Chapter 230: The Truth from Eight Years Ago

Bai Lian was slightly flustered at Dr. Sun’s unexpected retort.

She glared at him. “Sun Zhijie, do you really think you’re able to threaten me like this? Let me tell you this. Sulian is Mo Zhenfeng’s biological daughter. I got pregnant just after his wife, Xia Yanran, gave birth to twins. If Mo Zhenfeng had kept his word, do you think I would’ve done that to Xia Yanran?”

Sun Zhijie’s expression darkened. “Didn’t you say that Sulian was my daughter?”

Something flashed across Bai Lian’s mind after seeing his reaction. “You chose not to leave A City because of Sulian?”

Sun Zhijie looked like he could murder Bai Lian at any moment now.

“You vicious woman, how dare you lie to me! You made me kill Xia Yanran! I would never have done so if it wasn’t for Sulian!”

Bai Lian looked at him calmly as she spoke.

“You’re a surgeon, and no one would have found out about what happened at the time. Everyone thought Xia Yanran was killed in the accident. But you simply refuse to leave A City. You’re a risk. Just know that I’m capable of doing horrendous things to anyone who dares impede me and my daughter!”

Sun Zhijie looked at her with incredulity.

“Then why didn’t you take Sulian to the Mo family right after she was born?”

Sun Zhijie had always treated Mo Sulian like his own daughter, and even though Bai Lian did not allow him to meet her on his own, he had tried his best to help her out wherever he could.

Bai Lian glowered at him.

“You think I didn’t? Mo Zhenfeng treated Xia Yanran’s two baby daughters like absolute princesses. I had given birth to a daughter too, but he didn’t seem to care at all. I could literally have murdered him then. But I was too naive. I thought that he would beg me to take Sulian home to him as long as I got rid of Xia Yanran and her daughters. Those traffickers couldn’t even do their job properly. I paid them to kidnap both the children but they left out Mo Suqing! Being the lucky survivor, Mo Zhenfeng and Xia Yanran now pampered and showered her with even more love. I had absolutely zero opportunity!”

She then started cackling.

“Well, humans are greedy creatures at the core. Old flames never burn brighter than new love interests. Even though Mo Zhenfeng acted like he was faithful, Xia Yanran was blissfully unaware that he was already together with me while she was pregnant. I loved that shocked look on her face when she learnt that Sulian was Mo Zhenfeng’s daughter, it was almost cathartic for me. She always thought Mo Zhenfeng was loyal, and she had never expected for him to have already betrayed her, much less having another daughter with somebody else! She died with regrets, and everything in the Mo family belongs to me and Sulian!”

It was the first time Mo Suqing witnessed Bai Lian in such a frenzied state. She involuntarily shivered as she saw Bai Lian’s vicious gaze. She could barely believe that she had actually lived under the same roof with such an individual for three years. Her mother would have feared for her if she had known.

A’zi was abducted by the traffickers because of her, and the accident happened because her mother was too agitated after learning about Mo Zhenfeng’s affair. She realized that her mother did not actually die on site, and it was Bai Lian who was in cahoots with Sun Zhijie to cause her death. She also realized why her father treated Mo Sulian so well, because she was his daughter! She always felt that he loved her a little less after Mo Sulian started living with them. Now, she knew that it was because he actually had another daughter!

Mo Suqing was boiling with anger. She could no longer contain all her grief, outrage, sorrow and her hatred towards Bai Lian and Mo Sulian.

Her lips trembled as she laughed. The heavens were so unfair, letting her mum die with unresolved hatred. I didn’t protect her well.

She started crying, and Xia Zi hugged her with reddened eyes. Such a truth was a huge blow to Mo Suqing.

Xia Zi glanced back at the screen to see Bai Lian go up to give Sun Zhijie a kiss before starting to undress.

She whispered in his ear, “Zhijie, don’t ever come back after this. We might have been able to build a future together if it wasn’t for my hatred for Mo Zhenfeng. I’ve brought enough cash for you to be able to live comfortably for the rest of your life...”

Sun Zhijie was tempted by Bai Lian’s voluptuous figure as he took her in his arms.

Although she was almost fifty, her skin was still very smooth and fair. Sun Zhijie could not resist her at all if she decided to seduce him like this.

He made a low grunt before the two of them started getting passionate.

Xia Zi felt like she could hear their breaths intermingling even through the computer screen.

Just as the two of them seemed to be getting hot and heavy, the door to the presidential suite opened suddenly with a loud thud.

Xia Zi watched as a group of policemen entered.

They arrested Bai Lian and Sun Zhijie immediately.

“You are under suspicion of being involved in Xia Yanran’s death. We suspect that her murder was premediated although it was staged to look like an accident, and we’ve just gotten the evidence. You will now be arrested.”

The police put handcuffs on Bai Lian and the stunned Sun Zhijie, whose clothes were in a mess.

Mo Suqing and Xia Zi were both shocked to see this.

However, everything fell quickly into place when they spotted Ye Zhongjue right behind the police. They realized that Ye Zhongjue had contacted the police about the case beforehand.

The police were then able to act swiftly, right after they got proof of what happened.

Ye Zhongjue made an announcement overnight to clarify the matter of his engagement with Mo Sulian. He said that the announcement was made simply to create a distraction as he was working with the police on an investigation about a murder that happened years ago. He also made it clear that there would only be one Mrs. Ye in his life, and that she was none other than Mo Suqing!

Not only was Ye Zhongjue not criticized for cancelling the engagement, he was even praised for being a good citizen who helped the police in their investigation. Many people thought that it was a very honorable thing to do.

One could say that whatever happened had actually given Ye Zhongjue a warning, or rather, a lesson. No one knew what he did, but after this, Mo Suqing did not see Mo Sulian ever again.

There was speculation that Mo Sulian had retired and quit the entertainment circle, and there were some who guessed that she felt too embarrassed about the fact that she had been used by Ye Zhongjue, causing her to decide to live in seclusion after that.

There were many theories, but all of them led to the same result, that is, Mo Sulian seemingly having disappeared off the face of the earth.

After the dust settled, Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi still felt that it was pretty out of place to see Ye Zhongjue, who was the big boss of Sin Eliminators, working with the police.

Mo Suqing sent that video to Mo Zhenfeng on the very same night that they saw it.

It was also a huge blow to Mo Zhenfeng, having to grapple with the truth so suddenly.

His ex-wife was killed by his current wife, and Bai Lian had already gone behind his back to be with another man thousands of times. She even worked with traffickers to plan the abduction of his younger daughter, Mo Ziqin. The severity of the news seemed to make him much older overnight.

When Mo Suqing and Xia Zi visited the Mo family home on the next day, Mo Zhenfeng was shocked and surprised to see the two of them, but all he could do was just to sigh in resignation.

Mo Suqing did not know how to react when she heard that Mo Zhenfeng had actually sold the Mo Group and transferred all the money to her so that she could use it to live comfortably with Xia Zi in future.

The doorbell to their house rang just as Mo Suqing and Xia Zi returned home from their visit.

Xia Zi walked over to answer the door without much thought, but she was stunned by the handsome face that met her.

Her surprise only grew when the man started speaking.

It was Guan Zixuan, the very person who had taken care of her for the past five years when she had lost her memories.

Pleasant surprise flashed across his eyes as Guan Zixuan looked at her.

“A’zi, Ye Zhongjue said that Suqing lived here, and I expected her to answer the door. I didn’t think it would be you. Are the both of you living together now?”

Xia Zi was instantly reminded of what Ye Zhongjue said, that a man who could tell her and Suqing apart would be a man who cared a lot about her, or possibly loved her.

But the purpose of Guan Zixuan’s visit was to look for her sister. She was unsure if this was why he could differentiate them, or if he had really instantly recognized her at the door.

She felt conflicted because she knew very well that it was Mo Suqing whom Guan Zixuan had had feelings for.

In the two months after he separated from A’zi, Guan Zixuan was finally able to come to terms with how he really felt.

He might have had feelings for Mo Suqing in the past, but right now, he had fallen irrevocably in love with Xia Zi. He did not treat her like a replacement for Mo Suqing, and he genuinely loved her for who she was.

He had thoroughly fallen in love with Xia Zi.

Since they were in A City before he took Xia Zi away, he eventually decided to contact Ye Zhongjue in the hopes of being able to find some clues as to where Xia Zi might possibly be.

He was prepared to go look for her, but what he did not expect was for Ye Zhongjue to tell him that Xia Zi and Mo Suqing were actually biological sisters.

After recovering from his initial surprise, he congratulated Ye Zhongjue for being able to reunite with Mo Suqing before asking for her whereabouts.

Ye Zhongjue initially thought he was being stubborn and refused to give up on his feelings for Mo Suqing, but Guan Zixuan simply wanted to ask Mo Suqing about Xia Zi so that he could locate her. After patiently explaining the situation to him, Ye Zhongjue finally relented and revealed her location.

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