Chapter 236: Want One of Her Kidneys

A sinister expression appeared on Ming Ruoyuan’s face as she ended the call. She clenched her fists tightly as she thought, Luo Qiqi, you’re too full of yourself. I won’t let you off!

Su Jincheng received a call from Dr. Yang right after she ended her call. “Dr. Yang, what’s up?”

Yang Tianlong’s voice had a rather joyous note to it as he spoke. “Mr. Su, congratulations, we found a suitable kidney source in our hospital. All we need now is for Mr. Su to persuade the donor and we can do the transplant right away.”

Su Jincheng marveled at this. That was fast. Why don’t I feel happy about this though? Why is there a feeling of foreboding?

This concerns Yaya’s life. I can’t let my emotions get the better of me.

“Dr. Yang, could you contact the individual to see if they might agree? As long as they agree, money is not an issue here!”

Dr. Yang sounded like he was placed in a difficult position when he answered. “Mr. Su, this individual lives in the Shallow Sea Area, so it’s unlikely that she needs the cash.”

Su Jincheng’s eyes narrowed. She lives in the Shallow Sea Area too?

“She is?”

Dr. Yang said, “Her name is Luo Qiqi and she had been to our hospital for a check-up in the past. She indicated that she was willing to donate her organs to those who needed them if anything happened to her, and I found that she is actually a suitable donor when I went through our database.”

Su Jincheng stiffened at the name. Qiqi? She was a suitable donor for Yaya, but I’ve already let her down. How do I ask her to donate her kidney to Yaya?

Su Jincheng’s voice trembled as he spoke, “Dr. Yang, let me think about this...”

He retired to the study after ending the call, sitting in there to chain-smoke the entire night away. He did not want to use Luo Qiqi’s kidney if possible.

Ming Ruoyuan was assailed with stale cigarette smoke when she opened the door to the study the next day, causing her to cough vigorously.

Su Jincheng quickly moved to draw the curtains and open the windows. He pulled her out of the room. “The air in here is bad for you, don’t stay in here!”

Ming Ruoyuan looked at him with concerned eyes. “Why did you smoke so much, Big Brother?”

Su Jincheng shook his head, not wanting her to worry. “It’s nothing. I’m just a little frustrated.”

“Something happened at the company?”

He took a deep breath before looking at her seriously. “Yaya, if there’s a suitable kidney donor, and you also happen to know her, would you want me to convince her to donate?”

Ming Ruoyuan frowned in confusion. “Big Brother, you’re referring to?”

Realizing that he had almost put the burden of making the choice on Ming Ruoyuan, he decided not to talk about it further.

“Nothing! It’s just a scenario.” He stroked her hair and said, “Go drink a glass of milk. I reek of cigarettes now. Let me take a quick shower!”

He made his way to his bedroom right after. He tried to clear his mind as he stood under the shower.

Didn’t the doctor say there was still half a year? If we can find another suitable donor within this time, then I won’t have to go to Luo Qiqi for this.

After his shower, he decided to continue looking for another donor. He will not ask Luo Qiqi for her kidney unless they had no other choice.


Luo Qiqi acted like a completely different person when she woke up the next day.

After she freshened up, she dragged Xia Zi along with her to look for Feng Liluo, and the three of them basically toured the entire A City in a day. She went back to her usual cheery self complete with a devil-may-care attitude, as if whatever happened yesterday did not concern her at all.

Feng Liluo found it difficult to confess his feelings as he watched her like this.

A month passed uneventfully, and though Feng Liluo was still in A City, he did not meet Su Jincheng and Ming Ruoyuan a second time. He spent most of his time with Luo Qiqi, but the more Luo Qiqi acted like she did not care, the more he knew that she could not let go of Su Jincheng.

No matter what, Feng Liluo was willing to wait until Luo Qiqi forgets him.


Ming Ruoyuan was getting increasingly nervous as time passed. She had already gotten someone to inform Su Jincheng about how Luo Qiqi was a suitable donor, but he did not seem to act on it even after a month had passed.

I guess it’s time for me to take some drastic action.

They just finished their lunch and Ming Ruoyuan got up to leave, but she collapsed before even taking a single step.

Su Jincheng rushed to her, catching her before she could hit the ground. He cried out, “Yaya, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me like this!”

Ming Ruoyuan blinked weakly before pretending to faint.

Su Jincheng carried her up immediately and dashed out.

He waited anxiously in the hospital for Dr. Yang to give his prognosis. He asked, “Dr. Yang, how’s Yaya?”

Yang Tianlong gave him a meaningful look before answering. “Mr. Su, have you contacted that donor I told you about earlier? Can’t you tell that Miss Ming’s condition has worsened recently? We originally had six months to work with, but it’s been halved. More than a month has already passed. If we don’t do a transplant soon, Miss Ming might not even be able to survive the month. Think about it!”

Su Jincheng was dumbstruck. A month? Yaya might not even survive the month.

He watched as Dr. Yang left, laughing bitterly to himself. Was it the heavens forcing me to make a decision?

He shut his eyes and raised his head, looking like he was thinking about something.

When he opened them after a while, there was a decisive glint in his eyes. He had made his decision!

Luo Qiqi looked at the display in disbelief when she received his call. She looked again to make sure she saw it right, that it was Su Jincheng calling her.


Her voice seemed to lack any emotion and she sounded colder than she usually was. It seemed to pierce through Su Jincheng’s heart like icicles.

He asked tentatively, “Qiqi, I want to talk to you. Do you have time now?”

Reminded of what happened the previous time, Luo Qiqi answered instantly, “I’m not free!” before she ended the call abruptly.

She did not expect for him to keep calling her after that.

The calls did not stop even when she rejected every single one of them.

Luo Qiqi could no longer stand it and finally answered the call, yelling into her phone, “Su Jincheng, when are you going to stop!”

Su Jincheng sounded calm on the phone as he answered, “Never!”

Luo Qiqi was rendered speechless by this. “Fine. What do I have to do for you to stop bugging me!”

“Come meet me!” Su Jincheng’s voice was steady and it sounded emotionless.

Luo Qiqi finally compromised. “Okay. Where are you? I’ll make my way there!”

She ended the call and got changed immediately after Su Jincheng gave her the address, mumbling to herself as she got dressed. “What’s wrong with him! Acting all high and mighty when he’s asking to meet me. I’ll teach him a lesson today!”

Luo Qiqi seemed to be complaining on the surface, but an almost imperceptible smile hung on the corner of her lips.

Little did she expect that the meeting would bring her nothing but pain.

Su Jincheng was already at the location waiting for her when Luo Qiqi arrived. Without asking for what she wanted, he passed her a glass of cold water. Luo Qiqi was rather confused at this. When did Su Jincheng become such a miser? He’s just getting me cold water?

Because of what happened previously, she did not want to bother with him, much less ask for a change in choice of drink.

They sat opposite each other in silence for some time, and this lasted for an entire hour.

People came in and went out of the cafe, but the two of them seemed to be part of the furniture at the outlet as they sat in silence with two glasses of cold water between them.

Some from the passing crowd observed that their outfits were not the low-budget kind, seeing that it was from high-end brands that were rather low-profile. Nobody expected for people like them to come to a cafe just to get their free water, but this was exactly what was happening!

The owner of the cafe had signalled to Su Jincheng with his gaze umpteen times before Su Jincheng spoke.

“Qiqi, I want to ask for your help. Are you willing to help me?”

Luo Qiqi looked at him with one of her legs crossed. She took a sip of water before she answered, “Go on, what is it? I’ll try my best if it’s something I can do!”

She turned serious when she answered him. No matter what happened in the past, she was willing to go all out since Su Jincheng is asking for her help now.

She would never have thought that he actually wanted one of her kidneys.

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