Chapter 231: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Even so, Ye Zhongjue did not tell him that Xia Zi was living with Mo Suqing.

Surprised, Guan Zixuan was glad to see her there. But from Xia Zi’s perspective, Guan Zixuan looked excited only because he knew that her sister was here. She thus spoke with a placid expression. “Come in. My sister’s inside.”

She then turned and walked in without a second glance.

Mo Suqing saw Guan Zixuan’s excited face and Xia Zi’s icy expression when she turned to see who had visited.

Xia Zi did not tell her that it was actually Guan Zixuan who saved her.

Mo Suqing went up to him and asked, “Zixuan, why are you here?”

Guan Zixuan involuntarily stole a glance at Xia Zi before he said, “I heard you were back in the country, so I decided to come over to A City for a visit.”

Mo Suqing smiled and invited him to take a seat before introducing him to Xia Zi. “A’zi, this is my good friend, Guan Zixuan.”

She then looked to Guan Zixuan and said, “This is my younger sister, Xia Zi. We’re twins. See, don’t we look so much alike!”

Guan Zixuan smiled without answering. They looked so similar that anyone would think they were the same person, and this was also what caused him to mistake Xia Zi for Mo Suqing five years ago. When Xia Zi lost her memories, he thought that it caused a huge personality change in Mo Suqing. Now, he knew that it was simply because Xia Zi’s personality was a little more chilly.

Xia Zi scoffed inwardly to herself as Mo Suqing introduced Guan Zixuan to her. Having spent five years with the man, she knew him very well. Sis is treating him like a little bunny. She doesn’t know that he’s actually a big, bad wolf.

She wondered what would have happened if Guan Zixuan did not mistake her for Mo Suqing five years ago. He would have been able to change so many things in just five years. Would Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue still have a chance together if that was the case?

The man was unfathomable to her.

For some reason, Xia Zi felt uncomfortable and even found it annoying as she watched Guan Zixuan smile and chat with her sister. She would rather not be present to witness this.

Xia Zi looked at Mo Suqing and said, “Sis, have a good catch up. I’m going upstairs to take a nap.” She then turned to leave without much ceremony.

She did not catch that glimpse of disappointment that flitted across Guan Zixuan’s eyes when she turned.

Seeing him stare at the stairs, Mo Suqing could tell that Guan Zixuan seemed rather distracted and yelled at him, “Zixuan, what’s wrong?”

Brought back to reality by Mo Suqing, he quickly composed himself. Mo Suqing was confused. Why did he keep staring in that direction!

As if a thought just appeared in his mind, Guan Zixuan said, “Suqing, I’m actually here to get your help.”

“Help?” Mo Suqing watched him with suspicion, frowning slightly.

“Mm!” Guan Zixuan nodded. “I found out from Ye Zhongjue that Xia Zi is your sister. I’ve actually been looking for her all this while.”

Mo Suqing was thoroughly confused now. She pointed upstairs before pointing back at him. “You’re looking for A’zi?”

Guan Zixuan nodded slowly at her look of surprise.

He knew instantly that Xia Zi did not tell Mo Suqing about what happened five years ago, that he was the one who took her away.

“Suqing, you were super important to me five years ago, and when I heard that you might be in trouble, I rushed back to A City overnight. But just when I arrived at the Shallow Sea Area, I saw Xia Zi barely hanging on to life, and she even had a gunshot wound. She lost a large amount of blood when I brought her back to Emperor City, causing the brain to experience a lack of blood. She suffered from amnesia for five years, and I’ve been taking care of her for all that time.”

Mo Suqing stared at him slack-jawed. This actually happened between A’zi and Guan Zixuan! Was it destiny?

“How do you want me to help you?” Mo Suqing asked in her surprise.

Guan Zixuan was confident that Mo Suqing would agree to help him on this, and he said, “A’zi left Emperor City without a second thought when she remembered who she actually was and what happened five years ago. I became lost after she left, but I missed her dearly. I wanted to be with her, so I decided to come to A City to look for her. Since you’re her older sister, I’m sure she’d listen to you. I’m not asking anything of her. I just hope that she’s willing to give me a chance and let me protect her.”

Mo Suqing finally understood everything. Guan Zixuan was not the kind to give up his feelings easily, and it was even more difficult for him to do so when he had spent five whole years with her.

Mo Suqing felt that a relationship built upon such a foundation would be stronger compared to the flames of something that had been sparked in the moment. Five years together was a lot of time.

But why did the two of them pretend not to know each other when I introduced them earlier?

Mo Suqing sounded doubtful as she asked him, “Then why did the two of you pretend not to know each other when I did the introductions earlier!”

Guan Zixuan gave a bitter smile. “We weren’t pretending to be strangers. Didn’t you see for yourself? A’zi doesn’t seem to want to talk to me at all. She left immediately after she regained her memories, she didn’t even give me a chance to process everything. I now know that I’ve already fallen in love with her. No matter what my intentions were in the beginning, Xia Zi is the one I love now.”

This made Mo Suqing feel rather emotional. Feelings are really unpredictable.

She looked at him. “How about this. Since A’zi is in A City now and she’s staying at Shallow Sea, how about you just move back into your old villa here? You’ll be able to visit her anytime you want then. I’ll help you out by mentioning your good points to her, and I’ll also tell you where she is and what she likes.”

Guan Zixuan chuckled foolishly as Mo Suqing spoke. He knew Xia Zi’s likes and dislikes better than anyone else.

Mo Suqing watched the foolish grin on him and she was about to say something when the door opened suddenly.

Luo Qiqi and Ye Zhongjue entered unexpectedly.

Something smelled fishy to her, because the two of them appeared at the same time shortly after she began suspecting that Luo Qiqi was Ye Zhongjue’s younger sister.

It seemed as if there was something invisible in the air that linked the two of them together.

Seeing Mo Suqing’s look of suspicion and a stranger in the house, Luo Qiqi was suddenly reminded of Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue’s relationship before she quickly put some distance between themselves.

“Sis Suqing, I went out to get some stuff and saw President Ye along the way. He wanted to drop by so we returned together.”

She gave an awkward laugh.

An inexplicable smile then appeared on Mo Suqing.

Luo Qiqi felt her hairs stand on end. What is Sis Suqing trying to do?

Not bothering with the stranger in the house, she quickly made her way to the stairs, not wanting to be caught in any sort of oncoming crossfire.

Mo Suqing suppressed her laughter at Luo Qiqi’s reaction and shook her head before looking up at Ye Zhongjue who was still standing at the door.

“Come on in.”

She felt a little guilty as she watched him. It seemed that she was the distrustful one and that she had always misunderstood him for what he did.

Everything that happened five years ago was a testament to that.

Seeing the placid expression on Ye Zhongjue, Mo Suqing asked, “You don’t have to go to work today?”

She instantly regretted the question. How could I have forgotten that it’s a Saturday! If it weren’t for what happened yesterday, he would be at his engagement ceremony instead.

Guan Zixuan quickly spoke to give the awkward Mo Suqing a helping hand.

“Thanks for telling me that A’zi is here, President Ye. How about we go out for a drink or two?”

Ye Zhongjue nodded in agreement after glancing at Mo Suqing and realizing that she seemed to be a little uncomfortable.

As she watched them leave, Mo Suqing wondered to herself, The DNA report should already be out. I’ve almost forgotten about that because of everything happening with Mo Sulian and Ye Zhongjue recently.

Mo Suqing then left for the hospital. She knew that the Ye family would be overjoyed if Luo Qiqi was really Ye Zhongjue’s biological sister.

A warm smile appeared on her lips at the thought.

She quickly opened the report when the doctor handed it to her, but the results were far from what she had expected.

She was almost a hundred percent sure that Ye Zhongjue and Luo Qiqi were biological siblings, but the report clearly stated that they were not.

She left in disappointment. At that moment, a girl in a white chiffon dress walked out of the corridor on the other end, her face bright and clear like a porcelain doll.

However, a sudden vicious smile appeared on that delicate face of hers. She was mumbling to herself, and if anyone could hear her, she was actually saying, “I’m going to take everything from you, Ye Mingke!”


Mo Suqing felt dispirited when she returned home.

She stuffed the report into her bag and sat silently in her room, thinking to herself that it was fortunate she did not tell Ye Zhongjue about this, because it would only have disappointed him.

When Ye Zhongjue dropped by a second time, she was still sitting in a daze. But she knew she could not avoid him forever and that she had to clarify matters with him sooner or later.

Mo Suqing went to get a glass of water for him before sitting opposite him. The both of them then looked at each other, neither of them speaking,

It was Ye Zhongjue who finally broke the silence.

“Let’s have a proper talk, Suqing!”

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