Chapter 222: Tianyue’s Vice President, Annly

Lin Ran walked in with an invitation card to a banquet when Ye Zhongjue was in his office.

“Boss, Tianyue Group is holding a banquet tomorrow night to welcome their new Vice President. They’ve sent you an invitation. Would you like to attend it?”

Ye Zhongjue thought, Doesn’t Tianyue Group belong to Su Jincheng?

He would have rejected such an invitation without a second thought in the past, but now that he was aware of the fact that Mo Suqing had joined The Dark Night, he would consider it carefully instead.

He already felt something amiss when Su Jincheng tried to get into Mo Suqing’s good books when they met five years ago, and he never expected for her to actually end up joining The Dark Night.

Ye Zhongjue was not happy about this, but he would spare no effort in convincing Mo Suqing to return just for his children. Of course, part of it was for himself, since he had never let go of her for the past five years.

Ye Zhongjue looked at the invitation and asked, “Lin Ran, what’s the name of their new Vice President?”

Lin Ran was surprised at the sudden question. His brows creased as he tried to recall the name. “I think it’s an Asian American called Annly.”

Ye Zhongjue nodded and placed the invitation on his desk.

“Got it. Go on with your duties. Remember to inform Mo Sulian and ask her to be ready for the banquet tomorrow night.”

Though Lin Ran was confused when he heard Mo Sulian’s name, he did not pursue the matter further. He knew that his boss would have his own reasons behind such a decision and he simply needed to work on the execution.

Ye Zhongjue wondered to himself after Lin Ran left if Mo Suqing had returned together with Su Jincheng this time.


Tianyue Group’s meeting room.

Su Jincheng stood at the main seat and smiled as he addressed the stakeholders.

“I’m sure everyone knows why I’m back. I’m here to introduce our new executive, our new Vice President, Miss Annly. I think most of you would have already heard about her, so let’s put our hands together to welcome Annly!”

All of the stakeholders were sly old foxes. They knew that it was just a sham although such a position came with an impressive title, and that Su Jincheng must be backing this individual in some way. Of course, none of them would openly oppose Su Jincheng at this point.

The stakeholders stood up and applauded as Mo Suqing walked in with Zheng Hao beside her.

She was in a navy blue work suit which accentuated her voluptuous figure, a rare feat for any woman to achieve.

Mo Suqing spoke calmly after she entered, “Hello everyone, I’m Annly. I’m very glad to be able to join the organization and I hope to be able to learn from all of you here. I will try my best for the Tianyue Group and I hope to bring the organization to greater heights while I’m here.”

Those sly old foxes clapped after she spoke, trying to show Su Jincheng that they were enthusiastic about having Mo Suqing join the team.

The stakeholders had a discussion on some of the latest projects after Su Jincheng went through the company’s development plan and Mo Suqing gave a short report. The meeting thus came to a close successfully.

Su Jincheng addressed everyone politely before the meeting ended.

“We’ll be holding a banquet to welcome our new Vice President tonight. I hope everyone will be able to attend it.”

All the people pleasers in the room smiled and nodded, saying that they would definitely attend the banquet.

Su Jincheng had a polite smile on his face as he observed the expressionless Mo Suqing.


Luxury cars began to stop outside the Hilton Hotel at about seven in the evening with individuals dressed to the nines alighting from the vehicles and walking into the hotel with smiles on their faces.

Tianyue Group had specially invited the business elites in A City for their banquet to welcome their new vice president, and every single one of these individuals who attended were someone who was well-known.

Mo Suqing and Su Jincheng watched from the second floor of the main hall as their guests streamed in.

Every time somebody walked in, Su Jincheng gave Mo Suqing a short introduction about them.

“That’s President Zhang from Jinmao Group. He’s quite capable, but his son, Zhang Qian, is the perfect example of a stubborn child. That lady beside him is his secretary, but they have a complicated relationship. President Zhang is probably aware of this, but he chooses to ignore it...”

Su Jincheng continued giving Mo Suqing short summaries about the guests as they entered.

There was a sudden disturbance at the entrance and everyone turned to look at the commotion.

The door opened, revealing Ye Zhongjue in a navy blue tuxedo.

His cold and imposing aura instantly created an overbearing atmosphere around him, causing everyone there to be awed.

Why is he here today when he is usually not interested in attending functions like these?

All the men seemed to want to get to know him and introduce themselves to him, hoping to get his name card at the very least.

The women were abuzz with excitement. All of them were checking their attire to see if they looked good. They still had a chance with him since Ye Zhongjue was still single, and being such an amazing catch, it would be equivalent to striking the lottery if any one of them were lucky enough to marry into the Ye family.

Everyone had their eyes on Ye Zhongjue.

It was at this moment that a woman appeared beside him. For some reason, she did not walk in together with him.

Everyone’s attention turned to her the very instant she stepped in.

Mo Sulian could sense the envy in their gazes, and she acted like a proud peacock with her head held high above everyone else.

She was in a light blue gown that matched Ye Zhongjue’s suit, and he did not react even when she hooked her arm into his, allowing her to do as she pleased.

Everyone seemed to notice what she just did.

Mo Suqing suddenly felt a bitterness in her chest.

After being separated for five years, she never expected that it would be Mo Sulian, the stepsister that she hated the most, who would be standing beside him now.

Just watching the two of them made Mo Suqing harden her heart. Was it just wishful thinking on my part?

I guess he didn’t care about me enough, otherwise, he wouldn’t be together with Mo Sulian now. Wasn’t he aware of how much I hated her?

Or did fate dictate that Mo Sulian is destined to take everything away from me? She told herself that she fell in love with the wrong man when Gu Jiannan cheated on her, but what about Ye Zhongjue now?

She laughed mockingly at herself. She was in a daze. I’ve already taken revenge for my mother by shooting him, and he’s just lucky to be able to stay alive.

Why do I feel so upset when I see another woman with him now?

I should not be feeling like this!

Mo Suqing shook her head in an attempt to clear her mind, but she was unable to calm the flurry of emotion in her heart.

Ye Zhongjue was surrounded by the crowd on the first floor as everyone wanted to speak to him personally. His expression was placid as he remained silent.

He seemed to feel someone’s gaze on him a moment ago, but when he looked up, all he saw was a hint of purple that disappeared near the stairwell.

Compared to him, Mo Sulian was thoroughly enjoying all of the attention from the crowd.

She loved the feeling of being admired and placed on a pedestal, but she was well aware that being with Ye Zhongjue was the only reason this was happening.

She stole a glance at his handsome profile, her heart thumping wildly at the sight.

A victorious glint flashed in her eyes. I have to get this man!

There was another sudden disturbance at the door.

Everyone turned to see Leng Haoyun and Leng Xiyao walk in.

Leng Xiyao had been taking care of two huge organizations while Leng Haoyun was out of action, and her decisiveness had helped project her into prominence. Her reputation among the business elites in A City was now one of the best, and no one dared belittle her.

Now that Leng Haoyun has woken up, they were the very picture of the perfect power couple.

After Leng Haoyun regained consciousness, he went ahead to the registry of marriages with Leng Xiyao. He had planned to give her a splendorous wedding, but she actually rejected him when he proposed.

She told him that she wanted to wait for Suqing, since they had promised each other to get married at the same time.

Leng Haoyun could only sigh at this and decided to go with her wishes. He knew how important Mo Suqing was to her.

Once they entered, people immediately started going up to them and showering them with compliments.

Leng Xiyao looked calm, as if she did not care much about what was happening. However, Ye Zhongjue noticed that her gaze turned cold when she spotted Mo Sulian beside him.

Ye Zhongjue sighed inwardly to himself, knowing that he was once again misunderstood.

If Mo Suqing had remained by the second floor’s banister, she would definitely have flown downstairs when Leng Xiyao entered with Leng Haoyun.

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