Chapter 240: Two DNA Reports

Gu Yi’an looked at all of them. “Luo Qiqi isn’t out of danger yet. I’ve gotten the staff to put her in the intensive care unit. Make sure somebody keeps an eye on her, I’m afraid that whoever wants her dead would take the opportunity to do something!”

Ye Zhongjue nodded. “I’ll send my men. We’ll also take turns to look after her until she wakes up!”

Gu Yi’an nodded at this. “That works too!”

Ye Zhongjue then said, “Yi’an, let’s go work on the documents for admittance. Xia Zi and Feng Liluo can stay and keep an eye on Luo Qiqi.”

Gu Yi’an nodded as he understood that Ye Zhongjue wanted to discuss something with him in private.

After they left, Feng Liluo looked at Xia Zi and said, “A’zi, take care of Qiqi. I’m looking for Su Jincheng!”

Xia Zi frowned. “Don’t fight him!”

Feng Liluo reassured her, “Don’t worry, I won’t. I just want to hear his explanation on why this happened when he said earlier it was only donating a kidney to Ming Ruoyuan. Just imagine if we had been just a bit later. I can’t take this lying down!”

Xia Zi regarded him seriously. “Liluo, you’re from law enforcement. Both Qiqi and I had been with the police, so you should know very well that we shouldn’t be going above the law no matter what!”

“I know that!” Feng Liluo answered in exasperation.

“Fine!” Xia Zi shook her head at him. “I won’t say more. I won’t leave this matter hanging. I’ll look into this as well, but I hope to do it only after she wakes up. I don’t want to go against any of her wishes. I know her better than anyone else. You can start investigating, but make sure you don’t do anything overboard!”

“Mm!” Feng Liluo nodded and left. He was determined to speak to Su Jincheng about the events of today.

Xia Zi sighed in resignation as she watched Feng Liluo leave in his anger.

She knew Luo Qiqi well enough to see that she had fallen in love with Su Jincheng, or else Xia Zi would fight to the death with him.

But Xia Zi knew that she should not do that without Qiqi’s consent, because that would only upset her if she found out.

Qiqi would not blame her for it since she would understand that Xia Zi did it for her, but Xia Zi did not want to see Qiqi upset.

Although she told Feng Liluo to wait till Qiqi wakes up, she found everything to be rather fishy, and she wanted to start investigating it as soon as possible.

The enemy was hidden in the shadows, and Qiqi would still be in danger even if she woke up.

No matter how strong she was, it would be almost impossible to guard against someone who was adamant at taking her life!

Xia Zi’s heart sank as she looked at Luo Qiqi, who was now laying in the intensive care unit with several tubes all over her. She felt as if they were embroiled in a conspiracy since five years ago.

It all started with someone leaking information about The Dark Night to lure them to A City, which led to the events that happened after. She almost died after being shot by Su Jincheng by mistake when trying to save Mo Suqing, but it was fortunate that Guan Zixuan had saved her. Even so, it was five years before she regained her memories.

During that time, Luo Qiqi was relentless in her search for her, causing her to have a rather complex relationship with Su Jincheng. It was unlikely for the head of a criminal organization and someone from Interpol to be together happily ever after, since their beliefs were fundamentally different to begin with.

Silly Qiqi, she’s really naive.

She thought that they would be able to spend some time together after five years of being apart, away from conspiracies and tricks, away from bloody struggles.

But after this happened, she felt that there seemed to be someone pulling the strings behind the scenes from five years ago when they first arrived in A City. And that someone was the real mastermind behind everything.

Xia Zi was overwhelmed with anguish as she watched the pale Luo Qiqi.

She felt that she had everything under control, but no one could understand how important Luo Qiqi was to her. They were closer than blood relatives, and even though Mo Suqing was someone dear to her, Luo Qiqi was someone even more so.

There was something else she did not have control over, and that was falling in love with Guan Zixuan. She could not seem to rein in her feelings for the man who was supposed to fall in love with her sister, Mo Suqing. Even though she had regained her memories, it was no easy task to erase the five years they had spent together.

When Guan Zixuan arrived in A City, she felt a slight hint of joy even though she treated him coldly. She was happy that he came for her.

But he returned to Emperor City after only staying for a few days since he had something to take care of back at home.

She knew how prominent the Guan family was in Emperor City, and it must have been something pertinent for him to leave in such a hurry. Even so, she felt empty and disappointed that he left.

Xia Zi’s mind continued to wander as she watched Luo Qiqi, recalling the times when they were younger.

Ming Ruoyuan was already six when she arrived in the orphanage, while she and Qiqi arrived there when they were only two.

Even at such a tender age, Ming Ruoyuan was already an expert manipulator. She knew that people believed what they saw, and she was acutely aware of the fact that it was human nature to sympathize with those who were weaker.

Because she was so good at manipulating others, she and Luo Qiqi had fallen victim to her tricks umpteen times.

She and Qiqi were taken away by a police officer for training when they were ten, and they went through a strict and rigorous program where they learnt everything ranging from cultural knowledge to combat and firearms!

They completed their training in five years at the top of their class, becoming the youngest to graduate in their batch.

When they returned to the orphanage, Ming Ruoyuan was no longer there, and they heard that she had already been adopted.

They met her a few times on some missions, but they were never on good terms with her, and they even picked a fight with her at times.

Now that Xia Zi thought about it, everything seemed too coincidental. Ming Ruoyuan seemed to appear every time they arrived in a new city...

Mo Suqing noticed that Xia Zi looked rather glum and walked up to hug and comfort her.


Ye Zhongjue and Gu Yi’an headed for the roof of the hospital after they finished with the admittance documents.

Gu Yi’an was the first to speak. “Go ahead. What’s up?”

Ye Zhongjue looked at him before turning in the direction of where the air vent was.

Gu Yi’an followed his gaze to see Lin Ran running up to them.

Lin Ran handed something to Ye Zhongjue as he said, “Boss, I got this personally. There wouldn’t be any problems.”

Ye Zhongjue took the item and looked at Gu Yi’an.

“Yi’an, take this.” After passing it to him, he plucked out a strand of his own hair and said, “Help me work on two sets of DNA tests, one with this and my hair, and another with Luo Qiqi and mine. You can take a strand from her when you check up on her later. I want to find out if I’m related to any of them. I think one of them has to be Ye Mingke!”

Surprise appeared on Gu Yi’an’s usually placid face.

“You mean your sister, Ye Mingke?”

“Mm!” Ye Zhongjue nodded slowly. “I found the jade pendant on Luo Qiqi, but Su Jincheng insisted that it belonged to Ming Ruoyuan. I need to confirm who’s actually my sister.”

Gu Yi’an nodded at this.

“Don’t worry, Jue. Leave this to me. I’ll work on this as quickly as I can and you’ll find out in three days, at the latest. You’ll get the answer then!”

Ye Zhongjue nodded and looked into the distance, hoping silently that he would succeed in finding Mingke this time. He knew that losing her child was something his mother had never gotten over.

In the meantime, Feng Liluo had located Ming Ruoyuan’s ward. Yang Tianlong watched him with suspicion.

He asked directly, “Where’s Su Jincheng?”

Yang Tianlong had stayed put to ensure Ming Ruoyuan was safe, since she was still under the effects of the anesthesia.

Realizing that he was not here for Ming Ruoyuan, Yang Tianlong looked towards the door and answered, “He just left!”

Yang Tianlong did not lie. He had been in the ward and left for the washroom earlier, only entering again after he saw Su Jincheng leave the room.

He could not let Su Jincheng know how he was related to Ming Ruoyuan yet, or else she would be upset.

Feng Liluo made Yang Tianlong uncomfortable with his cold glare.

He looked at Feng Liluo cautiously, “What are you trying to do? This is a hospital.”

Feng Liluo simply scoffed.

“Nothing. I’m just looking at your neck and wondering if it’s worthy of carrying a brain on top of it!”

Yang Tianlong kept his gaze on the other man, as if afraid he would attack him at any moment.

Feng Liluo shot him a look of disdain. How cowardly. How dare you even touch Qiqi. I won’t let you off!

But I need to locate Su Jincheng first!

Feng Liluo rushed out of the hospital to see Su Jincheng approaching with food. He guessed that it was probably for Ming Ruoyuan.

He gave a wide smirk as he went up to Su Jincheng to block his way.

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