Chapter 221: Mo Suqing’s Flashy Return

Realization hit Luo Qiqi only after what Xia Zi said.

She was right. It didn’t matter if Mo Suqing was unrelated to Xia Zi, but they were sisters, and I’m sure Xia Zi wouldn’t want to harm Mo Suqing by exposing her either.

“What do we do then?”

Xia Zi said, “Everything will be fine. I guess I won’t ever be able to wear that uniform again in this life!”

Xia Zi’s sad smile made Luo Qiqi feel sorry.

She stole a glance at A’jiu, and then at Xiaoliu, who was playing with a doll. She looked so naive and innocent in that moment.

Luo Qiqi sighed. “So they’re your sister’s children?”

“Mm!” Xia Zi nodded.

Luo Qiqi looked confused. “I thought, five years ago, they were already...”

Xia Zi’s brows creased. “Something happened five years ago? I’m not aware, but aren’t they fine now!”

Luo Qiqi then began to explain.

“I heard this from Su Jincheng. He said that the babies did not survive after Mo Suqing gave birth. Mo Suqing was like a literal zombie after that, but she got better after a while. She doesn’t know that her children are still alive, and I know that it was hard for her to accept the fact that they died. This is why I’m quite shocked to see them right in front of me.”

Xia Zi was stunned at this. Mo Suqing thought she had lost her babies five years ago? Is this why she refused to come back and why she couldn’t forgive Ye Zhongjue?

According to what she knew, Ye Zhongjue was not entirely at fault because he can be considered a victim as well.

Luo Qiqi grabbed Xia Zi suddenly. “A’zi, do you think I should tell your sister about this and get her to come back? She doesn’t even know that her children are alive. From what you’re saying, it sounds like Ye Zhongjue thinks that Mo Suqing knows about the children!”

Xia Zi shook her head after a moment of contemplation.

“It’s not the right time. If she rushes back here after you tell her everything, she might get caught by Interpol. We won’t be able to save her if that happens!”

Luo Qiqi nodded in agreement at what Xia Zi said.

“Okay, we’ll give it some time then. Maybe a month or so after everything settles before we tell her, okay?”

Xia Zi nodded at this. Although the DNA report was not yet ready, everyone was already treating her like she was Mo Suqing’s sister, herself included. But was this really the case?

She would know the answer in three days.

Gu Yi’an informed Ye Zhongjue of the results immediately after it was ready, and Ye Zhongjue shared the news with Xia Zi.

Mo Zhenfeng was Xia Zi’s father, which meant that she and Mo Suqing were definitely related. Ye Zhongjue had already been treating Xia Zi as if she was Mo Suqing’s sister even before the report confirmed this.

As expected, the results only served to lay any further doubts to rest.

Though Xia Zi had expected this, she still felt very emotional after receiving the confirmation on paper.


A week passed quickly and the situation seemed to have alleviated a little.

For the past week, Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi never left the villa. Xiaoliu was her usual happy self while A’jiu seemed to become quieter. He often sat alone and seemed to daydream.

Luo Qiqi received some news on the eighth day.

There was news of a voice recording that was allegedly made at the Los Angeles airport that said Xia Zi was being framed. Someone in the recording said that whoever was framing her was using facial prosthetics, and instead of noticing the prosthetics, the police put her on the wanted list instead.

Shortly after, there was a video that showed an ordinary lady doing her makeup in the washroom who literally turned into Xia Zi after she put on the facial prosthetics and completed her makeup.

Xia Zi was then removed from the wanted list on the very same day.

She heaved a sigh of relief. It’s a relief that nothing major happened.

Luo Qiqi, however, was still worried. I hope something like this wouldn’t happen again!

Guan Zixuan mistook Xia Zi for Mo Suqing five years ago, and five years later, Interpol mistook Mo Suqing for Xia Zi. What the hell...

Ye Zhongjue returned to the country on the ninth day and picked up Xiaoliu and A’jiu. He did not tell Xia Zi the details of what happened, nor did she ask about it.

Ye Zhongjue did not get to meet Mo Suqing in person when he was abroad, but he had put in a ton of effort to help her leave New York safely.

Those unaware of the truth would naturally question the fact that the big boss of Sin Eliminators would actually protect a weapon designer from The Dark Night.

Su Jincheng had someone send the voice recording to Interpol, while the video was done by Ye Zhongjue.

Initially, Ye Zhongjue wanted to force Mo Suqing out of hiding, but he eventually decided against it as her safety came first. He thought that he should give her time instead of forcing her into things.

Two individuals arrived in the A City airport three days after Ye Zhongjue returned.

A killing aura emanated from a man dressed in a black windbreaker, looking like he had just returned from a war. His charming face was devoid of expression while his lips were pursed and his brows were slightly furrowed, as if he was deep in thought.

A beautiful woman dressed from head to toe in black leather was beside him, her golden brown hair fell in huge waves across her shoulders. She looked absolutely enchanting, her poise and elegance matched by none.

Her expression was a stark contrast to how she dressed. A chilly and unwelcoming aura surrounded her.

The man turned and said, “Suqing, sure you’re not coming to the Shallow Sea villa with me?”

Mo Suqing shook her head. “Nope, I’ll just stay at an apartment near the office.”

She then turned to leave right after. The man shook his head at her in resignation. She has grown so much tougher in the past five years.

He had always treated her like a younger sister, but her personality had gotten sharper and tougher over the years, as if she did not want anyone to see her weak side.

After a moment of contemplation, he turned the other way.

These two individuals were none other than Mo Suqing and Su Jincheng, who had not stepped foot in A City for the past five years.

If Ye Zhongjue saw the current Mo Suqing, he would find it hard to believe that the fragile woman he once knew had changed so much to the point that her aura and temperament were completely different from before.

Su Jincheng had two reasons for returning this time. The first was because Luo Qiqi was in A City, and the other was because of Mo Suqing.

After the dust settled in America, Mo Suqing actually said she wanted to return.

Su Jincheng knew that Mo Suqing was aware of the fact that Ye Zhongjue went to America to help her out and to distract Interpol.

He did not know what was going on in Mo Suqing’s mind, but he knew without a doubt that she had not forgotten about Ye Zhongjue.

She had always refused to speak about what happened five years ago.

He knew it was Jian Jie who got hold of the evidence which showed that Ye Zhongjue was the one who caused Xia Yanran’s death, and it was that evidence which caused Mo Suqing to almost go mad and shoot Ye Zhongjue in her frenzy.

Ye Zhongjue had been in a critical condition a few times after they left A City, and Su Jincheng was very much aware of everything that was happening. However, Mo Suqing acted like an emotionless doll and refused to speak or ask about anything remotely related to Ye Zhongjue.

She got better after a while, but she turned into an entirely different person. He thus forbade anyone in the organization to speak about what happened in A City five years ago.

Even so, he knew deep in his heart that Mo Suqing did not find closure.

He wondered if he made the right choice by agreeing to her request this time.

Mo Suqing felt a little melancholy when she watched the city pass by as the car drove towards the apartment reserved for higher level executives in the Tianyue Group.

She left this place five years ago with her love life in shambles. Her lover was the very person who caused the car accident that took her mother’s life, taking her little family apart just like that.

Her children died because her rival in love had attacked her, and she had asked herself how the world could be so cruel as to separate a newborn from their mother. She would rather die than be separated from her baby in such a way.

Everything seemed to have changed.

Her home did not feel like one, her love life burst into flames overnight, and she lost her baby. She wondered what else she had left.

She felt like she turned into someone else in the past five years. She did not know why she changed, nor did she know how to describe herself now.

She heard from one of her subordinates that it was Ye Zhongjue who helped create that video that was sent to Interpol. Why did he help her? Wasn’t he supposed to hate her?

She had almost killed him five years ago.

Mo Suqing smirked to herself. She wondered why she had decided to return, but something told her that she would regret it if she did not come back.

Right now, she was back in A City as the Vice President of the Tianyue Group.

Five years ago, she did not understand why people like Ye Zhongjue and Su Jincheng had to have separate identities and organizations. At the time, she felt that doing all that was just doing extra work.

But she understood everything now after having been in The Dark Night for the past five years.

The company and the organization were on opposite sides of the law, and both of them had to exist concurrently. The company could always protect the organization, and they had a symbiotic relationship in such a way.

A City, I’m back.

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