Chapter 228: The Plot Behind the Accident

Mo Sulian and Ye Zhongjue were then seen together in public very often as they attended various events and functions together. The media spotlight was on them as there was speculation that Ye Zhongjue might marry the star soon.

The rumor spread very quickly across A City because of the various media reports.

Although Mo Suqing was aware that all of this was just an act on Ye Zhongjue’s part, she still felt uncomfortable when she saw Mo Sulian with him.

She had been staying at the Shallow Sea area for the time being. She went to work together with Su Jincheng and returned to Xia Zi’s villa after work. Her time was either spent in the office or with the children, as if she was trying her best to make up for the lost time.

Su Jincheng had been searching for Luo Qiqi since arriving in A City, and when Mo Suqing accidentally let slip that she was staying with Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi, Su Jincheng began to look for all kinds of reasons to visit Xia Zi’s villa.

Luo Qiqi and Su Jincheng seemed to be born enemies. The house would become a noisy mess every time they were both around. Mo Suqing found their interaction amusing, and she sometimes even envied that they could banter like that.

Everyone says we should follow our heart, but how many people in this world can actually end up with the one they loved?

Mo Suqing felt distracted after coming back home from work, and she was even slow to react when Xiaoliu talked to her.

Seeing her like that, Xia Zi decided to talk to her about it.

“Sis, do you want me to ask Brother-in-law to stop? We can look into other individuals who knew Bai Lian at the time, but it’s just that we might end up alerting her.”

Mo Suqing shook her head. “I’m fine. There’s no need to do that. I’ll wait for him to give me the truth since he is so insistent on uncovering it, and he also insists that he only killed Tang Mo back then.”

Xia Zi’s gaze deepened. “Then… Sis, if Bai Lian was really involved in that accident, will you choose to be with Brother-in-law?”

Mo Suqing looked at her. “I don’t know. There are just too many things to consider. Let’s not even talk about that accident eight years ago and whether it was Bai Lian pulling the strings behind the scenes. I shot him five years ago, and even if he doesn’t mind it, I do. It’s too complex. Love and hate seem to be intertwined when it comes to him, and it’s not that easy for me to let go of everything. I kept dreaming of that moment when I pulled the trigger in the past five years, and I always jolt awake after hearing the gunshot.”

Xia Zi hugged her. “Sis, you don’t have to say anymore. I understand. I couldn’t sleep for a few days after I made my first kill years ago.”

Mo Suqing fell silent.

They had separated from a young age as sisters, not knowing that the other person existed, but the both of them had led rather difficult lives.

Luo Qiqi saw them in an embrace when she returned. She felt a little awkward and decided to cough to signal her presence.

“Um… I’m back!”

Xia Zi glanced at Qiqi and let go of Mo Suqing. She narrowed her eyes and looked behind Qiqi in suspicion.

“Where’s Su Jincheng?”

Luo Qiqi plopped herself onto the sofa.

“I shook him off. He’s crazy annoying. I wonder what’s in that brain of his. Why does he have to keep following me around!”

Mo Suqing suppressed her laughter at this. Su Jincheng would definitely be annoyed if he knew how Luo Qiqi was talking about him now.

Xia Zi shook her head in resignation. “You’re such an idiot. Can’t you tell that he likes you?”

There was a subtle change in Luo Qiqi’s expression. She suddenly laughed and took out a piece of white jade engraved with a light blue character.

She said, “You’re overthinking it. He doesn’t like me. He wouldn’t bother about me at all if it wasn’t for this piece of jade on my neck.”

“You mean...” Xia Zi was about to say something.

Mo Suqing was reminded of something when she saw that piece of jade.

She remembered seeing a similar piece five years ago in Ye Zhongjue’s desk drawer, and she had asked him about it at the time. He said it was actually a pair of pendants, and that his younger sister had a similar one on her, but she went missing when she was two.

Another scene replayed in her head. On that fateful night when Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi came to her rescue, she vaguely remembered seeing this pendant on Luo Qiqi. She was in too much pain to think about anything else at the time, but she remembered finding it familiar.

Mo Suqing had a bold theory, so bold that she herself did not dare believe it.

Her sister and Ye Zhongjue’s sister both went missing in the same year in A City, so it was likely they went missing at around the same time. If Luo Qiqi’s jade pendant really belonged to her, then it was highly likely that she was Ye Zhongjue’s younger sister - Ye Mingke.

Mo Suqing wondered if she was actually the sister Ye Zhongjue had been looking for all these years. If she was his sister, that would mean that she had always been so near, and that they had already brushed past each other five years ago.

She stood up and walked towards Luo Qiqi.

She grabbed the jade pendant hanging on Luo Qiqi’s neck, her voice trembling with emotion as she asked, “Qiqi, does this pendant belong to you?”

Xia Zi found Mo Suqing’s reaction out of sorts, and Luo Qiqi was a little uncomfortable at being questioned. “Come on, Sis Suqing!”

She had been addressing Mo Suqing ‘sis’ just like Xia Zi does and she had gotten used to it after a while, but Mo Suqing’s reaction really confused her.

She looked at Mo Suqing in confusion. “Why are all of you from The Dark Night like this? This jade pendant has been with me since forever. What’s so interesting about it? Why are both you and Su Jincheng so interested in it?”

“It’s yours?” Joy was apparent in Mo Suqing’s eyes.

She wanted to tell Luo Qiqi that Ye Zhongjue has a similar pendant, but she decided against it in the end, afraid that it may only lead to disappointment if what happened was that his sister had simply gifted her jade pendant to a friend.

If that happened, Ye Zhongjue would be disappointed and Luo Qiqi would be hurt. She thus decided not to say anything about it at this point.

She closed in on Luo Qiqi and smiled at her. “I suddenly thought of something, so I got a bit emotional. I hope you don’t mind, Qiqi!”

Luo Qiqi heaved a sigh of relief when Mo Suqing suddenly called out to her.


“Ah!” Luo Qiqi cried out and looked up in surprise. Mo Suqing was staring at the top of her head. “Don’t move, it looks like there’s something on your head. I’ll help you get it out.”

Luo Qiqi gave Mo Suqing an awkward smile and looked at Xia Zi, who looked like her usual dispassionate self. Mo Suqing seemed to look at her hair for a while before finally plucking a strand out.

Mo Suqing looked at the strand in her hand before turning back to Luo Qiqi apologetically. “Sorry, Qiqi. I accidentally plucked out a strand of your hair.”

Luo Qiqi did not really mind it and waved dismissively. “It’s fine...”

She felt that Mo Suqing was acting all fishy today, and it made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Mo Suqing was about to turn to leave when she saw Xiaoliu run out of the room and jump into Luo Qiqi’s arms.

“Aunt Qiqi, I’ve completed the puzzle you gave me. Come to my room to have a look?”

Luo Qiqi stood up, happy to get an excuse to leave the scene. She looked at Mo Suqing and said, “Sis Suqing, I’ll go take a look at Xiaoliu’s puzzle...”

Mo Suqing nodded, holding onto Luo Qiqi’s strand of hair tightly.

Xia Zi walked over to Mo Suqing after Luo Qiqi followed Xiaoliu into the room.

“Sis, what’s wrong? You seem out of sorts today...”

Mo Suqing gave a wry, unnatural laugh. “It’s nothing. I’ll go back to my room.”


Xia Zi realized why Mo Suqing acted the way she did on the next day.

Ye Zhongjue and Mo Sulian announced that they would be getting engaged at the Hilton Hotel one week later.

Xia Zi wondered what Ye Zhongjue was thinking. Doesn't he know that he’s supposed to put on an act? Isn’t he being way too serious about this? It’s no surprise that Sis is unhappy.

Although Mo Suqing refused to admit it, Xia Zi could tell that she still cared a lot about Ye Zhongjue.

Xia Zi pondered about this for a long time before finally deciding to discuss it with Ye Zhongjue.

When Xia Zi called, Ye Zhongjue was in a hotel with Mo Sulian.

He had uncovered an important clue, and as long as he had Mo Sulian wrapped around his finger, handling Bai Lian would not be a challenge. He found that Bai Lian had been transferring a sum of money to this particular account over the years.

Ye Zhongjue did not pick up on this initially, but he realized there was something amiss when he finally connected the various puzzle pieces.

He found out that Xia Yanran had been sent to the hospital after the accident, and that she had actually died in hospital.

Mo Zhenfeng wanted to get more compensation from the Ye family at the time, so he told them that Xia Yanran died instantly. All Mo Suqing saw was her mother’s corpse when she returned from class, and she did not know what had actually happened.

Mo Suqing thought her mother had died in that accident, but the truth was that she died in the hospital, and her death was a premeditated murder.

This was what he theorized, since the doctor who treated Xia Yanran at the time was in a complicated relationship with Bai Lian, and the account which Bai Lian had been transferring money into belonged to that same doctor, Dr. Sun.

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