Chapter 223: Is this Real?

The banquet began proper at around seven thirty in the evening.

The emcee went on stage and sang praises of the Tianyue Group after he did a brief introduction to signal the official start of the banquet.

“Let us welcome the star for tonight to come up on stage to say a few words. Miss Annly from the Tianyue Group, please! A round of applause, everyone!”

Thunderous applause sounded right after the emcee spoke.

An elegant lady dressed in a purple gown walked up on the stage. Her hair fell across her shoulders in gentle waves, adding to her allure and charm.

Every step she took was graceful and full of sophistication. She was flawless, looking like she was sculpted by the heavens.

Ye Zhongjue did not notice her at first since he was busy scanning the crowd for Su Jincheng.

He only looked towards the stage when he heard murmurs from the crowd.

What he saw absolutely stunned him.

Is this really happening?

Ye Zhongjue never expected for Mo Suqing to reappear in such a fashion. She was dazzling and enchanting.

The purple gown only served to add to her allure and the mysterious aura about her.

With one look, Ye Zhongjue knew that she was the very woman who had been on his mind for the past five years.

He felt different when he saw her. That feeling was not the same as when he met Xia Zi. He felt very calm when he saw Xia Zi although she looked like Mo Suqing. But when he saw Mo Suqing, his heart began beating wildly.

He was suddenly reminded of that hint of purple which disappeared into the corridor on the second floor earlier. Was she the one who was looking at me earlier?

Did she already spot me?

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of his lips at the thought. He regretted taking Mo Sulian with him to the banquet, and he wanted to slap himself for having made that decision.

His bitter smile turned into a slight frown when he realized that Mo Suqing did not even look in his general direction.

So she’s the Vice President of the Tianyue Group, Annly!

Mo Sulian looked like she had been struck with a bolt from the blue. She remembered seeing Mo Suqing at the Shallow Sea Area playing with Xiaoliu and A’jiu earlier, so she was shocked and confused at the appearance of this second Mo Suqing who was on the stage now.

She was secretly glad that Ye Zhongjue did not seem to consider Mo Suqing’s feelings when he decided to take her to the banquet, but it seemed like things were not how she had imagined them to be.

Leng Xiyao stared in wide-eyed wonder upon seeing Mo Suqing go on stage.

Suqing! It’s really Suqing! She could cry tears of joy. She never expected for the Tianyue Group’s Vice President to be Mo Suqing, and she almost decided not to attend the banquet tonight. It’s fortunate I’m here tonight! I wasn’t even aware that Suqing had returned!

She instinctively looked in Ye Zhongjue’s direction, who was currently staring like an idiot at Mo Suqing. Mo Sulian was staring daggers at Mo Suqing as she quickly went to Ye Zhongjue’s side and hooked her arm into his.

Leng Xiyao glared at Mo Sulian in anger. She was annoying five years ago and she’s still so annoying now!

However, seeing that priceless expression on Ye Zhongjue’s face made Leng Xiyao feel so much better.

Leng Haoyun’s lips curled up in a slight smile as he felt the subtle change in Leng Xiyao’s mood.

Mo Suqing said a few words and wished for the company’s continued success.

She stared into the empty air as she spoke, trying hard not to look at Ye Zhongjue. She knew that it would hurt if she even took one look at him.

She did not know what to feel right now.

He killed her mother, so she had always thought that she was supposed to hate him for it. But after five years, she realized that she had actually been hating herself.

She hated herself for falling in love with Ye Zhongjue, and she hated herself for not being able to let go. She wondered if she would be in less pain if she had let him go.

Mo Suqing finished her speech in a daze, and after Su Jincheng went on stage to address the audience and welcome her once again, he announced the start of the banquet.

Mo Suqing and Su Jincheng had glasses of champagne in their hands as they made their rounds and said hello to their guests politely.

Ye Zhongjue’s blood boiled as he watched Mo Suqing link arms with Su Jincheng. With a glass of red wine in hand, he walked over to the both of them.

For some reason, Ye Zhongjue’s brain did not seem to be working well that night. It was only when he reached Mo Suqing did he realize that Mo Sulian had her arm hooked in his.

Su Jincheng regarded him with a mischievous look before glancing at Mo Sulian who was beside him.

Mo Suqing looked at their arms placidly, not saying a word.

Ye Zhongjue suddenly felt like he was the biggest idiot in the world.

Without hesitation, he tipped the glass of red wine and spilled its contents onto Mo Sulian’s gown.

Mo Sulian cried out in shock, but she held back instead of making a scene. Ye Zhongjue was still beside her, and he was also the culprit. She thus decided to remain silent, though her expression looked slightly awful.

Ye Zhongjue pretended to be a gentleman, but his eyes were on Mo Suqing as he spoke.

“The gown is dirty. You might want to clean up. I’ll get Lin Ran to pick you up later!”

Mo Sulian’s expression turned dreadful. Is he chasing me away? It would be too embarrassing for me to insist on staying.

She was fuming. Why do I have to leave whenever Mo Suqing appears? This is unfair!

Even though Mo Sulian was not happy about this turn of events, she quickly left and made for the washroom when Ye Zhongjue turned his frigid gaze upon her.

Su Jincheng looked amused by what just happened.

He said, “Very bold of President Ye!”

Ye Zhongjue feigned a smile at him. “As you are!”

Su Jincheng smiled instead of replying.

Ye Zhongjue then stared at Mo Suqing as he said, “Tianyue Group can really attract talented individuals. You’re able to collect all sorts of amazing people. I really have to take my hat off to you!”

He gestured towards Mo Suqing and asked, “Should I address you as Annly or Vice President Mo?”

Mo Suqing looked up and shot Ye Zhongjue a cold gaze. “President Ye, you may address me as Annly. I’m just a small fry. You need not bother with me at all, President Ye.”

Ye Zhongjue turned glum.

“President Ye...” He seemed to ponder over these words as he looked Mo Suqing. “It’s been five years. I can’t believe you’re addressing me as President Ye!”

Mo Suqing remained placid as she answered emotionlessly, “Isn’t President Ye addressing me as Annly too? We’ll just keep our distance in this way!”

“Oh… is that so?” Ye Zhongjue kept his eyes on Mo Suqing. “I thought Miss Annly wouldn’t deign to know a ruffian like me!”

“Anyone who dares to treat President Ye like that is probably blind!” Mo Suqing retorted with a caustic reply.

The both of them seemed to be having a war of words, their exchange laden with hidden meaning.

Su Jincheng watched with interest. He did not expect for them to have such a heated exchange after meeting for the first time in five years.

Curiosity got the better of her when Leng Xiyao saw Mo Suqing talking to Ye Zhongjue from a distance.

She tugged at Leng Haoyun and said, “Let’s go over and greet the new vice president of the Tianyue Group too!”

Her tone was playful, sounding just like when she joked with Mo Suqing in the past. Leng Haoyun caressed her head gently and agreed. “Let’s go!”

Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue were right in the middle of their heated debate when she saw a couple walking towards them.

She was stunned when she saw who it was. Yao?

And she’s even with Leng Haoyun now. When did she return?

She thought Leng Xiyao would never return to A City since Leng Haoyun had hurt her so deeply in the past.

Did Leng Xiyao love him so deeply? Little did Mo Suqing know that Leng Xiyao’s feelings for him were so deep that it already became a part of her identity, and there was no way that Leng Xiyao would give him up easily.

Guess I was wrong.

Leng Xiyao rushed forward to Mo Suqing when she saw Mo Suqing’s gaze land on her.

Mo Suqing passed her glass of champagne to Su Jincheng, who was simply enjoying the show, and ran towards Leng Xiyao with open arms to take her in an embrace. Leng Xiyao did not seem to have changed at all in the past five years.

Leng Xiyao hugged Mo Suqing tight.

“Suqing, you’re finally back! I thought you’d never return to A City. Do you know how much I missed you? I was in England at the time when I heard that something happened to you. I wanted to go look for you, but I just didn’t know where to start!”

Leng Xiyao continued talking. Ye Zhongjue stiffened when he heard her say ‘thought you’d never return to A City’.

He looked at the two of them as loneliness filled his heart.

Leng Haoyun walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder as he said, “Don’t be disheartened, Brother...”

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