Chapter 241: Unexpected Results

Su Jincheng looked up at Feng Liluo coldly before saying, “Move!”

Feng Liluo stared at him. “Wow, Mr. Su has some good tricks up his sleeve. You’re able to get two ladies wrapped around your finger but you’re acting like a total coward now!”

Su Jincheng’s eyes darkened. “I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

Feng Liluo scoffed. “Don’t know what I’m talking about? Su Jincheng, why don’t you have the guts to admit what you did!”

Su Jincheng looked down at the food in his hands and said, “Feng Liluo, move. I don’t want to waste anymore time with you here. I’m busy. Please don’t talk nonsense.”

“Hmph...” Feng Liluo smirked. “You’re busy? Getting food for Ming Ruoyuan? Do you know what kind of a person she is? Or did the both of you plan this together to try and kill Luo Qiqi!”

The mention of Luo Qiqi seemed to instantly trigger Su Jincheng.

“Feng Liluo, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Please stop spouting nonsense here and stop trying to frame Ruoyuan!”

“Hah! Me framing her! Su Jincheng, it’s not that I’m looking down on you. A lay individual might not even be able to see what Ming Ruoyuan is really like even after spending three or four years with her. How long have you known her? You’re already protecting her like that!”

Whatever happened in the Soviet Union flashed past Su Jincheng’s mind again. No matter what, that was my second chance at life, and it was Yaya who gave it to me. I could never forget that!

“I won’t let you talk bad about her like that. And there’s no need for me to tell you how many years we’ve already known each other!”

Feng Liluo’s eyes flashed. Years? Did Ming Ruoyuan already meet Su Jincheng after she left the orphanage?

He then said, “Then you guys must have planned this together, or else, why would Qiqi’s heart be damaged when it was supposed to be a kidney transplant? Are you going to tell me that the doctor can’t tell which is the heart and which is the kidney? Why would his scalpel even be anywhere near Qiqi’s heart? Su Jincheng, if Xia Zi and I didn’t arrive in time, Qiqi’s entire heart would have been taken out. I didn’t know you could be so vicious as to kidnap her to take her kidney and dig her heart out, and act like nothing happened after. You disgust me. You call yourself a man? Let me tell you, I won’t forgive you if Qiqi doesn’t wake up!”

This struck Su Jincheng like a bolt from the blue as he dropped the food packet he was holding. He looked at Feng Liluo in disbelief. Remove her heart? I would never do that!

I just wanted to save Yaya, but I would never want to take Qiqi’s life!

Feng Liluo paused before continuing, “No, I won’t forgive you even if Qiqi wakes up. You should pay for what you did to her, with interest!”

Feng Liluo left, leaving Su Jincheng rooted to the spot.

He had almost wanted to hit Su Jincheng, but he stopped himself as Xia Zi’s words rang in his mind. He was an enforcer of the law, and he also knew Luo Qiqi cared deeply about this man. He wanted to kill Su Jincheng!

Su Jincheng returned to his senses as he watched Feng Liluo depart.

Something happened to Luo Qiqi? That can’t be. Feng Liluo must have been lying. Why would anything happen to her? I just wanted a kidney from her to save Yaya, so why would anything happen?

Su Jincheng then made his way towards Ming Ruoyuan’s ward. He wanted to clarify things with her and ask her what was going on. Only the three of them - him, Dr. Yang and Ming Ruoyuan - were aware of this, and of course Luo Qiqi since she had been forced into it.

What he witnessed when he opened the door gave him a surprise.

Dr. Yang was holding a bowl of porridge and feeding Ming Ruoyuan gently.

When did they become so close to each other?

Yang Tianlong stood up hastily when he saw Su Jincheng enter.

Ming Ruoyuan looked up at Su Jincheng weakly, “Big Brother, where did you go? I didn’t see you when I woke up...”

Yang Tianlong suddenly began explaining himself. “Ms. Ming just woke up and wanted some porridge, so I got some for her… Mr. Su, you can feed Ms. Ming now that you’re here!”

He wanted to rush off immediately after, but Su Jincheng stopped his escape.

He asked, “This saves me a trip since Dr. Yang is here. I have a question. What happened to Luo Qiqi’s heart!”

He kept his eyes on Yang Tianlong, as if already sure that he was the culprit.

Yang Tianlong paled as he pleaded, “It wasn’t me!”

Ming Ruoyuan frowned at the flustered Yang Tianlong, immediately putting on an act to distract Su Jincheng.

“Big Brother… It’s painful here… Where I just had the op, it hurts...”

Su Jincheng went over to her instantly.

“Yaya, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Ming Ruoyuan pretended to be in pain as she lowered her head and made a hand signal to Yang Tianlong to get him to leave quickly.

She tugged at Su Jincheng when he wanted to chase after the doctor, preventing him from leaving.

Su Jincheng thus waited until Ming Ruoyuan fell asleep before going to look for Yang Tianlong again. However, the hospital staff told him that the doctor had already left half an hour before.

He then asked around about the intensive care unit that Luo Qiqi was now in and made his way there.

All his energy seemed to be sapped from him, and he felt like he had just made a huge mistake. But he did not know where he went wrong.

Xia Zi spotted him from a distance and watched him with cautious eyes, her expression was dreadful.

Feng Liluo looked up immediately, as if he could sense the change in Xia Zi’s expression, only to see Su Jincheng approaching them.

He stood up, wanting to rush towards Su Jincheng, but Xia Zi stopped him.

“Liluo, control your temper!”

Feng Liluo then took a deep breath and glared at Su Jincheng before sitting back down and turning away from him.

Dressed in personal protective equipment, Gu Yi’an walked out of the intensive care unit. He looked at Xia Zi as he said, “Everything is good. Keep an eye on her and don’t let anyone else enter!”

He then purposely looked towards the nearby Su Jincheng.

Su Jincheng did not dare go any nearer as everyone standing outside the intensive care ward was staring at him with unwelcome gazes. He then decided to lean against the wall and stay put.

Everyone then ignored him when they saw that he was not going to approach.

He glanced sideways at the usually bubbly and cheerful Luo Qiqi who was now lying in the ward, surrounded by medical equipment. His heart hurt seeing her like this.

He knew very well that he cared deeply for her, but he refused to admit it. What happened had made him realize how much he actually cared for her.

I am the one who did this!

Yang Tianlong seemed to have gone into hiding as no one could locate him, and he knew he would be killed the moment he was found.

But he did not mind taking all the blame for this. He would try his best to keep Ming Ruoyuan safe.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye. With the occasional visit to Ming Ruoyuan, Su Jincheng was near the intensive care ward most of the time.

He looked extremely dishevelled and had not even gotten a change of clothes.

No one knew what was on his mind, and Feng Liluo could not help but lash out at him again.

But Su Jincheng simply ignored him no matter what he said, and he let Feng Liluo continue lashing out at him as he pleased.

Luo Qiqi went through two more operations within these three days, and both of them had been done successfully by Gu Yi’an. Luo Qiqi, however, had not regained consciousness.

Gu Yi’an looked slightly more relaxed when he walked out of the ward earlier.

“Good news. Luo Qiqi’s condition is quite stable. If her condition does not worsen and remains like this until eight o’clock in the evening, we can move her to a normal ward.”

Xia Zi heaved a sigh of relief as she heard what Gu Yi’an said. He then returned to his office.

Ye Zhongjue entered right after him just as he stepped into the office.

“How is it?” It was a rare sight to see Ye Zhongjue even slightly flustered.

Gu Yi’an walked over and retrieved a document from a safe before he turned to Ye Zhongjue.

“I wanted to give this to you right after, but you’re already here. Your reports. Take a look.”

Ye Zhongjue looked at Gu Yi’an, trying to obtain some sort of clue as to what the results were. This was extremely important to him.

Gu Yi’an said something just as he took the report.

“The results will be shocking to you. Be prepared. Honestly, I never expected the results to be like this!”

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