Chapter 226: The Sisters Reunite

It was Mo Suqing’s first day at the Tianyue Group’s office on the next day, and no one expected that their new vice president would actually be taking a day off on her very first day of work.

Yes! Instead of going to the office, Mo Suqing drove to the Shallow Sea Area instead.

Her mind was racing. She could imagine how confused Ye Zhongjue had been in the past five years as he wondered how she could bear to cruelly abandon both her children. She wanted to fly to the children if she could.

Su Jincheng gave her the access card to the Shallow Sea Area, so she was able to enter without too much of a hassle.

She parked at villa number 8 and rushed in to press the doorbell. It was quite a while before someone finally answered the door.

Mo Suqing did not expect to see Ye Zhongjue at home at this hour. She thought he would be at the office. He looked sleepy, like he had just woken up.

She asked, “Where are the kids?”

Ye Zhongjue was surprised to see her at the door. He thought his eyes were fooling him at first and that he might have just mistaken Xia Zi for her. Rubbing his eyes hard, he wanted to make sure that it was really her.


He thought she would never step foot into this place ever again.

Mo Suqing could not be bothered with him as she asked about the children again, sounding rather frustrated.

“Ye Zhongjue, please tell me where the kids are. I want to see them.”

At this, Ye Zhongjue finally came to his senses. So she’s just here for the kids. His expression dimmed as a bitter smile hung on his lips.

“Mo Suqing, you’re here this early in the morning just to look for the kids?”

She nodded profusely. “Yes! Where are they?”

Ye Zhongjue’s eyes narrowed. “If you care about them so much, where have you been for the past five years?”

She was caught unawares by his sudden question.

He was right. I wasn’t there for them at all in the past five years.

“I...” Mo Suqing did not know what to say. Unsure of how to explain herself, she simply stared at him.

After watching her for a moment, he sighed and invited her into the house.

“It’s fine. Come on in!”

Mo Suqing lowered her eyes and followed him into the house.

The interior did not change much and everything was rather similar to five years ago when she left, with the addition of some carpets and toys that were lying around.

Thinking about her children, Mo Suqing imagined that they would look very mischievous. My kids!

She suddenly regretted that she took so long to return, causing her to miss out on the chance to watch them grow up in the past few years.

Ye Zhongjue looked towards the sofa and said, “Have a seat. Let me get a change of clothes. The kids are not at home now. I’ll get Xia Zi to bring them over!”

He went into the bedroom after that.

Mo Suqing was slightly confused. Xia Zi sounded like a girl’s name. Who is she? Why did he let her take care of the kids? There must be something else going on!

Ye Zhongjue called Xia Zi immediately and asked her to bring the children over.

He did not tell her that Mo Suqing had returned, hoping that it would be a pleasant surprise for the both of them when they met.

He took a quick shower and got changed just in time to answer the door when the doorbell rang.

He saw Mo Suqing go to the door before he even exited the bedroom, so he decided to let her answer it instead.

Seeing the bedroom door still closed, Mo Suqing decided to answer the door since she expected that it would be the Xia Zi person who would be bringing the children over.

She was shocked to see someone who looked exactly like her when she opened the door.

“You are?”

Xia Zi never expected to meet Mo Suqing here. She had initially wondered why Ye Zhongjue called her so early in the morning and asked her to bring the children over.

As she took in Mo Suqing’s reaction, she realized that Ye Zhongjue had not told her anything about them being sisters at all.

She naturally broke out into a friendly smile. “I’m Xia Zi!”

Mo Suqing’a imagination was running amok. This woman looks exactly like me and she’s involved with Ye Zhongjue. Did he do this on purpose...

Assailed by the flurry of emotion, her brain did not even register that there were two children standing behind Xia Zi.

It was Xiaoliu’s bright voice that shook her out of her reverie. “Mummy!”

Mo Suqing instantly looked down towards the source of the voice to see Mo Yanxi holding Xia Zi’s hand.

She knew it was her child with just one look.

In a second, her eyes welled up with tears and her voice trembled as she spoke. “Mm… I’m your mummy…”

Emotion was apparent on Xiaoliu’s tiny face as she rushed towards Mo Suqing. Hearing her say ‘mummy’ made Mo Suqing’s heart quiver.

“Mummy, Mummy… Mummy, you’re finally back. Xiaoliu has been good while waiting for you...”

Mo Suqing was surprised at this. She thought Ye Zhongjue found someone who looked like her on purpose in order to replace her and provide the children with motherly love. She never thought that her children would be able to recognize her even when Xia Zi was standing right there.

What actually happened?

As her mind wandered, her gaze landed on Ye Yanchen who was still standing behind Xia Zi.

A’jiu looked at her with eyes that were full of affection, sorrow and a hint of inquiry, as if he was asking her why she abandoned them for the past five years.

Tears escaped from Mo Suqing’s eyes.

She carried Xiaoliu and walked over to A’jiu. “My children...” She reached out to them and said, “Mummy let you down!”

A’jiu turned away slightly and shook his head, his tears threatening to overflow.

Mo Suqing hated herself for making that decision five years ago. She would never have missed her children like this if she had just been a little less impulsive.

She quietly blamed herself for just finding out that they were alive when they have already grown so much...

Ye Zhongjue suddenly said, “Come on in, let’s talk in the house.”

Mo Suqing walked in as she carried Xiaoliu in one arm and held A’jiu’s hand in the other. Though A’jiu looked slightly uncomfortable, he did not shy away nor struggle free from Mo Suqing’s grasp.

Before entering the house, Mo Suqing took one last look at Xia Zi before turning back in.

Xia Zi simply sighed and followed her in.

Ye Zhongjue watched the interaction between Mo Suqing and the children. Although they were meeting for the first time, that blood relation between them can never be erased.

Mo Suqing did not need to say anything to Xiaoliu and A’jiu for them to want to be close to her.

Xia Zi walked in and sat some distance away from Mo Suqing.

Ye Zhongjue then began to introduce them. “Xia Zi, this is Suqing!”

Xia Zi nodded and said, “I know!”

Mo Suqing watched as they spoke. From their tone and expressions, she had the feeling that they were hiding something from her.

Having just reunited with her children, she was still very emotional. Xia Zi looked so much like her that it was impossible to get that sort of similarity even through cosmetic procedures.

Mo Suqing looked at Ye Zhongjue, and then at Xia Zi.

“Do the both of you have something to say? If it’s regarding the kids, know that I won’t back down. I didn’t even know that they were...”

Mo Suqing stopped herself from continuing. Even so, Ye Zhongjue could already guess what she wanted to say. She didn’t even know they had survived!

Xia Zi heard about it from Luo Qiqi earlier, so she was not surprised at how Mo Suqing reacted.

She glanced at Ye Zhongjue and said, “Let me explain!”

She regarded Mo Suqing seriously. “Do you know we look so alike?”

Mo Suqing shook her head.

Xia Zi smiled and continued. “Because I’m your twin sister. Why else do you think there’d be two individuals who looked so much alike? This was also why I decided to save you when I saw you five years ago!”

Mo Suqing was instantly reminded of that fateful night, when Luo Qiqi and another woman saved her from Jian Jie’s attacks, allowing Su Jincheng to take her away eventually.

She looked at Xia Zi incredulously. “It was you and Luo Qiqi who saved me five years ago!”

“Mm!” Xia Zi nodded. “It was me, but I lost my memories after that. I was saved by someone else, and it was only recently that I regained my memories. I then made my way to A City to look into this, and I’ve done the DNA testing with Mo Zhenfeng as well. I’m his biological daughter, so how do you think we’re related?”

Mo Suqing was absolutely stunned. She never thought that she would be meeting her own sister here at the Shallow Sea Area.

She did not remember having a sister, even though she did have a vague feeling that she seemed to have a younger sibling when she was much younger.

Her parents, however, told her that she had no siblings.

This made her believe that it was the truth, and she never thought that her parents had actually lied to her.

She looked at Xia Zi and asked in slight disbelief, “What’s your name?”

“Xia Zi...”

This again surprised Mo Suqing. “You’re A’zi, the one Qiqi has been looking for?”

Xia Zi nodded at this. Mo Suqing’s eyes reddened at this. She never would have imagined that her own sister was actually in a place that was so close to her.

Having grown up in an orphanage, Xia Zi had quite an aloof demeanor. But upon seeing Mo Suqing overwhelmed with emotion, she naturally called out to her, “Sis...”

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