Chapter 235: Bloody Retarded

Ming Ruoyuan looked at Su Jincheng pitifully, as if she was saying, Big Brother, I didn’t do it on purpose.

Su Jincheng wanted to say something, but thought the better of it. With Luo Qiqi’s personality, he knew that she would definitely hone in and mock him for it if he were to say anything that sounded like he was on Ming Ruoyuan’s side.

He thus lowered his eyes as he answered, “We have steamed crab, steamed carp and vegetables with mushrooms...”

Luo Qiqi did not cut him off while he was listing the dishes, instead, she waited for him to finish listing everything before saying, “Are these even enough? Who’re you feeding? Ants? And we’re having either steamed dishes or greens. Do you really think we’re freeloaders? Can’t you order anything more palatable? We can always leave otherwise!”

Su Jincheng frowned at the unreasonable Luo Qiqi. Ming Ruoyuan’s expression looked even more pitiful now. It was the first time Feng Liluo saw Luo Qiqi acting like a bully. Though she had always been quite imposing, Luo Qiqi would never be unreasonable and pick a fight for no rhyme or reason. But it looked like she was doing exactly that right now. Was this Su Jincheng person able to affect her so much?

What Su Jincheng said next surprised everyone.

“Waiter, menu please. This Miss here wants to order a few more dishes!”

A cold glint flashed past Luo Qiqi’s eyes. Not angry yet? Seems like his temper has improved after hanging out with Ming Ruoyuan!

She stared at Su Jincheng angrily as she threw the menu aside unceremoniously. “Who’s the Miss here? Your family is full of Misses!” [1]

Ming Ruoyuan’s eyes welled up with tears as Luo Qiqi continued being unreasonable. “How could you say that, Qiqi? We invited you over for a meal, how can you talk to him like that! Where are your manners!”

Luo Qiqi’s blood boiled. Manners? Anyone but you can criticize me for having no manners!

She stood up and placed a foot on her seat in anger. “No manners? Ming Ruoyuan, you’d better think twice before you speak. Don’t think that I’m afraid of you because someone else is backing you up!”

Feng Liluo quickly tugged at her to try and alleviate the tension. “Qiqi, calm down!”

Su Jincheng scratched his head as he watched Luo Qiqi burst out in anger. He had not seen such an outburst in quite a while now.

He then said, “Take a seat first, Qiqi. It’s my fault for addressing you in that way earlier, I’ll apologize, okay?”

Ming Ruoyuan got all flustered when she heard Su Jincheng say that. “Big Brother, how can you take that lying down? She just scolded you!”

Su Jincheng patted her on the shoulder to comfort her. “It’s fine. I know that she didn’t mean it!”

He then turned to Qiqi and said, “Qiqi, sit down. We can have a nice chat.”

There was a subtle change in Luo Qiqi’s expression. Big Brother? Why do I find this term of address familiar? And why would Ming Ruoyuan call Su Jincheng Big Brother?

She calmed down and put her foot back on the ground before dragging another chair towards herself and sitting on it. She laid back in the chair like a royal.

“Okay! Go ahead then!” She made a gesture with her palms lifting upwards.

None of them had probably expected for Luo Qiqi’s attitude to change so quickly. They all knew that she had quite a blunt personality, but it was rare to see her back down so quickly like this.

Feng Liluo shook his head at the situation. He simply wanted to take a look at who Su Jincheng was, and he never thought that things would take a turn for the worse. He passed the menu to Luo Qiqi and said, “Qiqi, order the dishes first!”

It was Feng Liluo who looked awful now. He knew Luo Qiqi too well and it was clear that she was acting up because she wanted to hide all that emotion that was running through her right now.

Feng Liluo turned to Ming Ruoyuan after Luo Qiqi took the menu. “Aren’t you going to do the introductions, Ruoyuan? This is?”

Su Jincheng knew about Feng Liluo, but there was no way for Feng Liluo to find out that he was Dark Night even when he was right before him.

He smiled a meaningful smile.

This made Ming Ruoyuan come back to her senses as she realized that she had not yet introduced Su Jincheng to Luo Qiqi and Feng Liluo. She was aware that Luo Qiqi knew Su Jincheng, but she knew that Su Jincheng would not be aware that she had this knowledge.

She broke into a smile again as she said shyly, “This is my boyfriend, Su Jincheng!”

Luo Qiqi thought, Go ahead and continue with your act. Pretending to be frail and weak is your strong suit. I’ll see just how long you can continue with it.

However, she did not expect her to introduce Su Jincheng as her boyfriend.

Luo Qiqi’s face paled when Su Jincheng did not deny it. Remaining silent is equivalent to agreeing with it. He just admitted that he was her boyfriend.

Her blood boiled, but there was no way for her to let off steam.

If Su Jincheng was her boyfriend, then why did he still chase me around like that? He even said he wanted to be with me. Was that all a joke? Did he think that I, Luo Qiqi, was some easy target?!

Su Jincheng stiffened at Ming Ruoyuan’s words, but he had no reason to deny it. He had said he would take care of her forever, and he would keep his promise. He kept telling himself that Luo Qiqi was just Luo Qiqi, while Ming Ruoyuan was his Yaya.

Luo Qiqi’s lips turned up in a mocking smile. It was unclear if she was mocking herself or the two of them.

She then sighed. “I suddenly feel full and I feel like vomiting. Continue without me!”

Luo Qiqi’s jade pendant hung out when she stood up.

When Ming Ruoyuan saw it, panic flitted past her eyes.

Su Jincheng spotted it and stood up suddenly.

“Qiqi! Return Ruoyuan her jade pendant!” His tone was icy, but Luo Qiqi laughed. It sounded almost like a cackle.

“What are you talking about, Su Jincheng? Return the jade pendant to Ruoyuan? Su Jincheng, are you bloody retarded? Asking me to return the jade pendant to this slut? The jade pendant is...”

If Luo Qiqi says that the pendant belongs to her and Su Jincheng pursues the matter, the truth will be out. I won’t be able to keep up my act in that case!

Ming Ruoyuan stood up as she overturned her glass of water, causing the hot water to scald the back of her hand, turning it instantly red. “Ah!” she yelled.

Su Jincheng’s attention turned to Ming Ruoyuan at her cry.

He frowned when he saw the back of her hand. He quickly walked over and pulled Ming Ruoyuan with him to get an ice pack from the waiter.

Luo Qiqi was annoyed at his reaction. It was just some hot water, does he need to be this worried?

She suddenly laughed loudly as if releasing all the pent up anger in her before making her way out of the restaurant. Feng Liluo followed quickly behind her.

Su Jincheng looked at Luo Qiqi’s departing figure as he hid the hint of sorrow which flashed past his eyes. He swore that he would treat Yaya well if he ever found her, and that he will never abandon her.

Luo Qiqi, I’m sorry… 

It was raining heavily when Luo Qiqi exited the restaurant, but she ignored Feng Liluo and she walked directly into the downpour.

Feng Liluo eventually sent the drenched Luo Qiqi back to her villa.

A concerned Xia Zi ran up to her. “Qiqi, what happened to you?”

Feng Liluo looked at her apologetically. “A’zi, I didn’t take good care of Qiqi.” Xia Zi looked at him and shook her head.

She knew Luo Qiqi well enough to understand that no one could stop her if she had her heart set on something, and it was impossible for Feng Liluo to have done anything about it. Everyone knew that Feng Liluo loved Luo Qiqi, but she never accepted his feelings and simply treated him like a good friend. “It’s fine. I know Qiqi’s personality. Oh, where are you staying?”

Feng Liluo paused before he answered. “In a hotel. Take care of Qiqi. I’ll be going now. I’ll pop by tomorrow.”

Feng Liluo never thought that he would be this late to the game. He thought he could make it in time, but he could tell that Luo Qiqi had already fallen deeply in love. He gave a bitter smile before turning to leave.

Xia Zi looked back at Luo Qiqi to find her trudging mindlessly up the stairs. She sighed at the sight. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow before I ask her about what happened.

Su Jincheng took Ming Ruoyuan back to his villa at Shallow Sea on the very same night.

He closed the door gently and left after Ming Ruoyuan fell asleep.

Before long, Ming Ruoyuan’s eyes opened. She picked up the mobile phone beside her to make a call.

“Okay, we can begin. I can’t wait!”

[1] ‘Miss’ can also be used to imply ‘prostitute’. In their conversation, Luo Qiqi was picking a bone with Su Jincheng even though he obviously did not mean it that way.

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