Chapter 220: Weird Aunt, So Scary

Xia Zi shook her head and shrugged as she looked at Luo Qiqi, as if to say, There’s nothing I can do.

Luo Qiqi’s face scrunched up. I’ve met my match! And it’s a little kid. What should I do next?

A’jiu could tell that Luo Qiqi was just playing with them and he calmly glanced at Xiaoliu, who was still hugging Xia Zi’s leg, before he walked over to the sofa and sat down. He then started reading a book which he had brought with him.

Luo Qiqi pointed at A’jiu before pointing back at herself and looking at Xia Zi with an innocent look as if she had been wronged. Why do I feel looked down upon? Did I just hallucinate? That was just a child, but why does he act so much like a grown-up!

Not cute at all!

Xia Zi laughed at Luo Qiqi’s troubled expression.

“Okay, I think it’s time I introduce you. This is my niece and my nephew. Don’t you dare bully them, or else I’ll take revenge as their Auntie!”

Luo Qiqi stared wide-eyed at her. You’ll take revenge on me too?

She simply wanted to have some fun with the kids, but she did not expect for them to be so unfriendly to her!

A’jiu looked up slowly at Xia Zi, his expression one of slight disbelief. It seemed like he was saying, I don’t believe you’ll help us out and take revenge on this weird, scary Aunt!

Xia Zi always felt that children should be innocent and naive, and she absolutely did not know what to do with this mature little boy right in front of her.

She carried Xiaoliu up in her arms and walked towards the sofa.

Luo Qiqi regarded A’jiu with an emotionless smile. She had a feeling that her life from now on would probably turn into a very exciting one!

She sat herself down on the rocking chair and asked Xia Zi, “A’zi, you said you were able to find out about your birth circumstances. Were you referring to these kids?”

Before Xia Zi could answer, her mobile phone rang.

She put her finger to her lips as a signal to the others to keep quiet.

It was Ye Zhongjue, and he sounded very serious over the phone.

“Xia Zi, let me know what you need since you’re taking care of A’jiu and Xiaoliu. I’ll get someone to send any items over. Don’t leave the place. Something cropped up in America, and I have to go over to take care of it urgently!”

Xia Zi was instantly confused. Why am I not allowed to leave this place if something happened all the way in America? Why did he make it sound like I’m a fugitive now?

She thought he asked this of her because he was worried about A'jiu and Xiaoliu’s safety, so she answered with a hint of irritation and impatience.

“I’ll make sure to keep A’jiu and Xiaoliu safe, but don’t you think it’s too much if you’re asking me not to leave this place at all!”

Ye Zhongjue could tell from Xia Zi’s voice that she was annoyed and that she would only get angrier if he did not explain himself quickly.

He then informed her of what was happening. “It’s not that I’m restricting you, but you’re now on the global wanted list. Do you think it’s a smart move if you were to leave?”

Xia Zi was stunned at this. Wanted list? But I didn’t do anything! Is this a joke?

Ye Zhongjue continued, “Xia Zi, this is no child’s play. I’m sure you understand what it’s like to be on a wanted list especially when you used to be a part of Interpol!”

“Wait!” Xia Zi was in a panic. “Ye Zhongjue, what did I even do? Why am I on the wanted list? I didn’t do anything to warrant that!”

Ye Zhongjue sighed and answered her with a serious tone. “It’s not you, and it has nothing to do with you at all. They simply mistook Suqing for you!”

“My sister!” Xia Zi’s eyes widened.

“Why is she on the wanted list?”

Ye Zhongjue sounded slightly distracted when he answered.

“You might not know this, but she’s now a weapon designer for The Dark Night. Her designs have caught the attention of the American government because they’re simply too powerful. She had been in the organization for a while now, and I’ve heard that her position is pretty high up. Since she looks exactly like you and she happened to join the organization five years ago, which is when you also went missing, someone mistook her for you. Interpol now thinks that Xia Zi is a traitor and that you’re working for The Dark Night, which is why they put you on the global wanted list. I’ve also heard that you’re wanted dead or alive!”

Xia Zi was dumbstruck at the news. Mo Suqing was a part of The Dark Night and she was now on the wanted list.

She suddenly felt conflicted. She used to be a part of Interpol, but her biological sister was now working for a terrorist organization.

She spoke softly. “Okay, I understand. I won’t leave this place, and I’ll take care of Xiaoliu and A’jiu. I hope you’ll be able to bring her back!”

Xia Zi ended the call right after.

Luo Qiqi knew something was amiss simply by looking at Xia Zi’s flustered expression.

She walked over to sit beside Xia Zi.

“What’s wrong, A’zi?”

Xia Zi looked up at Luo Qiqi. “Didn’t you tell me online yesterday that you knew Mo Suqing? Are you familiar with her?”

Luo Qiqi heard her say something about her sister while she was on the phone earlier, and she could sort of guess what Xia Zi was about to ask her.


“Then, do you know that she’s a part of The Dark Night?”

Luo Qiqi once again answered in the affirmative.

Xia Zi paled. “Then, how did you get to know her?”

Luo Qiqi’s expression turned rather glum at this. “A’zi, please don’t blame me for what I’m about to tell you!”

“Mm, go ahead!” Xia Zi answered calmly, fully prepared to listen to what she had to say.

Luo Qiqi contemplated for a while before she started telling Xia Zi about everything that happened in the last five years.

“I left Interpol to search for you five years ago. In the beginning, I kept bugging Su Jincheng since he was the one who shot you. I thought he was the one who had taken you away, and seeing Mo Suqing with him only served to confirm my suspicions. But I realized after some time that she was simply someone who looked like you, and she was an absolutely stranger to me. Su Jincheng told me that I mistook her for you, and...”

Luo Qiqi began to stutter and hesitation was apparent in her eyes.

“What happened? Tell me!” Xia Zi asked coldly.

Luo Qiqi felt like she was placed in a difficult position as she looked at Xia Zi awkwardly. “A’zi, I’m actually not on bad terms with Su Jincheng. I kept chasing him around in the beginning because I wanted to look for you, but I left immediately after realizing that you weren’t with him. I never expected for him to keep tailing me after that, and he would literally follow me wherever I went, I can’t shake him off at all! He tried to stop me at the airport yesterday, but he left after taking an urgent call!”

Xia Zi looked at her and asked seriously, “He likes you, right?”

Luo Qiqi simply looked down without answering.

Xia Zi gave a wry smile.

“Or should I say that you already know him so well after five years that you can’t bring yourself to hate him, and you might even have some feeling for him now? Did you realize that your eyes were sparkling when you mentioned Su Jincheng? My eyes might have fooled me, but I think you know this very well, and you’re just afraid to admit it, right?”

Luo Qiqi remained silent. Xia Zi knew her so well that she was easily able to guess what was on her mind by what she just said. Luo Qiqi was in a slight fluster. She did not plan for this, so why did things turn out like that?

Xia Zi regarded Luo Qiqi with a stoic face. Her sister was a weapon designer for The Dark Night while her good friend had feelings for the boss of the organization. She was at a loss for what to do.

After a while, Luo Qiqi looked up at Xia Zi and asked carefully, “A’zi, don’t be angry. You’re the only one I have left in this world...”

Xia Zi shook her head. “It’s not because of you. I just wonder why fate loves to play such games with people. Do you know why Su Jincheng left the airport in a hurry yesterday?”

Luo Qiqi shook her head at this. Although she knew him quite well, she had never poked her nose into The Dark Night.

Xia Zi then said, “If I’m right, Su Jincheng went to save Mo Suqing. Or should I say, he went to protect her!”

“Something happened to Mo Suqing?”

Luo Qiqi looked at Xia Zi quizzically.

Xia Zi nodded. “Yes, something happened to her. She joined The Dark Night five years ago, while I went missing at the same time. Someone saw her face and everyone now thinks that Xia Zi is in The Dark Night. Interpol has already put me on the global wanted list, and I’m sure you know what happens after!”

Luo Qiqi was shocked at the news. “Doesn’t that mean that you’re in danger?!”

“Mm, this was why Ye Zhongjue called earlier. He told me to stay put!”

Luo Qiqi’s expression turned awful. “Who is he to say that! Why do you have to be the scapegoat? No way, I need to go back to America and explain this!”

Luo Qiqi stood up, but Xia Zi stopped her from leaving.

“Qiqi, she’s my sister. What are you trying to do? Let’s not be hasty. I’m sure Su Jincheng and Ye Zhongjue will take care of this after she leaves America. Wouldn’t you just be harming her if you expose everything now?”

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