Chapter 23: Menstrual Cramps Hurt Like Hell

Guan Zixuan pushed past the door and walked in.

When he had left the restroom, he had realized why the woman had insisted that he buy her some sanitary pads. It must have been her period and the fact that she was wearing white clothes.

Now that Guan Zixuan was a lot less exasperated, he looked at Mo Suqing carefully and decided that she was actually quite good-looking. She had glossy black hair and a pair of sparkling eyes that seemed to talk.

Of course, if none of these had happened, he would be even more impressed by her.

He tossed her the pads and said in a calm voice, “Can you delete the photos now?”

Mo Suqing, arms full of sanitary pads and the camera, couldn’t help but imagine how Guan Zixuan’s diehard fans would react if they knew she had sent their idol on such an errand as buying sanitary pads. They would probably tear her open.

She quickly comforted herself. Fortunately, no one knew about this except for herself, Guan Zixuan and the almighty God.

Mo Suqing always kept her promise. Presently, she took off the strap of the camera from her neck and tossed the device to Guan Zixuan. Then, she stepped into one of the cubicles with the pads.

When Mo Suqing came out, her face was pale as a sheet. Most of the time, her period hurt like hell. She had hoped it wouldn’t be that bad this time, but she had been wrong. During the short time she had busied herself with the pad, the pain had intensified a great deal.

Noticing that she had turned white, Guan Zixuan gave her camera back and asked, “Are you all right?”

Then, he quickly added, “Not that I would care if you were to die right here.”

Mo Suqing did not have much energy left to bicker, so she only rolled her eyes and said, “It’s not your business whether I die or not. Just go now, so I won’t waste your precious time!”

Guan Zixuan twitched his mouth, not saying anything. This woman has a temper!

Suddenly, he noticed a scarlet spot on Mo Suqing’s white pants. The tips of his ears turned slightly red.

He took off his jacket and tossed it to Mo Suqing. “You are lucky I am in a benevolent mood today. Take my jacket. Don’t give it back and don’t thank me!”

Then, he walked out of the door without a second glance, eager to leave the airport with his assistant.

Mo Suqing was surprised. She held his black jacket in her arms and thought, Although Guan Zixuan looks like a flippant person, he has a good heart.

After tying his jacket around her waist, she woke up the screen of her phone and opened up the photos she had taken of Guan Zixuan and the woman. She changed her mind.

Her original plan was to ask Guan Zixuan to buy some sanitary pads for her in exchange for the deletion of the photos in the camera.

She and Leng Xiyao always took pictures with both phone and camera. It seemed that Guan Zixuan hadn’t been aware of this key fact. Therefore, she still got those photos in her phone.

It was a pity the woman’s face was a little concealed because Guan Zixuan had blocked part of it.

Anyway, she had planned she would still make the photos public in tomorrow’s issue, neglecting her promise to Guan Zixuan.

The face of his unknown girlfriend being obscure would only make everything even more mysterious and give the readers more room for imagination.

But now, she found herself hesitating.

She had promised him she wouldn’t use the pictures, so she wouldn’t.

Besides, Guan Zixuan was not at all the heartless person the media had portrayed him to be. At the very least, he had given his jacket to her, a total stranger, which made her view him in a different light.

Mo Suqing stood there, watching Guan Zixuan and his assistant disappear from sight. Then, she too left the airport.

Her lower abdomen was still hurting like hell. It was early and she would really love to go home, except that it occurred to her she had once again failed to gather any saucy materials for the magazine.

If she didn’t produce anything for tomorrow’s issue, Abbess Miejue might give her and Leng Xiyao another hard time.

Thinking of this, Mo Suqing frowned and hailed a taxi back to the company.

She still had time to write a story. The important thing was to come up with something, so that the column wouldn’t be empty tomorrow.

In the taxi, Mo Suqing’s face had gone really pale. The driver offered, “Miss, do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

Mo Suqing shook her head slowly, “No, thanks. I’m fine. Please take me to Trend Magazine.”

The driver sighed and commented, “Young people nowadays are so hard-working they don’t care about their health anymore!”

Mo Suqing pressed her pale lips together, not saying anything.

In the end, the taxi driver respected her decision and took her back to the company.

Back in the office, Mo Suqing felt a lot of blood had flown out of her body, almost feeling like she had peed herself.

She put her phone and camera down on the desk and immediately went to the restroom.

The moment she left, Bai Tingnan stood up from her seat and walked to Mo Suqing’s.

Bai Tingnan had seen Mo Suqing hurried out of the office after lunch and knew she was going to gather materials for her story. She was back surprisingly early.

Bai Tingnan would like to know what materials Mo Suqing had gathered. She turned on Mo Suqing’s camera, but did not find anything in there.

Bai Tingnan frowned. This isn’t right. Hasn’t she gone out to gather some news? How come there aren’t any photos?

She found it hard to believe.

Bai Tingnan took up Mo Suqing’s phone. She had accidentally seen her press in the password one time.

She quickly unlocked her phone.

After Mo Suqing had browsed the photos on the phone at the airport, she had not returned to the home screen.

Therefore, when Bai Tingnan unlocked the phone, the first thing she saw were pictures of Guan Zixuan. The corner of her mouth curled into a malicious smile.


Mo Suqing walked out of the restroom. Everyone was busy writing their stories.

She had barely sat down when An Huilin approached.

She gave Mo Suqing a stern look and demanded, “Didn’t you go out with Leng Xiyao in the afternoon? Where is she?”

Mo Suqing lied, her face hardly blushing and her heartbeat hardly quickening, “I’m not feeling well, so she made me come back first and went to gather the news by herself.”

Mo Suqing’s pale face was evidence itself. Even though the person she had lied to was An Huilin, she could not help but believe her.

“If you are so unwell, just go home and get some rest!”

Mo Suqing managed a smile. “I’m fine. I’ll go after I finish my story for tomorrow.”

An Huilin gave her another look, but did not say anything more before going away.

Mo Suqing worked until seven in the evening. Due to a lack of material, she could only make do with some lousy stuff. By the time she finished writing, she had developed a headache.

When Mo Suqing was about to go home, almost everyone had left the office.

Strangely, Bai Tingnan, who was usually the first one to leave, was still working on her story, totally unruffled by the late hour.

Mo Suqing cast a curious glance at her, but did not think too much about it.

She felt as if she would die from working too hard on her own story.

Menstrual pains made her whole body weak and sick. To make things worse, it started raining when she stepped outside.

She moaned inwardly, what are the odds?

Staring at the curtain of rain, she remembered she had an umbrella in the office. However, she had finally got out of there, she really didn’t want to go back inside again.

Presently, a taxi approached. Mo Suqing stuck out her hand to hail it.

She let out a sigh of relief after she got in the car.

She would be home in no time. Then, she would sleep through the pain.

The car stopped in front of the gate of the housing estate.

Mo Suqing looked at her apartment in the distance, feeling helpless. If she ran over there and got wet in the rain, her belly would surely hurt even more later in the evening.

But, it seemed that she didn’t have a choice. Taxis were not allowed in the estate.

In the end, she forced herself to get off the car and ran toward her apartment.

Meanwhile, Ye Zhongjue, too, didn’t realize it had started to rain until he got off work and emerged from the building of Mighty Empire.

He had planned to pick up Mo Suqing from work but eventually desisted from it, remembering how unwilling she had been about the idea.

Besides, she must have got home by this hour.

No sooner had he driven his car to the gate of the estate than he saw a figure in white sprinting in the rain, a black jacket tied fast to her waist.

Ye Zhongjue steered the car into the estate and was about to drive into the underground garage when he saw the figure fall on the ground.

Her butt landed square on the ground, drenching her white clothes with rainwater.

Ye Zhongjue stopped what he was doing, got off the car and ran toward her.

Mo Suqing had been in such a hurry that she hadn’t noticed the puddle there. As a result, she had slipped and fallen right on the ground.

Now, she was seized with a severe cramp in her abdomen. What bad luck she was in today! Everything had turned against her.

She was about to get up when she felt herself lifted up by a pair of powerful arms. She snapped her head up and saw Ye Zhongjue’s handsome face.

He carried Mo Suqing and walked toward the apartment, not paying the least attention to his own sodden clothes.

Rainwater dripped from his chin, making him appear wild and tough. However, there was also anger under this appearance, albeit thin as a piece of paper.

Ye Zhongjue carried her all the way up to their floor, silent as the grave.

When they were in the elevator, Mo Suqing could hear his thundering heartbeat. Her originally pale cheeks flushed.

She must have been possessed by some kind of witchcraft for the last few days. Here she was, having the worst menstrual cramps and thinking about how fast her heartbeat was!

She didn’t know why, but every time Ye Zhongjue was nearby, she would lose control of her heart.

Ye Zhongjue carried Mo Suqing to their bedroom and said in a tone as cold as his expression, “Take a hot shower!”

He was fuming. Why didn’t she just call and ask me to pick her up when it’s raining cat and dog?

Is she really so averse to getting picked up by me?

However, he didn’t have the heart to admonish her, seeing her freezing pale face. In the end, he suppressed his anger and left the room.

Ye Zhongjue went downstairs to park his car. He was taken aback when he put his hands on the steering wheel.

Why is there blood on his hands?

The truth dawned on him in an instant. The black jacket on her waist and the blood on his hands could only lead to one explanation.

It was her period!

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