake up.

Although Xia Zi stopped him from taking a single step into the ward, he remained outside and refused to leave.

Xia Zi then asked, “Su Jincheng, can we have a chat?”

He nodded after a moment of contemplation.

The both of them went up to the rooftop. Xia Zi’s hair was whipped up by the strong wind, making her look even more forbidding than she usually did.

She spoke with her back to him. “Su Jincheng, I just want to understand something. You have feelings for Qiqi, so why did you do that to her? How well do you even know Ming Ruoyuan? How could you hurt Qiqi because of her? How could you be so cruel?”

Su Jincheng paled at this. “Xia Zi, it’s not like that at all!”

This angered Xia Zi instantly. She turned to glare at him. “Not like that? Then tell me, what is it actually?”

A bitter smile tugged at the corner of Su Jincheng’s lips. Why does everyone say that I don’t know Ming Ruoyuan? Did I really not know her?

“Xia Zi, you might not know this, but do you remember that time when I stole Luo Qiqi’s jade pendant and ended up getting pursued by her? I didn’t know it belonged to her then, and she didn’t even bother to clarify anything before shooting me...”

Xia Zi interrupted him before he could finish. “You did the same thing five years ago when you shot me!”

He gave a wry laugh. “I wanted to protect Suqing. She was the one who helped me when I was wounded by the both of you. I’ve always treated her as a good friend. I thought you guys were the villains and that you wanted to hurt Suqing, which was why I took the shot. But, what I’m trying to say is that Luo Qiqi shot me without hesitation because that pendant is very important to her. What she doesn’t know is that it is also something that’s important to me!”

Xia Zi frowned at this. “Qiqi had that pendant with her ever since I’ve known her. What has it got to do with you!”

“When did you know her?” Su Jincheng asked. According to what Ming Ruoyuan said, Luo Qiqi should have been the one who took the pendant from her, which caused others to think that the pendant belonged to Luo Qiqi instead.

Xia Zi scoffed at him. “Trying to figure out who the real owner of the pendant is, are you? I’ve grown up with Luo Qiqi in the same orphanage since we were two. I know very well who the real owner of the pendant is!”

The gears were turning in Su Jincheng’s head.

If I was eighteen at the time, both Luo Qiqi and Ming Ruoyuan should have been sixteen. According to Xia Zi, the pendant belongs to Luo Qiqi. So why did Ming Ruoyuan say it was hers? But no matter what Xia Zi says, my memory from back then can’t possibly be wrong.

Su Jincheng regarded Xia Zi seriously. “Xia Zi, you have no idea how important the owner of the jade pendant is to me. Back when I was only eighteen and competing for the position of Dark Night, I was ambushed and almost lost my sight because of the poisonous gas released. I remember seeing the owner of that pendant take me to safety. I’m not sure about anything else, but I’m very sure about that pendant. I remember touching it, and it had the character ‘ke’ engraved on it. She helped fix my sight, but I could not find her after that. She’s none other than Ming Ruoyuan! I swore to protect her forever, so how can I go back on my word!”

Xia Zi’s expression changed as she listened to Su Jincheng.

She asked, “You hurt Luo Qiqi because of this?”

Su Jincheng shut his eyes in pain. “I didn’t mean to!”

A bitter smile appeared on Xia Zi.

“What a cruel fate! Su Jincheng, do you know what the character ‘ke’ stands for?”

He shook his head and answered in slight exasperation. “I don’t!”

Xia Zi smirked at this. “I guess I can tell you then. Ye Zhongjue has a younger sister called Ye Mingke who went missing when she was two. She carried a jade pendant with her everywhere, and it is that very pendant with the character ‘ke’ engraved on it. Qiqi always had it with her and it was her life. She would never misplace something that important to her. Like what you said, she treated you like a thief and shot you without hesitation when you stole it. Why can’t you understand how important the pendant is to Qiqi?”

Su Jincheng could only look at her in disbelief. “You’re telling me that the pendant belongs to Luo Qiqi and she’s actually Ye Zhongjue’s biological sister, Ye Mingke?”

“What do you think!” Xia Zi continued glaring at him. “Ye Zhongjue had already gotten the sibling DNA test done. Why would I lie to you about this?”

All color drained from Su Jincheng’s face.

Xia Zi was not satisfied. How could this compare with all the pain Qiqi was put through!

Her smile was laced with anger. “You said something happened when you were eighteen, right? Was it in the Soviet Union?”

Su Jincheng staggered backwards as he stared at her. “How did you know?”


Xia Zi continued mercilessly, “I also know who you’re talking about. She’s called Yaya!”

Her words were like a dagger that pierced through him. He collapsed onto the ground instantly.

He refused to believe her. “How did you know?” Although he did not dare admit it, his heart already knew the answer.

“Hah...” Xia Zi looked at him mockingly. “How did I know? Su Jincheng, don’t you know that Qiqi and I are as close as sisters? She tells me everything! She didn’t even hide the fact that you were actually Dark Night. Do you think she’ll keep this from me? We don’t have any secrets. I bet you don’t know this, but to save you, she had to distract an entire group of Soviet Union agents, and it was just to save you. Who knew that she saved a wolf in sheep’s skin. You’re actually trying to kill her! Why did she have to do that? She might have died if I didn’t arrive on time! Su Jincheng, I don’t know what to say to you. Please don’t come looking for Luo Qiqi anymore, you’re not welcome!”

Xia Zi turned to leave after her tirade.

Su Jincheng was in a daze. He was motionless even as the biting wind assailed his face, as if he could feel nothing.

He felt like someone was twisting a knife in his heart. He never thought that Luo Qiqi would be the real Yaya, and that he almost caused her death.

It’s all my fault! Su Jincheng felt his entire world crashing down upon him. She was the one he loved and the one he wished to protect the most, but he had actually put her through so much pain. Xia Zi could not forgive him, and he could not forgive himself for it either.

He simply sat there staring into thin air. More than ten minutes passed like this, when all of a sudden, Xia Zi came rushing up to the rooftop and yelling at him.

“Su Jincheng, you asshole! Tell me where that bitch Ming Ruoyuan is now! Qiqi is missing! It has to be her again!”

Feng Liluo followed closely behind Xia Zi, his glare at Su Jincheng full of a murderous intent.

Su Jincheng shot up instantly. “What? Qiqi is missing?”

“Damn it, enough talk! You should know where Ming Ruoyuan is since you’ve been looking all over for her!”

Xia Zi saw the door ajar when she went back to the ward, and she opened it to see both Ye Wentian and Ming Jinhua knocked out on the floor. Luo Qiqi was simply gone.

Feng Liluo returned with food just as she exited the ward. She never thought that Luo Qiqi could go missing in such a short span of time! She would never forgive herself if anything happens to Qiqi!

Seeing the fuming Xia Zi, Su Jincheng quickly suggested, “Might Qiqi have woken up and left the ward?”

This was him trying to console himself as he hoped that Qiqi was safe.

Incensed, Xia Zi grabbed Su Jincheng and shook him like a madwoman. “Su Jincheng, are you and Ming Ruoyuan working together? Did you take Qiqi away? How can it be such a coincidence? Tell me!”

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