Chapter 242: Unraveling the Events of the Past

Ye Zhongjue gave Gu Yi’an a purposeful look. I should prepare myself for this since even Gu Yi’an says that it’s shocking.

The truth was something that no one had control over.

Ming Ruoyuan was safe for these few days, not because no one wanted to take revenge for Luo Qiqi, but because Ye Zhongjue did not allow anyone to lay a finger on her, in case she turned out to be Mingke.

He had to protect her before he knew the results.

But if Luo Qiqi was Ye Mingke, he was bent on taking revenge.

He opened the document and flipped to the very last page where the results were. This was the report for him and Luo Qiqi.

Relieve flooded him when he saw the words ‘biological siblings’. He was right, Luo Qiqi is Mingke.

Was this what Gu Yi’an meant by shocking? Though unexpected, it was still within the realms of logic.

When he wanted to keep the reports, Gu Yi’an reached out and said, “Jue, you haven’t seen the other report!”

Ye Zhongjue was confused. He was looking for his sister Ye Mingke, and her identity was now confirmed. Why would he have to care about who the other person was?

“Do you mean that Luo Qiqi isn’t Ye Mingke?”

Gu Yi’an shook his head. “Look at it first. You’ll know what I mean.”

Ye Zhongjue then opened the other report and flipped to the last page.

He was struck with disbelief when he saw the words ‘maternal cousins’. So this was what Gu Yi’an meant by shocking.

If Ming Ruoyuan and him were actually maternal cousins, it meant that she and Luo Qiqi were cousins too. Why did she want to do this to Luo Qiqi? And who were her parents? I never even knew she existed.

Hundreds of questions instantly appeared in his mind. Gu Yi’an looked at him and nodded, confirming the result.

“If Ming Ruoyuan and Luo Qiqi are maternal cousins, then it’s no surprise that Luo Qiqi is a suitable kidney donor. But I think you might have to check in with your parents on what actually happened in the past!”

Ye Zhongjue was still in a state of shock when he exited Gu Yi’an’s office. The results were indeed shocking to him. He needed to understand what really happened.

He saw Mo Suqing approach him just as he stepped out of the office.

He immediately showed her the document in his hand, saying, “Suqing, the report you previously had was a fake!”

“Fake?” Mo Suqing stared at him in disbelief. “Why would it be fake?”

He shook his head in resignation. “It was as Yi’an expected. Yang Tianlong is working with Ming Ruoyuan, and everything had already been planned. Luo Qiqi is the real Mingke. They probably tweaked the report, and planned to murder Luo Qiqi after. They might even have wanted to mislead me and make me think that Ming Ruoyuan was Mingke. I don’t know why she’s doing this, but I’m sure there’s something I’m unaware of...”

“Something you’re unaware of?” Mo Suqing frowned and looked at him in confusion.

“Mm!” Ye Zhongjue nodded. “Something I don’t know. There are two reports in here, one of them is for me and Luo Qiqi and the other is for me and Ming Ruoyuan. Luo Qiqi and I are biological siblings, but you’d never guess that Ming Ruoyuan and I are actually maternal cousins! If I’m not wrong, Ming Ruoyuan should already know about this, which is why she targeted Luo Qiqi as a kidney donor. Since they’re cousins, there would be a higher probability that Luo Qiqi’s kidney could be suitable for her.”

“What? Ming Ruoyuan is your maternal cousin?”

Mo Suqing was overwhelmed with surprise. She had never expected this at all!

“Yes! I need to make a trip back home to ask my parents about this. I may not be fully aware of what happened with the generation before us, so I’m going to go back and ask them about it. I might be able to find out what really happened back then. Take care of Ye Mingke in the hospital. I’m going first.”

“Mm!” Mo Suqing nodded. “Go ahead. Leave Qiqi to me. Xia Zi and I will take good care of her.”

She then made her way back to the intensive care ward as he left.

She realized Su Jincheng, who would usually be standing in an obscure corner, had left hurriedly, as if something had happened to Ming Ruoyuan.

She did not think much about it and walked towards Xia Zi instead.

Ming Jinhua and Ye Wentian were enjoying their afternoon tea when Ye Zhongjue arrived back at the Ye family home.

Seeing her son in such a fluster, Ming Jinhua stood up in concern. “Jue, what’s wrong? What happened?”

He did not dare tell them about what Ming Ruoyuan just did to Luo Qiqi since it would only worry them, so he simply said, “Dad, Mum, I found Mingke.”

His words were akin to a ripple on a calm lake. Ye Wentian shot up immediately. “Really?”

Ye Zhongjue passed him the reports and said, “Dad, have a look. This is the report for me and Mingke. It says that we are biological siblings. She has that jade pendant with her too.”

Ye Wentian was trembling now, while Ming Jinhua was already in tears. “Daughter, my daughter. Jue, can you tell Mum where the poor girl is?”

He frowned as he thought of Luo Qiqi’s condition. Instead, he said, “Before that, I’d like to show the both of you another report.”

Ye Wentian’s eyes narrowed. “Another report?”

“Mm!” Ye Zhongjue nodded as he passed the other report to his father. Surprise appeared on Ye Wentian’s face as he saw the results.

“Where did you get this, Jue? Who is she?” Ye Wentian passed the report to Ming Jinhua as he asked Ye Zhongjue about it.

Ye Zhongjue said, “From what I understand, she and Mingke grew up in the same orphanage, but they are on bad terms. There are differences in opinion as to who the jade pendant really belongs to, which was why I ran the report for the both of them. I never thought Ming Ruoyuan would actually be my maternal cousin!”

Ming Jinhua staggered backwards and collapsed onto the sofa.

“What? Her name is Ming Ruoyuan?”

“Yes!” Ye Zhongjue nodded. “Mum, what’s wrong? Do you know her?”

Ye Wentian and Ming Jinhua exchanged a look before the both of them nodded.

Ye Wentian then said, “I think it’s better for your Mum to tell you about this!”

Ming Jinhua then directed her gaze upon Ye Zhongjue, looking as if she was reminiscing about the past.

She spoke slowly. “When I decided to marry your father, he already had a fiancee at that time. She was the daughter of the head of A City’s Mingcheng Group, Yun Cheng’er. She never gave up on your father even until the day we got married. I thought she would give up after Mingke was taken away by the babysitter.”

Ming Jinhua gave a bitter laugh. “I never thought that she would actually target my older brother after causing my daughter to go missing. Your uncle, Ming Zhenhua, was a professor in A University at the time. When I learnt about it, he was already together with Yun Cheng’er, and their daughter was about the same age as Mingke. I thought Yun Cheng’er had already given up, but she didn’t. She ran away with your uncle’s daughter, and your uncle left A City in order to look for her. I’ve never seen him since, and I’m guessing that the child ended up in the same orphanage as Mingke all due to Yun Cheng’er pulling the strings behind the scenes. She was fuelled by hatred and wanted to destroy all that she couldn’t have. She caused my daughter to go missing and did that to my older brother. I guess that was the greatest revenge against me. She hated that I was with your dad, so she tried to break our family apart and hurt us...”

Ye Wentian reached out to take her in a comforting embrace as Ming Jinhua cried.

The events of the past seemed to flash across Ye Zhongjue’s mind as he listened to his mother speak.

A myriad of emotions washed over him. He wondered how his parents would react if he told them that Ming Ruoyuan acted just like her mother, plotting to kill Ye Mingke after taking one of her kidneys. How could such a debt left behind by the older generation have such an impact on them even now!

When Ye Zhongjue brought his parents to the hospital, he also realized that Su Jincheng was no longer hanging around in his usual spot.

Mo Suqing told him that he was now looking for Ming Ruoyuan because she went missing.

Ye Zhongjue called Lin Ran immediately to get him to locate Ming Ruoyuan. He did not want anything to happen to her before everything was clarified, and he knew Ming Jinhua would be upset if that happened.

His parents watched Luo Qiqi through the glass of the intensive care ward. Ming Jinhua could not stop her tears from falling, while Ye Wentian was trying hard to be strong.

Their daughter, who had been missing for more than twenty years, had finally been found. But she was now lying in an intensive care ward. There was no way they could be happy about this!

Ye Zhongjue knew that there was no way Ming Ruoyuan could keep this a secret forever and that he had to tell his parents the truth.

Afraid that his mother would not be able to take the news, he pulled his father aside to tell him what really happened.

Ye Wentian was shocked after hearing everything. “How could your uncle’s daughter be so vicious!”

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