Chapter 232: The Only One That I Want

Mo Suqing nodded without rejecting or avoiding him this time.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her seriously. “Are you still going to fight with me over custody of the children?”

Mo Suqing was surprised at his question. She knew she would not, since it would be their children bearing the brunt of the consequences if that happened. She did not want her children to grow up in a broken family.

She shook her head as she answered. “No, you can continue taking care of them. I’ll drop by to see them everyday. I’ll try my best to do my duty as a mother and protect them.”

Ye Zhongjue’s eyes dimmed. “What about us?”

There was a subtle change in Mo Suqing’s expression. “I don’t know. But at the end of the day, I’m the one who let you down. I wasn’t able to fully trust you, and that caused the tragedy five years ago. There may be someone else out there who’s more suitable for you...”

Ye Zhongjue stood up in anger before Mo Suqing could finish. “How could you say that, Mo Suqing? You know very well that you’re the only one I want to be with! How could you say that...”

Mo Suqing stiffened as panic rose in her. She knew better than anyone else that she would not be able to reject Ye Zhongjue for too long, but she wanted to consider things carefully this time. She did not want to hurt him again. She was afraid that she would misunderstand him again, and she would never be able to forgive herself if that happened.

“Jue, give me some time. Let me think about this, okay? I’ll give you a satisfactory answer...”

Her reply seemed to calm Ye Zhongjue down instantly.

She suddenly asked, “Jue, where’s Mo Sulian?”

Ye Zhongjue looked at her and said, “You don’t have to know!”

Mo Suqing shook her head, a glint in her eye. “Jue, I hope you can let Mo Sulian go even though she has hurt me countless times. No matter what, we’re still related. My father has left A City, and I don’t wish for anything to happen to her. We’re simply unable to interfere with whatever happened among those of the previous generation...”

Ye Zhongjue fell silent for a while before he nodded slowly. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t hurt you, but I won’t endanger her life in any way.”

Mo Suqing nodded, relieved to hear this.

Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue took A’jiu and Xiaoliu to the theme park the next day. Xiaoliu was overjoyed and even A’jiu, who usually wore a placid expression, had a slight smile on his face throughout the entire day.

Guan Zixuan was carrying out his mission of getting his girl, trying all ways and means to make Xia Zi happy.

Everyone had their own daily agenda, but Mo Suqing realized that Su Jincheng seemed to have disappeared. He used to drop by the villa from time to time, but he was nowhere to be found recently.

Luo Qiqi seemed to be out of sorts as well.

Mo Suqing had an ill feeling of foreboding, as if this was the calm before a storm she could not prevent.


Su Jincheng awoke in the middle of the night.

In his dreams, the voice calling ‘Big Brother’ got louder and louder. The person was shrouded in mist, and every time he wanted to see who it was, the mist dissipated into nothingness.

He felt that his throat was about to be ripped open by how loudly he was calling for ‘Yaya’, but nobody answered no matter how loudly he cried out.

Su Jincheng rested his head on his palms, feeling as if it was about to burst. This had been a recurring dream of his for many years.

The jade pendant was a prominent feature in that dream, together with that voice calling ‘Big Brother’.

Su Jincheng took a sip of ice water to clear his mind.

It all began when he was only eighteen and when he had just assumed the position of Dark Night. All who had assumed the top position in The Dark Night had to go through a cruel test, and it would always be held in a different manner at a different location.

He was in the Soviet Union at the time, and going through that test was the only condition for him to assume the top position in the organization.

At eighteen, he was a hot-blooded teenager full of confidence and drive. He might have been too full of himself and overestimated his abilities at the time, because he was caught in an ambush right after going through his test. He almost died after breathing in huge amounts of the poisonous gas, but he was saved by someone who, to him, was an angel sent from heaven.

He remembered that she was called ‘Yaya’, and a white jade pendant hung on her waist. The poisonous gas caused his vision to blur, and the people and objects before him looked like fuzzy images to him.

He was unable to locate Yaya after he recovered from that ordeal, and he had never given up on searching for her.

He remembered how Luo Qiqi beat him up the first time he picked up her jade pendant. It was only after that he realized it was something that she carried with her at all times. This made him think that she was Yaya, which was also why he lowered his defences around her and allowed himself to get closer to her.

He never thought that he would find the real Yaya when he returned to A City this time.

A few days ago, one of his subordinates informed him that Luo Qiqi’s jade pendant had actually been stolen from another girl. He then instructed Zheng Hao to do a confirmation on this, only to find out that the girl had grown up in the same orphanage as Luo Qiqi in the Soviet Union.

Everything seemed to be thrown into chaos in his mind. He knew that he had already fallen for Luo Qiqi.

He began to feel conflicted, and he begrudged Luo Qiqi for having snatched Yaya’s jade pendant away when they were younger. But he knew very well that there was no one but himself to blame. He was the one who did not look into it beforehand, and he was the one who allowed Luo Qiqi to take up space in his heart.

Su Jincheng recalled what happened when he saw Yaya two days ago. He tentatively called out ‘Yaya’, and the reply was almost immediate… She answered with ‘Big Brother’.

He had always thought that Luo Qiqi was Yaya, which was why he never tested her. But after what happened, he was very sure that he had been mistaken.

Yaya was the only one who would call him ‘Big Brother’, and no other woman would do that.

The next day, Su Jincheng’s mobile phone rang right after he had his breakfast.

Zheng Hao sounded urgent. “Boss, Miss Ming fainted. She’s in the city hospital now, come over quickly!”

Su Jincheng grabbed his jacket and dashed out instantly.

No one understood how important Yaya was to him. She literally gave him a second chance at life, and he swore to himself that he would treat her well. He would give his life as long as she was safe.

She had already gone through a series of tests at the hospital when Su Jincheng arrived.

He watched the girl who lay on the bed with a hint of sorrow in his eyes. He kept her company daily after learning that she had a weak constitution, and he would send his men to take care of her when he was not around.

The sickly girl had such an angelic face. Upon closer look, one would realize that she was the very same girl who was at the other end of the corridor when Mo Suqing left the hospital the other day.

The girl known to Su Jincheng as Yaya was called Ming Ruoyuan.

Su Jincheng helped adjust her blanket and took another look at her tiny face as he gently stroked it. He made a silent promise to himself that he would help Yaya recover to the best of his abilities.

Little did he know that he was about to hear worse news.

Ming Ruoyuan opened her eyes right after he exited the ward. Instead of looking sickly, her eyes looked clear as day. She blinked as a slightly sinister smile hung on the corner of her lips.

Zheng Hao seemed to be waiting for Su Jincheng to exit the ward as he went up to him. “Boss, you might want to go to the doctor’s office. The doctor said that he wanted to speak to you about Miss Ming’s illness.”

Su Jincheng thus nodded and made his way to the doctor’s office only for Dr. Yang to drop a bomb on him as he sat himself down.

“The prognosis for Miss Ming’s illness is poor. I’m afraid you might have to prepare yourself for the worst, Mr. Su. We need to find a kidney donor soon. The longer we wait, the lower her chances of survival.”

Su Jincheng knew that Ming Ruoyuan was sickly, but he was not aware that she had any pre-existing conditions.

He frowned at Dr. Yang. “Kidney donor? What’s wrong with her?”

Dr. Yang answered him seriously. “It seems like Mr. Su is unaware. Miss Ming suffers from a congenital kidney disease, and the symptoms for her condition usually only show themselves when the patient is in their mid-twenties. There might be triggers which would cause her condition to worsen as well. Miss Ming’s kidneys are starting to lose their function and her life will be in danger if we are unable to find a suitable donor within half a year. You understand what I mean right, Mr. Su?”

Su Jincheng felt as if his world was about to fall apart. He just found Yaya, and never had he thought that Yaya’s life would be in such danger.

Seeing Su Jincheng in a state of disbelief, Dr. Yang continued, “Mr. Su, we understand that such news is usually devastating for the family members of the patient, but it is still my duty to inform you that it is of utmost importance that we find a kidney donor. I’ll be unable to do much otherwise. I’ll help to keep a lookout on this in the hospital and let you know if there may be any suitable donors. Mr. Su might also want to search for a donor on your end. Miss Ming fainting is a sign that her condition is worsening, so I hope that you can find a donor soon, Mr. Su.”

Su Jincheng trudged back to the ward after hearing what Dr. Yang said. He had immediately sent his men to look for a suitable organ donor, but he knew it would be no easy task.

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