Chapter 239: Losing a Kidney, Missing a Heart

Xia Zi stared at Yang Tianlong, committing his face to her memory.

“Get out!” She yelled in anger.

Yang Tianlong did not linger any longer as he immediately turned to leave.

Xia Zi prepared the scalpel for Gu Yi’an as he began working on Luo Qiqi immediately. She watched anxiously as he worked steadily with practiced movements.

Xia Zi did not dare ask what he was doing, but she could tell that something was very wrong with Luo Qiqi. She saw Gu Yi’an break out in cold sweat, but she did not dare go any closer for fear of disturbing him.

Ye Zhongjue and Feng Liluo were still trying to prevent Su Jincheng from entering when they saw Ming Ruoyuan being wheeled out.

Su Jincheng struggled free of Ye Zhongjue’s grasp but he happened to see a corner of the white jade pendant Su Jincheng was holding.

Ye Zhongjue’s eyes narrowed and he stopped the man from going any further.

Annoyed, Su Jincheng started to exchange blows with Ye Zhongjue in the corridor.

He stared at Ye Zhongjue angrily as he saw Ming Ruoyuan being pushed further and further away by the nurses.

“Are you out of your damned mind, Ye Zhongjue? Can’t you see the operation has already ended? Out of my way!”

Ye Zhongjue stared at him as he grabbed Su Jincheng’s arm tightly.

He said, “Hand over that jade pendant!”

Su Jincheng scoffed. “Who are you to take it? Let me go, or else I’ll turn violent!”

Ye Zhongjue did not want to continue this pointless conversation with him as he focused on that pendant and started fighting Su Jincheng for it.

He glanced at Feng Liluo to the side, calling out to him. “What are you doing! Come and help!”

Following Ye Zhongjue’s line of sight, Feng Liluo spotted the white jade pendant in Su Jincheng’s hands. Didn’t that belong to Luo Qiqi?

He dashed forward and attacked Su Jincheng from behind, causing Su Jincheng to have to turn around to parry the blow. This created an opening for Ye Zhongjue to obtain the pendant as he twisted Su Jincheng’s wrist.

Ye Zhongjue released Su Jincheng immediately after getting the item.

Su Jincheng stared at Ye Zhongjue before looking at Feng Liluo. A precarious glint flitted across his eyes before he turned to leave.

Feng Liluo and Ye Zhongjue were no easy opponents. He would not win this fight when it was two against one. The jade pendant belonged to Ming Ruoyuan, and he decided that he would find a way to get it back for her sometime in future.

Ye Zhongjue’s expression darkened as he watched Su Jincheng’s departing figure. He held the pendant tightly, as if it were the key to some sort of hidden truth.

Feng Liluo wanted to go up to get the pendant from Ye Zhongjue, but Ye Zhongjue did not allow him to do so.

Confused by Ye Zhongjue’s reaction and his cautious gaze, he asked, “Weren’t you trying to get the jade pendant back for Qiqi earlier?”

Ye Zhongjue stared at him as the words rang loudly in his mind. “You mean… this belongs to Luo Qiqi?”

“Yes, she had the pendant with her since she was young and it’s a treasured item of hers. She’d be very anxious if she lost it!”

Ye Zhongjue took in a deep breath to calm himself. This belonged to Luo Qiqi?

Mo Suqing was observing everything on the sidelines. She went up to Ye Zhongjue and whispered in his ear, “Jue, give it back to Feng Liluo first. I know that Luo Qiqi has this pendant with her at all times, but I’ve done a DNA test for the both of you, and...”

She shook her head slowly.

That glimmer of hope in Ye Zhongjue’s eyes dulled. Emotion welled up in him when he saw the pendant earlier. It was the only item he knew belonged to his sister.

But Mo Suqing just told him that they were not related, and that she had even got their DNA checked.

Ye Zhongjue thus handed the pendant over to Feng Liluo. He would be able to start investigating somewhere since there was now a lead. He might just be able to find Ye Mingke soon.

Feng Liluo looked at the pendant, commenting to himself, “I wonder why Su Jincheng insists that this belongs to Ming Ruoyuan when it’s obviously Qiqi’s. Qiqi always had it with her. I won’t let him get away if he dares snatch Qiqi’s pendant again!”

Hope returned to Ye Zhongjue’s disappointed face at this. He looked at Feng Liluo and asked, “You said Su Jincheng insisted that this belonged to Ming Ruoyuan?”

“Yes!” Feng Liluo did not understand why Ye Zhongjue seemed so agitated, and he even added, “It’s that woman who was wheeled out of the room earlier!”

At that, Ye Zhongjue wanted to go after Su Jincheng, but Mo Suqing’s shocked expression stopped him. She was staring at the doctor who just exited. He asked in confusion, “Suqing, what’s wrong?”

“He… he...” Mo Suqing was at a loss for words. She shook her head to calm herself down before saying, “Jue, that doctor is the one I went to when I got your DNA checked. But isn’t he from the genetics department? Why is he here doing a kidney transplant?”

Ye Zhongjue found this dodgy, but nothing could be confirmed at this point.

If he was the doctor who operated on Luo Qiqi earlier, then he was eighty percent sure that something was wrong simply judging by the doctor’s expression when he walked out.

Xia Zi exited as Ye Zhongjue was about to enter the operating room.

She looked at the group and said, “That was Dr. Yang, he’s working with Ming Ruoyuan and they’ve taken one of Qiqi’s kidneys and transplanted it into Ming Ruoyuan! I just don’t get it though. How is it so coincidental? Qiqi and I have known Ming Ruoyuan for such a long time and this is the first time I’m learning of the fact that Qiqi is a suitable kidney donor for her. Something is fishy!”

“How’s Qiqi now?” Mo Suqing asked in concern.

Xia Zi shook her head. “Gu Yi’an said that the doctor from before removed a part of her heart, and if we didn’t arrive in time, Qiqi might have died on the operating table! He’s trying his best to save Qiqi now. I felt so uneasy all day, and it felt just like that time when we were sixteen when Qiqi got in trouble. I have to look into this!”

Something clicked in Ye Zhongjue’s mind following their conversation.

Between Luo Qiqi and Ming Ruoyuan, one of them has to be Ye Mingke, the sister he spent more than twenty years searching for.

Something had to have gone wrong when Mo Suqing went to get their DNA checked, especially if that doctor was working with Ming Ruoyuan and if she suddenly wanted one of Luo Qiqi’s kidneys so soon after the DNA report was done.

This made him suspect that Ming Ruoyun had already planned to take Luo Qiqi’s kidney from the beginning, and that she might have tampered with the DNA report.

But according to Feng Liluo, Su Jincheng insisted that the pendant belonged to Ming Ruoyuan. Judging by Su Jincheng’s personality, he would only insist on something like that if he had enough proof for it.

If that was the case, the only way forward was to do two sets of DNA tests, one for him and Ming Ruoyuan, and the other for him and Luo Qiqi!

At the thought, Ye Zhongjue texted Lin Ran and instructed him to work with the hospital staff to get a strand of hair from Ming Ruoyuan.

He then continued waiting in the corridor with Mo Suqing, Xia Zi and Feng Liluo for Luo Qiqi’s operation to end.

For some reason, he felt that it was more likely for Luo Qiqi to be Ye Mingke.

They waited for more than two hours before Gu Yi’an finally emerged.

Xia Zi was the first to go up to him. “Gu Yi’an, how is it? Is Qiqi safe?”

There was an imperceptible change in Gu Yi’an’s expression as he saw Ye Zhongjue walk up to him, as if urging him to give them an update as quickly as he could.

A dangerous glint flashed in Gu Yi’an’s eyes before he spoke. “I'd suggest for you to look into that doctor earlier, there’s something off about him. Not only did he transplant Luo Qiqi’s kidney into another patient, he also removed a part of her heart. It’s almost impossible for anyone to survive that, but it’s fortunate that we arrived in time and I was able to save her from death’s door.”

“From the looks of it, it seemed like he had the intention to kill Luo Qiqi and say that she died in the operation. Most doctors are unable to determine the cause of death in such cases, and even if it was really the doctor who made a mistake, he wouldn’t have to carry that responsibility. Luo Qiqi could have died!”

The four of them listened very carefully as Gu Yi’an spoke.

Xia Zi knew that it was serious, but she had no idea that Luo Qiqi could really have died if they had been just a step slower… She was ready to murder someone now.

Mo Suqing was worried, while Ye Zhongjue had a skeptical look. If Luo Qiqi was Ye Mingke… this was way too cruel and inhumane!

Feng Liluo was seething in anger. It looked like he could have an outburst any moment now. He blamed himself inwardly at this. How can I allow Luo Qiqi to be in danger when I’m right here in A City?

This was unforgivable! I’m not Feng Liluo if I don’t get even!

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