Chapter 229: I’m Their Father

It did not cross Ye Zhongjue’s mind that Dr. Sun could have been linked to Xia Yanran’s death initially.

However, he did not help out recently when Mo Group was facing financial difficulties. This was because Mo Suqing seemed like she did not care about the Mo Group at all. With her current position, she could easily have done so if she had really wanted to give the Mo Group a helping hand.

The Mo Group ended up having a deficit since Ye Zhongjue did not assist them, and Bai Lian was thus unable to continue transferring so much money to the doctor, which led to Dr. Sun paying her a visit.

Afraid of the truth being exposed, Bai Lian asked her daughter to go to Ye Zhongjue for help instead since she was out of cash.

Mo Sulian was too naive to think that Ye Zhongjue would actually help her after she told him everything, when they just got engaged the day before.

Of course, she did not give him all the details. She simply said that her mother owed someone a sum of money and that they did not have the ability to return that amount of money at the moment, which was why she was turning to Ye Zhongjue for help.

All the information was then slowly revealed after Ye Zhongjue started looking into the funds.

Mo Sulian had just finished whining to Ye Zhongjue about this when Xia Zi called him. He consoled Mo Sulian and told her that he would definitely help her out and take care of the matter.

Ye Zhongjue had tried to sound Mo Sulian out by asking her about what happened, and that touched Mo Sulian so much that she thought he already knew the truth and he had really wanted to help her out.

Ye Zhongjue only wanted Mo Suqing to see the truth since he now knew what actually happened.

He told Xia Zi to take Mo Suqing with her to meet him at villa number 8 at Shallow Sea at night.

To get Mo Sulian to leave, Ye Zhongjue asked her to go to Bai Lian in order to convince her mother that it should be the very last time they would be giving any money over to the other party, and it would be in cash this time.

Mo Sulian was worried that they would not be able to succeed in convincing the doctor on this, but having seen many similar situations, Ye Zhongjue had his methods.

He told Mo Sulian that she can tell Bai Lian to inform the doctor that it would just end up being a zero-sum game if he insists on getting more money from them. That was because no one would emerge the winner if the truth about Xia Yanran’s death was revealed to the police, and he also told Mo Sulian that he had the ability to ensure Bai Lian was safe even if that really happened.

What he said moved Mo Sulian.

In order to get Mo Sulian to fully trust him, Ye Zhongjue even told her that there would be no way he would just sit and watch when Bai Lian was her mother and his mother-in-law.

After hearing that, Mo Sulian did not have any doubts.

Ye Zhongjue was already in the house when Xia Zi and Mo Suqing went over at night.

Seeing Ye Zhongjue’s haggard expression, Mo Suqing rolled her eyes inwardly. He just went on a date, so why is he even pretending to be so tired!

While in the house, Ye Zhongjue kept his eyes on Mo Suqing, as if he just could not get enough of watching her.

That sort of attention could have made even the most thick-skinned individual feel awkward.

Mo Suqing coughed, but Ye Zhongjue’s eyes simply glinted, his gaze never leaving her.

Xia Zi then said in a playful manner, “Brother-in-law, I’m really curious how you differentiate me and Sis. Qiqi has known me for such a long time, but even she mistook Sis for me!”

Ye Zhongjue continued staring at Mo Suqing with profound eyes.

“When you love someone, you love every single part of her, not just her outer appearance. If ever there comes a day when there’s someone who can tell you apart from your sister with just one look, it means he really cares about you, or you can even say that he loves you.”

Xia Zi was caught unawares by Ye Zhongjue’s rousing answer. She stole a glance at Mo Suqing, whose face was now flushed red, but she was unsure if her sister was blushing in embarrassment or boiling with anger.

Seeing how Mo Suqing seemed to be quite uncomfortable, Xia Zi changed the subject quickly.

“Oh, Brother-in-law, what’s going on with you and Mo Sulian? Are you really planning to get engaged with her? We’re just putting on a show, there’s no need to be so serious about it.”

Before Ye Zhongjue could answer, Mo Suqing gave him a glare and said to Xia Zi, “Don’t call him your brother-in-law. He’s in no way related to me now!”

Xia Zi was shocked. What’s going on? Why is my sister acting like a temperamental young lady?

It was obvious that Ye Zhongjue did not expect for Mo Suqing to say this either. He cleared his throat before he retorted, “You’re the mother of the children and I’m their father!”

This made Xia Zi burst out in laughter.

Mo Suqing looked infuriated.

After a while, she said, “Did you say you’re Xiaoliu and A’jiu’s father? I don’t believe it anyway!”

She then walked up to Ye Zhongjue. He and Xia Zi had no idea what she wanted to do.

Mo Suqing then plucked a strand of hair from Ye Zhongjue’s head. “I’m going to do a DNA test. I hope you don’t mind!”

Mo Suqing then returned to her seat on the sofa.

Ye Zhongjue’s expression darkened instantly. She wanted to take a piece of my hair to do DNA testing because she doesn’t believe I’m their father? What is with this woman? Doesn’t she know very well who the father is?

Mo Suqing ignored the murderous expression on his face and continued sitting there as if nothing had happened.

Feeling the tension in the atmosphere, Xia Zi quickly asked Ye Zhongjue, “Any progress? Tell us quickly, Sis and I have to go back soon. We’re worried about A’jiu and Xiaoliu being left at home!”

She wondered how she should address Ye Zhongjue now, since Mo Suqing suddenly stopped her from addressing him as ‘brother-in-law’. Since it felt too impolite to call him by his name directly, she simply went straight to her question instead.

Ye Zhongjue visibly calmed down a little as he said, “Fine. Come over on Friday night. I’ll link the security camera footage to my computer. I believe you’ll know what’s going on when you watch it.”

“Friday...” Mo Suqing gave an empty laugh. “Isn’t your engagement on the very next day? Not afraid that the video might ruin your engagement ceremony?”

Ye Zhongjue was speechless. Did the heavens send this woman to me as an obstacle?

Xia Zi helped to quickly alleviate the situation by saying, “Sis, we’ll know when we see it...”

Mo Suqing looked at Xia Zi, not saying anything. She felt that Ye Zhongjue was not revealing much, but it seemed he was extremely confident. She then turned to leave without saying anything more.

As he watched the two of them leave, Ye Zhongjue rubbed his temples in frustration. When can I get my wife to come back? It’s so lonely being by myself.

One week passed in the blink of an eye.

News about Mo Sulian and Ye Zhongjue dominated the headlines daily, with the majority of the news reports about them taking their wedding photos and looking at hotels.

Mo Suqing would rather not watch any of this news.

It was finally Friday night, and Xia Zi dragged Mo Suqing with her to Ye Zhongjue’s place.

Ye Zhongjue gave them the keys to the villa since he would be busy with other matters. Although he was not able to verify the truth together with Mo Suqing about what happened eight years ago, he would let the truth be known to everyone.

Mo Suqing began to snack in front of the computer. Xia Zi, Luo Qiqi, A’jiu and Xiaoliu were all there as well. Mo Suqing watched Luo Qiqi as she played with A’jiu and Xiaoliu.

She suddenly wondered if it was their blood relation that made A’jiu and Xiaoliu grow so close to Luo Qiqi so quickly.

Luo Qiqi liked the two children a lot, and she could tell that they had a very good relationship. Mo Suqing had already sent the strands of hair she took from Luo Qiqi and Ye Zhongjue for testing at the hospital, and she had decided to inform Ye Zhongjue about this if the two were indeed siblings.

This was her way of making up for having shot him. She also had a feeling that she would definitely be shocked at what she was about to find out tonight.

Sometime after eight, they saw the door in the room open through the computer screen.

Mo Suqing turned her attention to the screen immediately, and both Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi walked over to the screen as well.

There were two individuals on screen, one male and one female.

Mo Suqing did not recognize the man, but she felt that he looked rather familiar.

She could recognize the woman immediately. It was none other than Bai Lian.

Mo Suqing’s gaze turned cold when she saw how the man hugged Bai Lian excitedly when they walked in.

Was Ye Zhongjue trying to get them to watch porn? Or was this just evidence of Bai Lian having an affair? She was not interested in either of these.

Just as Mo Suqing was about to switch the computer off, she saw Bai Lian push the man away in disdain. This caused the man to lose his smile as he immediately stiffened, his expression dark.

Mo Suqing suddenly remembered why the man looked familiar to her. Wasn’t he the doctor in the hospital who told me that Mum had died?

Mo Zhenfeng told her that her mother died on the spot during the accident, and that she was sent to the hospital morgue immediately.

But looking at the current situation, it seemed like Mo Zhenfeng had not been telling the truth.

They heard Dr. Sun speak through the security camera.

He looked around at the presidential suite they were in before looking at Bai Lian.

He scoffed. “What, you’re forgetting about me now that you’re rich? Do you know how many secrets of yours I hold?”

Bai Lian’s expression turned awful in an instant. She stared at Dr. Sun. “Don’t think that you can scare me with that. Don’t forget that you were the one who killed Xia Yanran in the hospital. It wouldn’t do you a whole lot of good if you were to expose me either. Do you really think that I’m scared of you?!”

Mo Suqing was shocked at this. Mum was murdered?

She stared at the computer screen, watching as Dr. Sun gave a wretched smile. “Bai Lian, are you sure you want to go all out like this? Don’t forget you’re the one who told Xia Yanran that your daughter is Mo Zhenfeng’s! If it weren’t for that shocking piece of news, Xia Yanran wouldn’t have been in that accident either, and you wouldn’t have had such a great chance to kill her! Also, I was just listening to your instructions. You’re more culpable!”

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