Chapter 238: Clues to Finding Luo Qiqi

The uneasy Xia Zi told Mo Suqing about her concern, and the both of them started searching for Luo Qiqi.

They started looking within the Shallow Sea Area, but they just could not find her.

Xia Zi felt that Luo Qiqi had definitely gotten in trouble, or else she would not be uncontactable!

They spent almost two hours trying to locate Luo Qiqi to no avail.

Xia Zi finally asked Mo Suqing to get help from Ye Zhongjue while she contacted Feng LiLuo, the four of them separating to search in a wider area.

Ye Zhongjue found footage of Luo Qiqi boarding a cab right outside of the Shallow Sea Area before the footage got corrupted.

This made it all the more obvious that Luo Qiqi was a direct target of whoever took her away.

Feng Liluo and Xia Zi combed the entire A City, going to places that Luo Qiqi frequently visited, but there was no news of her even when they seemed to have overturned the entire city.

Ye Zhongjue asked Lin Ran to restore the security footage immediately after Mo Suqing told him that all the footage around the area had been corrupted after Luo Qiqi left the villa. However, the earliest they can review the footage would be ten in the morning tomorrow.

Xia Zi was at a loss, and she did not even think of contacting Su Jincheng, since he had not been in contact with Luo Qiqi for quite a while now.

Unease plagued her throughout the night. She had not yet given up, but the fact that they were not getting anywhere was driving both her and Feng Liluo insane.


The sky brightened.

Su Jincheng had stood outside Luo Qiqi’s room for the entire night.

He was feeling a plethora of emotions. There was guilt, reluctance and conflict in the mix. Even he did not know how to describe it.

He kept telling himself that they just had to go through the day and everything will be fine after.

They stayed at the hotel opposite the hospital, and when daylight came, Su Jincheng carried her out to make his way over slowly.

The operation was scheduled to start at ten in the morning, and if there were no major hiccups, it would end successfully at about twelve.

Su Jincheng brought Luo Qiqi into the ward before leaving her in the hands of Dr. Yang.

Dr. Yang gave Su Jincheng a look of reassurance after he sedated her.

Su Jincheng left the ward, making his way to visit Yaya right before the operation started.

Ming Ruoyuan’s condition looked quite good, her eyes sparkling with joy as if she knew that she was about to be saved.

She asked Su Jincheng excitedly, “Big Brother, I heard Dr. Yang say that you’ve found a suitable kidney donor?”

Su Jincheng nodded as he reached out to stroke her hair.

“Be good, Yaya. You’ll recover after the operation, and Big Brother will take you out to go have fun...”

Ming Ruoyuan nodded like an excitable child.

The gloominess in Su Jincheng’s heart seemed to dissipate a little as he kept telling himself that his final goal was to save Yaya. I can’t waver now, or else Yaya will die.

As for Luo Qiqi, taking one kidney from her will not kill her. With how strong she looked, she would just need some time to recuperate after the operation to return to her bubbly self. It did not look like she was planning to return to Interpol anytime soon, so she should be fine if she did not have to go through any form of rigorous training.

Su Jincheng’s fists clenched as he watched Luo Qiqi and Ming Ruoyuan being wheeled into the operating room.

He held the jade pendant tightly in his hand, planning to give it to Ming Ruoyuan as a gift after the operation.


As Lin Ran worked on restoring the security footage, he realized that the footage had been tampered with everywhere Luo Qiqi visited, as he had expected. He finally saw the footage of Luo Qiqi entering the cafe.

When they saw Su Jincheng take her away, they quickly began investigating from that angle.

Lin Ran extracted the footage from the cameras around the area, and he saw Su Jincheng carrying Luo Qiqi into the hospital in the morning.

At ten thirty, Xia Zi, Mo Suqing, Ye Zhongjue and Feng Liluo rushed to the hospital.

Xia Zi prayed that nothing had happened to Luo Qiqi, and she had never wished for the heavens to answer her prayers so badly like she did now.

She was never superstitious and she had always bet on science. But right now, she only wished that the heavens could protect Luo Qiqi. She was even willing to give her life in exchange for Luo Qiqi’s safety!

Xia Zi’s heart was palpitating as they arrived at the hospital when it was ten minutes to eleven.

Too many things seemed to have happened overnight. She saw Luo Qiqi being carried into the hospital by Su Jincheng.

She knew Luo Qiqi well enough to know that it was impossible for her to ask for someone to carry her if she could walk on her own because she would never be this unreasonable.

This meant that there could only be one reason, and that was because Qiqi could not walk.

But Su Jincheng had not contacted her recently, so why did he appear out of nowhere? And why couldn’t Luo Qiqi walk? These questions swum around in Xia Zi’s head, confusing her to no end.

She knew Su Jincheng is Dark Night, and Xia Zi found him to be dangerous from the get-go, especially when it was an irrefutable fact that she and Luo Qiqi were originally from Interpol.

Su Jincheng looked harmless on the surface, but she knew very well that real beasts would never show their fangs until it was time.

What did he do to Qiqi? Why did he have to carry her to the hospital?

Xia Zi dashed in right after alighting the car.

Ye Zhongjue found out that Su Jincheng was here for Ming Ruoyuan’s operation when he asked the front desk about it, and everything became clear when he asked his men to look into this.

Su Jincheng brought Luo Qiqi in for a kidney transplant because her kidney was a suitable match for Ming Ruoyuan.

But from the security footage, it was obvious that Luo Qiqi had been drugged and she was powerless to fight back.

This also meant that she was unwilling and that Su Jincheng used an underhanded method to force this on her.

Ye Zhongjue’s group rushed to the floor where the operating room was located.

Xia Zi was consumed with nothing but anger. How dare Su Jincheng do this to Luo Qiqi when she was unwilling! How dare he take a kidney from her! She swore to take revenge on Su Jincheng for Qiqi after this.

They spotted Su Jincheng leaning against the wall, his tired eyes resting shut. He was not asleep, he was simply closing them.

Xia Zi wanted to go up to him in her anger, but before she could do anything, Feng Liluo beat her to the punch and landed a fist on Su Jincheng!

Su Jincheng opened his eyes slowly, as if he had already expected to be pummeled. He expected for the group to want to clobber him after they found him, so he did not retaliate even when Feng Liluo landed a second punch on him.

However, he got anxious when he saw Xia Zi make her way towards the operating room.

He pushed Feng Liluo away and walked up to Xia Zi, trying to stop her from going further with his anxious gaze.

“You can’t go in. The operation is ongoing, and it won’t help even if you barge in now. The both of them will die if you do so!”

Ye Zhongjue scoffed. “Die? I disagree!”

At this point, Gu Yi’an walked out of the elevator. Ye Zhongjue texted him to get him to come over on their way here.

With Gu Yi’an here, it was unlikely for things to take a turn for the worse.

Su Jincheng paled as he saw Gu Yi’an walk out. Was I too careless? I didn’t think that these people could be so cruel!

Ye Zhongjue signalled to Gu Yi’an with his eyes as he and Feng Liluo went up to Su Jincheng to immobilize him. Xia Zi and Gu Yi’an went ahead and entered the operating room.

Yang Tianlong had just removed one of Qiqi’s kidneys and transplanted it into Ming Ruoyuan before he heard the door being forced open.

He flinched in surprise, but he was very experienced in such operations, so nothing major happened.

He calmly stitched Ming Ruoyuan up as Xia Zi glowered at the sight.

She stared at Ming Ruoyuan, wanting to rip Qiqi’s kidney out of her right there and then.

Of course, Yang Tianlong would not give her that opportunity. He put his scalpel against Luo Qiqi’s neck to threaten Xia Zi.

“You’d better not take another step, or else, I’ll kill her!”

Xia Zi stared at him wide-eyed. She would be the world’s biggest idiot if she was still unable to tell that Yang Tianlong was working with Ming Ruoyuan at this point.

Xia Zi backed away as she saw a thin line of blood form on Luo Qiqi’s neck as Yang Tianlong pressed his scalpel against it.

“Fine! Just let her go. What is it you want? Tell me your conditions!”

Yang Tianlong signalled to the nurses in the room with his eyes and they pushed Ming Ruoyuan out quickly.

Yang Tianlong removed his scalpel when the door closed again, giving a sinister laugh.

 Xia Zi wanted to clobber him right there, but Gu Yi’an said, “Get him out. I need to work on Luo Qiqi!”

Gu Yi’an could tell with one look that something was wrong with Luo Qiqi.

Xia Zi understood what he meant immediately. She could tell that Yang Tianlong was trained in martial arts simply by looking at how he held the scalpel and those thin scars that were on his hands.

If she really got into a fight with him here, Gu Yi’an will not be able to operate on Luo Qiqi properly.

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