Chapter 233: A Wave of Emotion

Su Jincheng put on a calm expression before he entered the ward again. Ming Ruoyuan had sat up, and her eyes looked like dazzling crystals when she saw him walk in.

“Big Brother, you’re here!”

Su Jincheng smiled upon hearing her sweet voice. He could not bear to tell her what the doctor said earlier. Why did she have to be inflicted with such a disease at such a young age!

“Yaya, apart from your time at the orphanage, do you remember if you have other relatives?”

Ming Ruoyuan’s eyes welled up with tears instantly. “You don’t want Yaya anymore, Big Brother? We’ve met after such a long time, but why don’t you want me anymore!”

Su Jincheng had never witnessed a woman crying, especially one who looked so defenseless. He had only ever seen Mo Suqing cry, and that was after she lost her children five years ago. It looked like her world had crashed down upon her with that palpable sorrow. As for Luo Qiqi, he had never seen her shed a single tear.

It was literally his first time witnessing someone cry so temperamentally like Ming Ruoyuan.

His heart seemed to be slowly torn apart as he watched her.

“Yaya, don’t cry.”

“Big Brother...” The tears fell down Ming Ruoyuan’s face, causing Su Jincheng to panic.

“Be good, Yaya. I’m not abandoning you.” He recalled the time in the Soviet Union when she saved him. She was so brave and nothing seemed to faze her. It was a stark contrast to how she looked now. He marveled to himself how time could change a person.

Since he was unlikely to find out about anything else from Yaya, he had to find a suitable kidney donor as soon as possible to save her.

Ming Ruoyuan tugged on his sleeve when he wanted to leave, looking at him with pitiful eyes. “Big Brother, Yaya doesn’t want to stay here. Yaya wants to leave with you!”

Su Jincheng removed her hand and spoke gently, “Yaya, be good. Stay here and recuperate. I’ll take you out when you’ve recovered, okay?”

Ming Ruoyuan nodded quickly, afraid that she would end up annoying him if she insisted any further. “Remember to take me out, Big Brother!”

Su Jincheng nodded before he turned to leave. Although he knew that Yaya was right before him, he had this unexplainable feeling every time he saw her, as if the real Yaya was not actually there. He thought that his recurring dream would stop after he found Yaya, but instead of stopping, the dreams got more and more intense. He would go back to when he was eighteen every night in his dreams. He even went to the hospital to get himself checked. The doctor said that he had taken in a large amount of hallucinogens at the time, and this caused his memories to be fuzzy.

The doctor said that these symptoms might stop if he was able to remember what really happened, and he advised Su Jincheng not to try too hard to recall those past events since it may just lead to more headaches. He refused to listen to the doctor’s advice initially, and there was a period of time where he forced himself to try and recall everything, only to get bogged down with splitting headaches.

On his way back from the hospital, he felt as if he had either forgotten or missed something. Something felt out of place but he simply could not put his finger on it.

He went ahead to start contacting his network in order to find a suitable kidney donor.

After dinner, he went downstairs to take a walk when he felt like a headache was coming on.

Luo Qiqi’s placid expression greeted him the moment he stepped into the community garden. Su Jincheng was suddenly at a loss for what to do. He had not dropped by her place for a while now, and the two of them have not met for some time because he stopped himself from going to Luo Qiqi after he had found Yaya. Seeing her in the flesh felt like a dream to him, and a wave of emotion washed over him when he saw Luo Qiqi.

She glanced at him, as if she did not care for him at all. That gaze of hers made Su Jincheng feel suffocated. It did not feel good at all.

Seeing Luo Qiqi about to turn to leave, he went up to her and grabbed her arm. “What’s up with you, Luo Qiqi! Running away at the sight of me. Am I terrifying like a ferocious beast?”

Luo Qiqi looked down at her arm before looking up at him, as if she was waiting for him to make his next move. However, she simply could not predict what he was trying to do. She thus apologized and said, “Oh… Sorry, I didn’t see you earlier!”

She spoke calmly without a hint of emotion, but this made Su Jincheng’s blood boil. He seemed to have had enough of her choosing to ignore him like this. He would rather have her kick up a fuss and give him an attitude rather than treat him like a stranger.

He had been in low spirits recently even though he had found Yaya. He thought it was because he missed Luo Qiqi too much and that he would feel better if he saw her. However, now that he had met her, he felt worse.

Although she had her poker face on, Luo Qiqi smirked inwardly to herself as she saw Su Jincheng’s expression of anger.

What’s he doing? Who is he to question me like this? He’s the one chasing me around all over the world, and he’s also the one who suddenly decided to ignore me. I’ll grant his wish if he wants to be strangers so badly. Why is he so unreasonable?

Su Jincheng glared at her and said through gritted teeth, “Luo Qiqi, do you think I’m blind? It was obvious you saw me earlier, so why did you pretend not to see me? You’re doing it on purpose!”

Luo Qiqi frowned, but she answered serenely, “Does that make a difference?”

This surprised Su Jincheng. She’s right. Does it make a difference? Didn’t I already decide not to see her and treat her like a stranger? Why am I being so emotional right now?

He took a deep breath to calm himself down before saying to Luo Qiqi, “Leave!”

Disappointment flitted across her eyes when he let go of her, but it was almost imperceptible...

Su Jincheng was in a state of conflict as he watched Luo Qiqi leave. He felt like he was about to go mad, and he was the very person driving himself insane.

No longer in the mood for a stroll, he returned to his villa, not realizing that there was another figure in the corner of the garden watching him in silence.

Luo Qiqi watched Su Jincheng’s departing figure, a wave of solitude washing over her as the setting sun lengthened her shadow on the ground little by little...

Su Jincheng made a trip to the hospital the next day to check in with the doctor. Dr. Yang clarified that Ming Ruoyuan could actually be discharged, but they had to find a kidney donor in order for her to go through the operation at the earliest.

He decided to bring Ming Ruoyuan to the Shallow Sea Area so that he could take care of her daily.

In the meantime, an exceptional individual arrived in A City.

It was FBI’s Feng Liluo. He made his way to the Shallow Sea Area right after arriving in A City.

He successfully contacted Luo Qiqi earlier. Though she had already left Interpol, having grown up with her, his feelings for her were still very strong. He heard that someone in A City was pursuing her, so he decided that he had to go to her.

Feng Liluo called her right after arriving at the Shallow Sea area.

“Qiqi, I’m here in A City to look for you!”

Luo Qiqi was daydreaming on the sofa, but surprise appeared on her face when she heard him say that. “Why didn’t you tell me beforehand!”

Given how close they were in the past, Luo Qiqi never thought that she would one day be afraid of letting Feng Liluo approach her. She was worried that Feng Liluo would find out about the people around her - Su Jincheng, Ye Zhongjue, and even Sis Suqing, all of them had secret identities. If Feng Liluo learnt about their identities, he would have to arrest them.

Luo Qiqi pondered for a moment before saying, “Hold on for a while, Liluo. Let me get changed and I’ll take you to check in at a hotel!”

Feng Liluo laughed. “What hotel? We’ve known each other for so long, so can’t I just stay here with you and A’zi?”

This villa is even under my name, he added inwardly to himself.

Afraid that Feng Liluo would smell something fishy, Luo Qiqi hastily explained, “Liluo, it’s not that I’m not allowing you in. It’s just that A’zi’s sister is here too. It’s not that nice to just barge in like this. It would be fine if it was just me and A’zi though!”

Feng Liluo frowned. A’zi’s sister.

“A’zi found her relatives?”

Luo Qiqi nodded. “Yes! They found each other recently, and they’re super close! It would be weird for a grown man like you to enter a house where it’s only us ladies around. I’ll help you look for a hotel later!”

Luo Qiqi sounded like she was coaxing a little child as she spoke.

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