Chapter 224: It’s Not Ye Zhongjue At All

Ye Zhongjue glanced at Leng Haoyun before nodding at him, a hint of gratitude in his eyes.

Hopefully, I can capture Mo Suqing’s heart.

He planned to solve every single issue they faced, and he only hoped that she would trust him and stay by his side.

There seemed to be no end in sight to Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao’s conversation. It was only until Su Jincheng coughed on purpose that they let go of each other.

Su Jincheng saw Leng Xiyao stare at him, and he quickly cleared his throat to say, “I’m just signalling to all of you that the dancefloor is now open.”

He put on an innocent look, but Leng Xiyao did not fall for it.

“Who knows what you’re actually planning!”

Mo Suqing suppressed her laughter at this. Leng Haoyun scratched his nose, pretending not to have seen or heard anything as he pulled Leng Xiyao towards him.

Su Jincheng watched them, finding Ye Zhongjue to be the only normal person in the group. Ye Zhongjue’s gaze had never once left Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing put her name card into Leng Xiyao’s palm. “Yao, let’s chat over the phone tonight.”

Leng Xiyao nodded before Leng Haoyun pulled her onto the dancefloor.

Leng Xiyao looked at Leng Haoyun coldly. “Why did you pull me away? I haven’t finished catching up with Suqing yet!”

Leng Haoyun pinched her waist playfully. “Silly girl, don’t you realize that you’re like a super bright light bulb there?”

Leng Xiyao let out a stifled laugh, spitting her saliva onto Leng Haoyun’s face. His face darkened slightly. Naughty girl, let’s see how I’ll punish you tonight!

Seeing his expression dim, Leng Xiyao instinctively shrunk backwards, causing Leng Haoyun to break out in a satisfied smile.

After Leng Haoyun and Leng Xiyao left for the dancefloor, Ye Zhongjue reached out to ask Mo Suqing for a dance before Su Jincheng could say anything.

“Annly, may I have this dance?”

Mo Suqing was surprised. She did not expect for him to be this direct.

She stole a glance at Su Jincheng, but he averted his gaze quickly.

In the future, Su Jincheng would give himself a pat on the shoulder for his choice tonight.

If he had stopped Ye Zhongjue from having that dance with Mo Suqing, he might not have been able to get married.

Mo Suqing felt a little conflicted at this. However, she was now the vice president of Tianyue Group and it would be unbecoming of her if she were to refuse a dance with Ye Zhongjue -especially when he was so well-known in A City.

After a moment of contemplation, Mo Suqing glared at Su Jincheng before answering Ye Zhongjue. “Are you sure you’d like to dance with me, President Ye?”

Ye Zhongjue calmly nodded.

Mo Suqing then said, “I’ll have to warn you that I don’t know how to dance. So don’t blame me if we turn into a joke!”

Ye Zhongjue kept his eyes on her as he shook his head, his hand still extended towards her.

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes. He’s really thick-skinned.

She feigned a smile at him. “With President Ye’s status, shouldn’t you be dancing with your partner?”

He looked down at her gown and answered, “Her gown got dirty.”

He answered placidly, but Mo Suqing was not happy at this. Her gown is dirty so you’re getting me to be her replacement?

“You love to joke around don’t you, President Ye? I’m here with President Su, so naturally...”

Before she could finish, she spotted Su Jincheng walk towards another lady in the room and ask her for a dance.

Mo Suqing stared at Su Jincheng angrily. She wanted to chop him into pieces at that very moment.

Ye Zhongjue suddenly laughed.

Mo Suqing was angered at this. “Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?”

Ye Zhongjue’s face turned serious instantly. “Nothing. I just want to have a dance with you, that’s all!”

Mo Suqing glared at him, as if she was telling him, You’d better not regret this later. She then reached out to place her hand on his palm.

When their palms touched, Mo Suqing felt a subtle change in the air.

She awkwardly followed Ye Zhongjue onto the dancefloor.

They moved harmoniously in a beautiful dance, and one could almost say it was perfect except for the occasional wince from Ye Zhongjue.

Mo Suqing seemed to be stepping on his foot on purpose and she would pretend to look apologetic every time she stepped on him, as if she was already preparing for her next strike.

Though his feet hurt, this pain amounted to nothing for Ye Zhongjue. He could endure anything as long as Mo Suqing allowed him to go closer.

One may call him a masochist or someone with brain damage, but he knew that Mo Suqing was the only one he wanted in this life.

Mo Suqing got bored of stepping on him after a while since he did not react to her provocation. It only served to make her feel like a violent and abusive person.

She was conflicted. She had not felt such overwhelming emotion in the past five years, and she wished that she could be as calm and unfeeling as she used to be, because she was afraid that her heart might get her to do something irrational.

Not caring about Ye Zhongjue, Mo Suqing suddenly let go of him and exited the dance floor. He followed closely behind her and watched her go upstairs.

He thus picked up a glass of champagne from a waiter and waited at a corner as he eyed the stairs, waiting for her to come back down. Mo Suqing made her way down after a while.

Su Jincheng made his way towards her, and he nodded after she said something to him. Mo Suqing then put on a jacket before making her way out of the building.

Ye Zhongjue quickly abandoned his champagne to follow her out.

Someone called out to him when he was about to reach Mo Suqing.

His expression turned awful when he turned only to see Mo Sulian looking at him pitifully. “Zhongjue...”

The hearts of any other men would have melted at that pitiful tone of hers, but it did not work on Ye Zhongjue. He saw Mo Suqing pause briefly. It was obvious that she heard it.

However, she continued walking out without stopping. Ye Zhongjue’s face darkened. He looked at Mo Sulian and asked, “Why are you still here?”

Mo Sulian looked like she was about to cry. “You said you’d get Lin Ran to pick me up...”

Her tone was gentle, as if afraid whatever she said might upset him.

Seeing Mo Suqing’s figure get smaller and smaller, Ye Zhongjue could no longer be bothered with her.

“Get a cab on your own!” He then dashed after Mo Suqing.

Mo Sulian stomped her feet as she watched Ye Zhongjue leave. It’s all your fault! You slut, Mo Suqing! A vicious glint flickered across her eyes as she adjusted her outfit and exited the building.

Ye Zhongjue saw Mo Suqing head for the parking lot once she was out of the hotel.

He followed quickly, seeing her hop into a yellow Ferrari. Ye Zhongjue went to his car and revved the engine, following closely behind the Ferrari.

After driving for a while, Mo Suqing realized that there was a blue Lamborghini in her rearview mirror. She thought it was Ye Zhongjue at first, but felt that it was unlikely after taking a closer look at the car. Ye Zhongjue had always kept a low profile and his cars were either silver or black in color, with the occasional white. She had never seen him driving such a car, so she was very sure that it was not him.

Mo Suqing realized that the car kept tailing her.

She decided to pick up speed and go around A City in circles. Even so, the car kept on following her.

She was momentarily confused. No one else but Ye Zhongjue would follow her like that, but it simply did not look like a car that he would drive.

She did not know that this car did not belong to him at all. Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi used his car when they took A’jiu and Xiaoliu out to play, but his car turned into this blue Lamborghini when they returned. They told him that his Rolls-Royce had been sent for servicing.

He knew what happened without having to guess, and this blue Lamborghini actually belonged to Luo Qiqi.

He did not have the time to switch vehicles earlier, so Luo Qiqi drove the car directly to his office and he simply drove it to the banquet.

Who knew that it would make Mo Suqing think that it was a stranger!

Mo Suqing eyed the car behind her. They have already circled the entire A City twice, and even though she had left the banquet early, all her time had been wasted on this useless journey.

She was very annoyed. Seeing a plaza in front of her, she stopped the car without a second thought.

The car behind her stopped as well.

Mo Suqing alighted and walked towards the car.

The tinted windows made it difficult for her to see who was in the blue Lamborghini.

She walked over to the driver’s window and loudly knocked on it twice.

Ye Zhongjue lowered the window.

Mo Suqing did not expect it to be Ye Zhongjue, so she was rather surprised when she realized it was actually him.

She seemed to be at a loss for words as she stared blankly at him.

He’s driving such a flashy car. This is unlike him at all!

Seeing Mo Suqing’s surprised face, Ye Zhongjue coughed to alleviate the awkward atmosphere.

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